Earthquake near cape May?

Earthquake near cape May?

I was in Cape May courthouse and a few minutes ago I felt everything shake. It isn’t windy outside, and we’re not sure what happened.


Magnitude 4.4 5.1 Earthquake near Dover at 4:47.

Edit - USGS upgraded to 5.1

Never Forget

Hit up in Bergen county as well.

Felt it in Bloomfield! Saw my monitor shaking, I quickly got out my room and yelled down stairs, "Mom are you dancing?" she replied "No I'm just singing, why?" then i said "because there was an earthquake!" my dad started laughing and i didn't understand why he was laughing but then I realized what I've just done hahaha

Yup same. It was a lot milder and shorter than the one I felt in 2011 from the one that originated in Virginia.

Checking in from Atlantic County! Everyone okay?! It's a bloodbath out here! Bodies everywhere! BLACK HELICOPTERS OVERHEAD! FEMA DEATH CAMPS! IT'S THE GLOBALISTS!

Felt it too in Paramus

Did Chris Christie fall down again?

Felt it in Evesham.

near camden felt it magnatude 1+ for 20-40 seconds then vibrations for a few mins after

Yep, Trenton. I just hope it's not a portal to another dimension. Scared the crap out of me so of course, ran right to reddit.

Same, im in northfield and felt a slight shaking

Same in Ewing, NJ near Trenton. I thought someone was walking on the roof.