Due to inclement weather tomorrow Texas has been closed.

Due to inclement weather tomorrow Texas has been closed.

We need a day off.

There will be no Texas'ing tomorrow, so be ready for extra-Texan mode on Wednesday!

There's gonna be a little ice on the roads? I'm estimating 300 million car crashes tomorrow.

Ice is no joke. We don't get to practice driving on it like northerners do. All we have his muddy back roads.

HEB was an absolute nightmare today

Not what-a-burger

Nothing more Texan than doomsday shopping over ~2 inches of snow

Unless youre in the oil business. That kind of texas cant be stopped.

And the roads and ramps aren’t designed for it.

Can confirm. I work at an Austin area one and I'll still be going in.

The honey butter must flow.

And no one has snow tires

Money on biscuits at 6am even if everyone has to slide in on rafts made of black ice.

Jesus really? Guess I'm not getting my mail tomorrow either

As an Amarilloan. . .meh. We get cold/freezing weather all the time. Winter, do your worst.

As the guy who delivers y'all's food, why 😩 gotta deliver this stuff in the cold

And there's like...1 plow & one salt truck, for the whole state.

Amen to that brotha

We are until there is ice on the overpasses!

Except for Dallas :(

What about Whataburger?

I sure wish it were otherwise.

Don't get us wrong, there will be dozens of under-weighted trucks and SUVs doing 80 mph in the ice despite many businesses and public services being closed to try to prevent that.

Everyone at my job today was so excited about not having to work on Tuesday because 4 snowflakes fell. Hahaha

You getting in on that sweet sweet lawsuit money?

Texas we have a bobsled team!

I live in Dallas and my school isnt even delayed

We’ve actually been pre-treating all last week here. Currently treating now. Running both day and night shift in NE Texas.

Do y'all think the DPS will be open?