Driving home and saw the car that hit the crowd

Driving home and saw the car that hit the crowd

That is the correct license plate. Wow

I live about 10 minutes from where the demonstrations were and stayed away from the area so I'm fine. Thanks for asking! It's crazy how life seems normal outside of the main area despite what's going on. I went to Costco and saw a few of the alt right people with their hateful clothing shopping and eating lunch with their kids just like you'd see any other normal family. It was a weird juxtaposition.

$1.50 Hot dog & soda combo at Costco.

It's the one thing that could bring America together.

It's so relieving to know that this worthless cunt is in custody. You disagree with someone politically? Fine. You even resent them for their political beliefs and think that they are stupid? Whatever, you're entitled to whatever feelings and opinions you want as long as you're not hurting anyone.

But how do you justify killing someone over it?

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Doot doot doot doot do, just driving along. Oh hey, there's an instrument used in the latest act of domestic terrorism! Golly gee!

Goddamn right dude

First thing I checked too, what a thing to casually come across.

Were you there? How are you?

Actually, I'd prefer his identity not to be revealed. I don't want like-minded people to martyr him and make him into a modern-day shitty jesus. "He drove a car through a crowd of people for our sins, let us follow in his treadmarks."

I want to know what his motives are, hell yeah, I want to know what the hell was going through his head, but he doesn't deserve to be a celebrity.

He's in custody now for sure?

There's a much shorter term for premeditated criminal homicide with political motivation: terrorism.

Don't forget the damn churros!

It's called human music

Yeah, an image has made its way around showing him detained outside his car.

I wonder when they'll release their identity, and honestly, motives. I'm almost curious to see what the terrorist's beliefs were.

I lived and worked in a small Southern town that had an anti-immigration rally several years ago. When the alt-right side people came into the fast food restaurant where I worked, they all insisted on forming a line at only one of the thee registers open - the one manned by a white person. They couldn't have any coloreds or dirty Mexicans take their orders or handle their food. I thought this was super ironic as 200 years ago their ancestors would have been totally fine with so-called inferior races knowing their place and serving white people.

by the...white power inmates who will defend him?

"My foot slipped and then I accidentally shifted into reverse and it slipped again for another 4 blocks."


Police chief says premeditated criminal homicide

So you saw a murder weapon?!

Damn, not a lot of people can say that they've seen one in person.

Chances he says the car malfunctioned or his foot slipped. VS Owning up to being a dick.

I'm thinking 80/20

Love that the image had to be Snapchat so it's the quality of a flip phone from the 2000s....

People are amazing

When the police chief says 'premeditated violence' at the beginning of the video he is describing the protesters (the white nationalists.) Later when talking about the injuries and death in relation to the vehicular incident he says it's being treated as a case of 'criminal homicide.' He never describes something as 'premeditated criminal homicide.'

Not splitting hairs here, I paid very close attention to the press conference for any clue of the driver's motivations. The Chief chose his words very carefully. "Scene of the crash" instead of 'murder.' Describes him as "the male driver" instead of 'suspect.'

I would have imagined the damage being a lot worse, not so much the front from the impact ,but there were quite a lot of people running off to get back at that driver. I think many would have done more damage if they had a half chance.


Doot doot doot doot do,

Is that what you listen to when you drive?

He chose his words carefully for a reason. Not out of bias but legally he needs to stay as neutral to a case as possible. It's the shitty Chiefs that declare everything for certain in a rage during a conference. They make it easier for a perp to get off since lawyers can use the chiefs words as an argument in court.

No churros!? That's gotdamned unAmerican!

I hear you. But the name always comes out :(

Fucker deserves a warm welcome in prison

As someone who has made hundreds of said chickens in a single day, please just take the ones in the front. They're just as good as the ones in the back and you're really making my day harder by demanding a "fresh" chicken. They're all fresh.

Nice WRX :)

How the fuck is that car, which is not only evidence, but high-profile evidence, not being transported in a closed trailer, or least being provided with a police escort to wherever it's going?

It is unfair to both the prosecutors and the defense to not be more careful with this evidence.

Source: I have watched a decent amount of TV.

attempted murder

Not attempted, sadly.

It was an auto V6, so... eh.

"They ran into my car, they ran into my car 10 times!"

i would have gone on break, as the white person. I'm sooooo glad I don't interact with the general public anymore.

A crowd can be lethal to the occupants of a car.

"get back at that driver".

I watched that live on TV.

before the good guys could rip him to pieces

Nothing says "good guys" like a good ol' lynching

Poor Challenger, you were meant for so much more.

It is important that it is known that this is the work of a white supremacist. I guarantee there are a number of people who heard a car drove into a large group and assumed this was the work of a Muslim. I wouldn't be shocked if Fox News made this assumption as the breaking news flashed across their screen. They were probably disappointed over there when it was confirmed to be a white Christian.

He's saying the non sarcastic version is more likely to happen.

Was watching pickle rick online, let it rerun a few eps after. Did you ever catch when they drop Jerry off at daycare, human music is playing?

Love that shit

Officer, I've had a doozy of a day. There I was... minding my own business... when these college kids started killin' themselves all over my car!

I can only imagine the rainbow of bodily fluids that spiced their food that day.

His name is James Alex. He's been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and other stuff: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/fights-in-advance-of-saturday-protest-in-charlottesville/201...

Don't think so. Chief of police pretty much immediately called it premeditated


This is the car from this incident today.

It's understandable to hate nazis but you have to take a step back and ask yourself what happens when societies decide that it's ok to just start killing people they disagree with. Who should be allowed to choose who deserves to die, and what would happen if that power fell into different hands.

I think some of those nazis deserve to die, but I also don't think anyone has a right to choose who to kill. Obviously in a life or death instance sometimes lethal force is ok, but to kill people preemptively because they believe in things you disagree with is fucked up.

I started to type out a message asking how you could mistake a Challenger for a WRX, when it occurred to me that you must be talking about Op's car.

20 years old... WOW

My Costco stopped selling the churros!! Jealous...

Oh God, we're going to ruin another innocent person's life, aren't we?


"..two police die in helicopter crash"

Wait what? Did they just tack on that cops died in an unrelated crash, or did this guy have something to do with it?

If it were a muslim, we'd've said "A muslim terrorist has been arrested".

Now that it's a christian radical white supremacist we say "J. Alex has been arrested".

Such hypocrisy. Religious fanatics are cunts no matter what the religion, nationality or color of the skin.

Chicken bake is life.

I'm not a doctor, but I think you have an irony deficiency.

...other than the murderers

The 'felony murder rule' is/was a thing in a lot of common law jurisdictions. Basically if someone dies as a result of your commission of a severe crime (even if it's your accomplice dying in a getaway car crash, or a random bystander getting hit by stray police gunfire) then you are directly responsible for that death because you were in the process of committing the felony that started the dangerous situation.

it's been since abolished in a lot of the other former British colonies but is still on the books in 46 US states.

It's an ongoing investigation. It's bad form to say something just to have it not be true. What might seem very obvious to a casual observer (you and I, for example) is far more complicated for the police. They don't want to say anything that could be used in court by defense lawyers to get the piece of shit off or lessen his charges. They'll say he's a "suspect" and he "allegedly" drove the vehicle into a crowd. There's nothing special about how the chief is talking about the incident. Even if the human garbage live streamed what he did to YouTube, they're not going to say that he did it for sure.

You're splitting hairs.

People were gleefully spreading the name of a guy they claimed to be anti-Trump leftist based on a fb post. As soon as I saw his name I looked him up on Facebook, found the right profile with the latest post stating "It's not me guys, I'm in Michigan". Posted after reports had come in of the driver being arrested.

Now some of them are claiming that since the actual driver (who was part of the neo-nazi protest) has a mother with a Jewish sounding name he must be Jewish and thus not white and not one of them. Others are celebrating him as a hero and the rest are back to Hillarys emails. Probably.

Except he backed up and rammed the crowd again. This was cold blooded attempted murder. Full stop.

Thats what I'm wondering? How are they gonna casually toss that in there, and then not even tell us how it crashed? They said they were assisting with the unrest so its related at least but still seems weird to throw into this article.

I would say "That's awesome!" with these kind of posts, but it'd be rather inappropriate. Let's stick to.. Interesting.

It's out.

The Jewish Alt right people?

Welcome to Costco. I love you.


"In 2010, a death row inmate waited an average of 178 months (roughly 15 years) between sentencing and execution. Nearly a quarter of inmates on death row in the U.S. die of natural causes while awaiting execution or appealing their cases." Wikipedia

Don't spread his name. That's what he wants.

The ones protesting against the white nationalists

But you see the extra 30 second in front of the heat lamp will make a huge difference when I load the chicken into my cart, checkout, drive home, and stuff my face straight into the bird like a literal animal.

They stopped here as well but I'm in Canada.

People are supposedly already trying to push the idea he was actually trying to escape a dangerous situation, though I'm not sure how well that story will hold up.

Link pls

That's what I hate about this "it's okay to punch a Nazi" rhetoric being thrown around these days. All it is going to do is further cement their beliefs, and put an end to any kind of discourse that could possibly change what they think.

But how likely do you think it is that someone could be talked out of Nazi-esque views? Can you reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into?


Cop: Yes, yes you are.

If that's how you want to read into that. I meant a beat down.

Then you, sir, do not have poutine.

Stop it.

You making me horny.

The two extremes are divided. There's people in the middle just watching the shitshow. If you categorize everyone under "The Left" or "The Right", you're part of the problem.

We Mustang folks only hit people unintentionally while being idiots.

Actually when I read this it was Gir's voice in my head.

I still have my motorola razr. I carry it around to take pics of everything important so that the image quality is incredibly unsatisfying.

It's very clear it was intentional.

Police have positively identified who was driving and who he hit. It's not like they need to dust the inside for prints and fibers.

And the $5 chicken

Hasidim are a minority. I'm guessing most American Jews are conservative or reform.

I'm sad that the chicken bakes they sell in the frozen food isle are not the same as from the food concession.

One drink is like what.. .69 cents? And its large enough to share. Fuck, Costco is great <3

You act like the police actually have the money to afford an enclosed trailer. Anyways, that's about the best possible way to get it there. It's a challenger with probably a hemi in it producing something like 400 hp and they most likely used a winch to get it up there. The car is going to be fine getting to the impound lot. The only thing they could really check is for malfunction and that's only if the maniac actually accuses the car of malfunction.

Good guys and rip him to pieces kind of contradict each other.

1: It's Saturday. Jews (the more religious ones, any way) can't drive, carry, work, drive or interact with electronics or machines on Saturdays. Going to Costco is simply out of the question. 2: Hebrew National hot dogs aren't considered kosher enough for the Hasidim.

We still have poutine, although the curds are never melted

What are the odds that he went there because of that t_d post

You watch too much CSI. The process varies greatly from town to town and is largely determined by budget.

Was the rumour that police didn't think he meant to do it legit? It would be really hard to say it wasn't intentional after watching the videos.

Waste of a nice car

Yes, we need to sit down and have a cup of joe and talk with each other. If we just explain how we feel and understand each other i'm sure ISIS will just stop what theyre doing and we can find a common ground to stand on and make the world a better place.

Nah, some people need to be told with a firm hand that it's not okay to act like they do.

I own a challenger and I have to tell you... all dodge muscle cars are built in Canada :/

You do realize they have the guy in custody, right?

Reddit? People here get pissed if you say you like pineapple on pizza. (Pineapple always belongs on pizza btw.)

Dude, as a Dodge fan this hurts. It's a Challenger.

Found another post about it, the plates do match up.

Once again,’it’s good to live in Oregon.

Can we not act like an angry mob about this? There are mature ways to acknowledge that it's a shitty guy who did something awful.

Actually that appears to be someone else.

Watch more of the cell phone footage. He was hauling down the street for over 10 seconds before he hit the other car and the crowd.

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