E-ink display dress

50's housewife to Gladiator in 2 seconds.

Oh no, don't tell me this dress is actually gold. Not this shit again.

You know who wears a dress like this? A Synth.

more info it's made by Dai Nippon Printing

T H R E A T _ D E T E C T E D

Before you know it you'll get the blue screen of dress.

T H R E A T / H / H / R / R T H R E A T E H A H A R T H R E A T E / E / A / A / T H R E A T

Finally someone who actually provides a link instead of a snarky comment

No it's not gold. It's actually gold and black.

I... I see a blue and white dress.

Or just a really nice girl who works at Tesla?

You provided the snarky comment

Time to wait for that hacker 4chan to remotely disable the displays altogether and make em transparent!

If it's actually e-ink... whatever pattern got flashed into the ink last.

I appreciate this on a different level


How much for a t-shirt like this?

I hate you all.

Expensive materials aside, the material is far too stiff to make a T-shirt out of. It's essentially laminated plastic sheeting.

That's why the dress is made out of a whole bunch of strips.

"Yeah, he's the one with the electronic shirt made out of big plastic strips."

Or me.


i think it would be hilarious if they actually programmed a blue/black and white/gold changeover.


Or end up putting a hentai video on it. That I could see.

Reminds me of the nail polish from Total Recall

Could you make Rorschach's mask out of this?

This would be great for evading the cops.

I have to carry so many kilts around. This would be a life saver.

This would be awesome for kilts! Change from your traditional clan colors to formal ones. Or the national colors. Or whatever.

I was 100% expecting this and am now very disappointed


How much for a hula skirt like this?

Finally​, a dress that can be blue and black, AND white and gold!

Hmmmm that sounds like something a synth would say...

N E V E R / | / | / | / | T R U S T | | | | | | T R U S T | / | / | / | / O R A N G

Yeah, you snarky commenting son of a bitch

Sigh... yes.

What does it look like when the battery dies?

Tldr: it's magic yo.

octocamo, here you come

Lightly put.

Finally, someone who actually provides a snarky comment instead of a link

Thanks man, I only need to save another 2.

ORANG? pls op r u ded?


Or a synth.

Or there's the dress that turns transparent when you get close to it

I can see it now

wtf this hentai porn dress has shit fps!

we're reaching neckbeard levels that shouldn't even be possible

Eink screens need energy to switch it's state. If it has no more battery, it won't switch anymore. It'll generally stay stuck on the previous state for a long time.

I'm a dude and I want this.

E-ink doesn't have the refresh times for video. Stills, though...

That sounds like something a synth would say.

[Infomercial announcer's voice] How many times has this happened to you?

The last state it had. Unless you program it to be something else at 0.5 per cent battery

Or The Fifth Element

Speak for yourself.

God damn Loch Ness monster!

I know ereaders do that but I wonder if these new color eink screens do the same. My eink watch goes black when it runs out of power but that could be to show that its not updating any more.


Lol sorry. Typed half a comment on my phone and stuck it in my pocket.

I meant to reference this scene.

I was excited for about 3 seconds until I realised that advertisers/labels would end up using up even more of my attention when walking down the street..

"He keeps running down the street changing the color of his shirt, I think something might be wrong with him"

Fuckin Fuuuuuuuture

Post it to /sub/productporn

Like the whole movie or?...

Politely put.

By then it's too late, I've seen everything.

Strictly for retail promotion. Not for sale.

hey his mom is trying her best ok. You try raising someone who just makes snarky comments all the time.

To me they look like different shades of grey

(Trips and accidentally chucks armful of kilts into the gutter) There's gotta be a better way?!!

If you ever read The Dark Forest sci-fi book, this is exactly what the people in the future wore.


uh you mean gold, right?

Isn't everything?

Missed opportunity!  I'd totally love a squiddy dress.

I'd totally love a squiddy dress.

Threat Level: Midnight

Because this is only two states, same as any other B/W e-ink display, except instead of black it's blue. Coloured e-ink is being worked on and was demoed some time last year, however.

There is a scene where a Zorg receptionist is using a small tool to change her nail colour.


That link made the word "Intimacy" lose meaning for me. It's all over that damn page.

What's the tldr?

That was such a weird experience. It was like I was being trolled by half the world. It was like being a child and your older siblings trying to trick you no matter how right you thought you were.


How many different shades do you count?

Finally someone who actually provides a link instead of a snarky comment

You're too deep down there to realize you're the snarky disgusting nerd.

Is weared the new future tense?

Poutinely rut.

Are you not entertained ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ?



Obscenely scout.

Girls get the coolest clothes.

Reddit for 8 years...


Putitely polt.

That's Total Recall though not the Fifth Element? I'm confused.

Routinely pout

Nothin' there now.....

There is already a morphing one, if you don't know.