Duck eats peas really fast

Duck eats peas really fast

I like how the cat just noped out of there.

I got exactly what was promised.

the cat was like "the fuck?"

Aw, they cut the video short. Now we'll never know if the duck ate all the peas or not.

PSA: Peas is like crack for ducks. If you want to feed the ducks then stay clear of the bread (which isn't good for them for many reasons; lack of nutrition and being hard to digest being the main ones) and bring some grain or peas (or both) instead. You can even put some corn in the mixer and make cracked corn - ducks eat rock pebbles and sand to aid them with the digestion so cracked corn is nothing for them and actually helpful.

/former duck owner

"Nah you see a pig chews it's food. I say he eats more like a duck"

"The Duck?"*

No, instead the camera operator ate the duck with the rest of the peas.

When my sister went to college, one kid in her dorm snuck a baby duck into the dorm and kept it hidden in his dorm room for the whole year. But then he had to go home, and it was a full grown duck. And he couldn't bring it to his parents apartments.

So my sister reluctantly offered to take it home and let it go in our pretty big back yard. There was a farm with a duck pond behind the house that was on probably 5 - 10 acres, and there were a bunch more farms just in the neighborhood. So there was logic to it.

But the duck was domesticated and didn't like to sleep alone, and wanted to come inside all the time and eat dog food and stuff like that. I don't remember what we fed it.

But so my brother took it on. And he would take it on these long walks. And then just turn around and walk home and the duck always followed him.

I think that duck stayed with us for like 6 months. Following my brother everywhere.

I was so young I didn't even know this was unusual. I mean I had to take care of dogs, my uncle had chickens. Why is it weird to have a duck wandering around my house?

I love ducks.

They are also violent rapists.

I'm torn about it.

Well, yeah, the duck's already starting to think about waddle he eat next.

This OP is like Fedex.

I guess it slowly kind of gained confidence flying. It grew up in a dorm room. It might not have even known how to fly. It had a leash, but my brother would not use it when they took these walks. The hopes were it would just go be a duck somewhere.

But one day, my brother came back and said the duck was gone. He saw some ducks flying and decided to join them. And that was it.

There was rumors of a duck that was on someone's property nearby that loved humans and would go to them all the time, while all other ducks just mind their business and stay clear.

Even though walking the duck every day was a pain in the butt job for a high school kid. He was sad to see him go. He was a bit teary eyed. We were all a bit sad.

But I don't feel that bad for my brother. Not too long after, I was put in charge of caring for the raccoon with a broken leg. The duck was easy work compared to facing a very angry raccoon every day!

Aaaatatatatatatatatatatata "Omae wa mou shindeiru"

It's like peas for them.

That's how they breathe.

Finally, a time autocorrect would be acceptable.

Dried peas? Or should they be soaked??

I think ducks are great. Though they fuck without consent. I guess that's not great.

Ducks typically eat in water. So it's probably added water to make his eating easier.

nature is amazing


How did the duck eventually leave ?

I️ was really hoping this was a haiku

Man that was really heckin fast

I thought crack is considered bad? I wouldn't give homeless people crack even thought some of them might really like it.

My guess is they were frozen peas and water was to just defrost them.

They sink if soaked too long.

So sweet. Your story should be made into a children's book.

I'm with the cat in this one.

It is:

I love ducks; they are

Also violent rapists.

I'm torn about it.

yeah, that was really ducking fast

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Probably some Quacker Jacks

Gonna have to start billing you guys for these fucking pun threads.

The cat is not appeased.

I love how there’s a Simpsons reference for everything.

Whoa watch your language

"Yes my pretty, eat eat, become more plump and delicious with every pea...."


And those who use 2 syllables are wrong.

Now, shut your eyes and play the video again.

It looks like in this video they're in water. Not sure if that makes a difference when they're dried though.

After the peas he fed him some apples and some minced pork. Saved a lot of time stuffing him.

“Peas sir...can i have some more”

Probably grapes. And then he'll waddle away...

Why are the peas in water?

thats not that fast i could take that duck on in a pea-eating contest.

I say vi-o-lent.

Probably stops the peas from flying around the kitchen.

"Aw yiss, motherfucking PEAS!"


The cat's like...

Yeahhh.. i'm just gonna let you do your thing

you can tell because of the way it is

Mmm. Marinating.

I was just waiting for him to go puke like my dog.

The underlying platform for the duck is the same as the 1983 IBM selectric typewriter.

It sounds like a teenage boy in a bathtub.

Dried peas

Dried or dry? Never tried dried peas but I'm guessing it'll be alright.

(Fresh) dry or soaked peas doesn't make any difference one way or the other but obviously if you throw peas in the lake/river/whatever some will sink (the ducks dive for them but...). The bowl of water just makes it easier for them to feed but they can eat off the ground too, albeit not very gracefully.

This instantly reminded me of when Charlie does the grape gobble in Chardee Macdennis.