EA just tweeted about credit changes

EA just tweeted about credit changes

Idk why it took so long, but hopefully good changes. I'm never a top scorer lol so that change probably wont help me but I'm curious to see the changes.

Now they can earn even more credits while spinning !

“It is clear you were hitting the Arcade Mode limit faster than we anticipated”

Yeah, most of those missions have 2 minute timers on them.

Here's hoping the credit increase for performing well does something about the AFKers


Now daily crates let you craft a level 1 card in 3 days, a level 2 card in 6 days, a level 3 card in 8 days, and a level 4 card in 32 days. Such speed. Many progressions.

"specifically bumping the top players on each team by even more." - Thank fucking god, I hope its more significant than I'm anticipating but at least the people either doing incredibly bad or afking wont only be getting just 20 credits fewer than me

Can anyone on PC confirm this? Because there hasn't been any update for me or a friend of mine and we earned the same amount of credits and crafting parts as before.

Lol was gonna say this. I'm trash af but hey if I do ever get podium I'll have earned it.