Durdle Door, England [OC] [5845x3897]

Durdle Door, England [OC] [5845x3897]

Durdle durdle durdle, I made you out of clay.

Colour correction and people deleting is excessive now.. Jesus lmao

The water is pretty crazily clear there!

It sucks to walk on the beach though.

Funny cause saturation is at -10 vibrancy at 0. Also I can tell you never post to either of those cause Itap is 90% cell photos and no one posts single photos to photography as it's mostly for the profession as a whole and consists of news articles etc. We have specific days for album website etc reviews..

Beautiful place, but you have to walk down about 100 steps to get there.


That someone's day is mine, it's been pouring everyday for 3 days now. Raining as I write this too!

That's so weird I visited this exact place today for the first time in my life.

I've had sex on that beach