EA has major plans for E3 2018

EA has major plans for E3 2018

Honestly im glad this shits happening. It helps me choose what games not to buy.


It still really sucks for people who are Battlefront fans though. They kinda get cought in the middle. They want to play a game they have been waiting 2 years for but they also don't wanna support a company that takes advantage of it's customers.

When will Skyrim come out on it?

No new battlefront is better than a terrible battlefront. Go back to the original 2nd. The PC servers are back online if you have that

Really? I still play that one all the freaking time. Thanks internet friend!

Scanning your credit card will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Relevant Penny Arcade comic from 2005

Things have been heading this way for a long time, apparently

The Destiny subreddit had been a constant stream of complaints for months now. Valid complaints mind you, but just the same ones reworded every day.

Well done


Well done

EA Sports, It's In The Game. Ain't That A Shame. Refrain From Blame. Don't Say Our Name.

You will soon have to pay to say EA

They already do this, it's called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Remind me never to piss off hordes of gamers. You guys are relentless