Dude. What did you put in those dog treats?

Always wanted a baked dog for christmas

I'm so high right now... is that a dog!!!?

You are freaking out.. man.

Shaggy this isn't weed.

Found the Asian

Stewed dog tastes better

Plot Twist: what if your really high, and the dog is actually your human friend that is tripping out by you petting him like a dog.



I don't want a large Farva, I want a god damn liter of cola.

Dude, I'm seeing colours.

I was not prepared for this

By applying a bow and giving scratches you have inadvertently reset your dog to factory settings.

Dog #1 notices arsehole dog #2 walk up bragging a juicy marow-filled bone in its chomps. With the owner right there, within disciplinary action distance, dog #1 must not appear to show desire to kill dog #2 for the bone.

Hence the poker face.

The snausages taste like snausages.

Is that dog okay?

That's my doge. Sauce https://www.instagram.com/p/BOczld5DCYq/

Super troopers reference for the win.

Littering and....?

Be careful with that, some are just refurbished wolves with the dog firmware patch, resetting it may or may not get you mauled.

Found a way for me to get downvoted.

Just click it. Live a little

What about prepared in the Swedish way? Borked.