Early prototype of /sub/place, circa 1997

Early prototype of /r/place, circa 1997



NSFL - gives eye cancer.


Can someone remake all of the 1000x1000 /sub/place in lego?

You could make a robot to do it. Like a pick and place machine, only it's a pick and /sub/place machine.

that corner.... it needs more....... blue

Yeah that was some hard core porn. Very gross. Very scarred for life.

I think my fingernails just screamed

Probably. How many blocks do you think someone could place per minute?

I can't believe what they did with that one half of the baby sheep....and the other half was even worse, oh man....


So 1000x1000 is 1,000,000 blocks, 10 per minute is 600 per hour, which is 4,800 in 8 hours, which is 33,600 in one week, and in about 30 weeks you'd be done. So a little over half a year, about 7 months working 8 hours a day 7 days a week. If my math is right. If you took weekends off it would add about 3 months. So if you treated it like a full time job I'd say you could finish in a year

Edit: 1x1 blocks are 8mm, which would result in the board being 8,000,000mm wide, which is 8km? Is that even possible?

And why did they make the mom watch? It had just given birth to it!

It's as though millions of fingers cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

hahah how'd you do that? looks awesome



And it just kept on getting worse. Like when it started whimpering in pain. My god it gave me chills.

Nope. Even smaller.

Mili = 1/1000

Milemeter = 1/1000 meters

8,000mm = 8m

Correction- if each block is 8mm and the board would be 1000x1000 that means each side would be 8,000 blocks long, or 8,000mm or 800m. Still really big, but not nearly as big as you proposed.

edit- damn, looks like i fucked up too. forgot the whole centimeters thing existed. if you haven't already seen it it's actually 8m, because- 8,000mm/100=800cm 800cm/100=8m

It was hard to get color film in 1997.... Because of the war....