Dying Light gets a Battle Royale-inspired expansion called Bad Blood in 2018 • Eurogamer.net

Dying Light gets a Battle Royale-inspired expansion called Bad Blood in 2018 • Eurogamer.net
Dying Light gets a Battle Royale-inspired expansion called Bad Blood in 2018 • Eurogamer.net

my lord. this game is STILL getting significant updates years after release. this is how game development should be done

I'm just excited Taylor Swift is apparently going to be in the game.

Look what you made her do

Meanwhile, triple A titles get completely ditched after 18 months.

If only they would XB1X enhance it...

Zombie kill 'em up Dying Light gets a Battle Royale-inspired standalone PvP expansion called Bad Blood next year

Developer Techland said Bad Blood comes "as a response to numerous fan requests for a PvP approach to Dying Light, and the recent popularity of the Battle Royale genre among the survival horror fans", which presumably is a nod to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

The big difference between the likes of PUBG and Bad Blood, however, is Bad Blood is only for six players, and it blends PvP with PvE. Here's how it works: you and five other players are dropped into a hostile, zombie-infested area. Each player has to evacuate before the night falls. You have to scavenge for weapons while harvesting blood samples from the infected.

There's word of dynamic alliances with other players to get tactical against zombie bosses, but you can then turn on your allies to steal their samples. The more samples the players harvest collectively, the more evacuation seats on the chopper are unlocked, but everyone pays for their seat individually.

That's all we've got for now. Dying Light: Bad Blood is due out in 2018. You can sign up for the global playtest over at the official website Unfortunately this is only for steam.

Edit: It will be a paid for expansion. I personally think it’ll be worth it.

Or you can pay 60 dollars, then another 60 when you start it up so you can have the finished product

This game would be spectacular if it was enhanced for Xbox one X. The support for this game is incredible, I would be surprised if they didn't add enhancements for the X down the line.

Or after 3 months because of a few memes coughcoughmasseffectandromedacough

She’ll just shake it off.

"Techland has yet to release any assets for Bad Blood, so here's a picture of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood instead."

Lol or maybe just use a picture of the regular game?

Damn, I hope it eventually comes to consoles, as well a One X patch.

One of my favorite games this gen.

GTA's updates all seem to incentivise you to buy (more) shark cards though, instead of offering fun gameplay "as-is"...

The game is close to 3 years old. I'm honestly surprised a sequel hasn't been announced.

Are you ready for it?

She asked for $1 in damages too.

Like legit just like "I don't want money, just make this asshole fuck off."

she has a song called Bad Blood

Steam only is for the playtest

This really doesn't sound very Battle Royale inspired... but I cool mode none the less.

Is there any statement that it won't be X enhanced?

I'm pretty sure this will be available for consoles as well. The playtest is unfortunately specifically for steam.