Dyrus Play with Lissandra Mid

Dyrus Play with Lissandra Mid

I just wanna see some reactions and see what people think.

It was a lot more impressive once I realized you didn't flash.


To clarify what happened. Fizz dived Dyrus, chunking him to about 1/4 hp but ends up behind tower. Fizz goes back into turret, throws ult and flash-q's. Dyrus uses E just in time moving enough to dodge the fish and kill fizz. Dyrus then has an orgasm within his pants casually walks away.

wtf he didnt flash?, oh god

Bjerg is moving to second jungler due to the season changes and Wildturtle will move top. Lustboy will be solo bot for IEM. In the LCS once the coaches are allowed on stage, Loco will bring a laptop, hack into the game, activate hexakill and then duolane will Lustboy.

Are you moving to mid lane and Bjergsen getting benched before IEM San Jose?

Because you're not supposed to listen to DL's advice for any builds that aren't ADC.

Because you're not supposed to listen to DL's advice for any builds that aren't ADC.



he sounds EXACTLY like these guys

spammed his e and got away

Haha, thanks. I watched that part several times trying to see how it went down exactly. I ended up listening to orgasming dyrus more than I would've liked, so I can definitely feel you with that comment.

I could've swore he used flash cause it was so quick though, but I wasn't watching cd bar, oops.

Dyrus spent his whole emotions pool for year 2015 for that play.

And then they rename themselves: Team SoloCounterLogic MidGaming. TSCLMG. solocounterlogicmidgaming.net

where can i get that script?

imgur mirror

wtf are these people smoking



Thats even more impressive man holy shit

You Sir, deserve way more upvotes! Greetings from /sub/globaloffensive

Because you're not supposed to listen to DL

I'm getting excited just thinking about benching Elementz.

to be fair the build looks really bad, I thought so too, until I actually tried the build then I was convinced.

That play looked sooo smooth. Also in case anyone doesn't understand what happened Dyrus used his E fairly quick to get behind the shark before it hit him. The damage from his E and tower killed Calitrolz before he got away.


Are you kidding? The fish was coming right towards him and Dyrus E'd MAYBE 200 units or some other insanely short distance barely longer than the fish hitbox. The timing was nothing short of impeccable.

Even in Challenger plays this tight definitely do not happen every single game.

Your reaction was priceless.

There are the typical moments where you're like "OOH SHIT!", and then there are the moments where you get real quiet/can't talk because you surprise the shit out of yourself + know that the enemy just got dumpstered. Was awesome.

Sick play, here's a gif in slow motion.

As a DL fan, DL is infamously wrong about a lot of build and skill orders.

Is Bjergsen the best mid laner NA? Dyrus: Pffffffft. Bjergsen isn't even the best mid laner on TSM.

I was trying to figure out what he did just before the "flash". It was casting his e and then immediately using it over that shotgun fish like DAMN. Pretty fucking sick.

I think the lesson here is two-fold:

Don't watch Doublelift. If you MUST watch Doublelift mute him or disregard anything he says.

I would ship this team so hard

Doublelift said your build was really bad on his stream. Why did you go the build order you did?


Because it's what every good top laner has been building on Lissandra also including: Marin, Trace, Flame, Duke, Impact

If you'd rather not click: Doublelift could not be more wrong if he tried

Edit: If you were looking for a build analysis, someone else may do a better job since I am not a mid player (i'm really bad at it) so here are the assumptions: Lissandra likely doesn't "need" chalice, this new build was probably pushed into play with the change in cost to chalice. With relatively good base damage and good management of her passive (next spell costs no mana, 18s cooldown, -1s if you impair enemy movement) you shouldn't run into mana problems as hard. So instead, you rush Morellonomicon which does multiple good things for Lissandra. It gives you mana regen which you didn't build with chalice. It gives you CDR which let's you spam abilities and also take advantage of your passive to spam free abilities. And it gives you your first power spike. You don't need to rush the safety item against assassin laners so you see the stray armguard because her ultimate is her own Zhonya's if she ever screws up and as you see in this play, she has a dash escape on top of summoner flash. Void Staff is the staple and CDR boots for the CDR reason earlier: free abilities and a faster self Zhonya's ult!

Where's far? Sounds like a cool place

The slow mo that comes with the HTML5 players was pretty useful here. Looked good.

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1) clearly the minions makes the dive more dangerous because fizz would have to take aggro.

2) High elo fizz players time their ults with their dash so it sticks to the enemy as you're going through them. Which is a combo Dyrus knew would kill him. Trying to use the snare to outplay wasn't going to save him, just MAYBE get a return kill.

When did Dyrus turn into Darth Vader?

To be fair, you can criticize his knowledge without going after his mechanics. He's a god tier mechanical ADC but every time he says something is bad, it always comes back to haunt him. He did it with Caitlyn a while ago. When Lucian came out he was the only AD player who refused to play him because he thought he sucked (post-buffs, mind you) until he watched everyone else stomping with him. Recently, he complained that Tristana is only good because she has a "broken" jump mechanic (mind you, he used broken in a literal term, not that it was overpowered) and refused to play her when she was almost auto-winning games for some LCS teams.

I love Double as a player..but listening to the guy for anything related to the game is basically not worth your time. Especially if you main AD

You can watch youtube videos at half and quarter speed. Just click the cog in the bottom right of the video. Very good for deconstructing lol plays.

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God bless

Don't be that guy


Its important to note that dyrus burnt his W in order to sweep the minion tank out from under fizz as he re-dove the turret range expecting to be aggroless until doing damage again.

His builds for adc are usually not always 100% anyways. lol

The story will be out in a few days by Richard Lew- er, Riot: "CLG acquires Bjergsen as new jungler. Link will get replaced by Goldenglue who will then get replaced by a Korean Challenger Twisted Treeline player ranked top 10 in Arams. Dyrus reacts: "Whoaa."

This one

Fuck you Rito Cop



talk to hotshot.. he got kicked a long time :D

I think it passed over his head.

Agree 100%. I love watching the kid play but my God the shit that comes out of his mouth sometimes... I found it's best to just mute him and stream some music in the background. Makes his stream 100Xs more watchable.

I'm pretty sure he just has the caster syndrome of stating opinions as facts.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it unless you take it out of context. I'm guessing some people think it's bad because he didn't build an Abyssal vs double AP before his Void and the start of his Zhonya's?

But the Fizz wasn't a threat when he finished Morello's & his CDR boots. And the Galio was almost as far behind as the Fizz was. The game was basically over by the time he turned his blasting wand into a void. If it had started to turn around, he could have went with the Abyssal there instead, but it didn't, so he just went with more dmg.

But his team was up over 10k gold before he had to decide on his 3rd item. So unless people think he should have rushed an Abyssal first, it doesn't really matter.

He never meant to make his daughter cry

fucking amazing man, he is the sole reason why tsm didn't wonnered season 2 and 3 too.

Why did you clear the minions with your w instead of rooting fizz when he was about to dive you?

I love when really good players get excited/amazed by a play they did, like "woah, I even played better than I thought I could"

"hooo - hoooooo - hooooooaaaaaooowww" - Dyrone 2014

The unfinished arm-guard is actually a great item in itself, its just overshadowed by its upgrade. If you don't need the Zonnya active but want a little armor its literally the best.

Only works in Chrome and with HTML5 videos afaik.

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