drill, baby, drill!

drill, baby, drill!

The Huntington Beach Oil Field is part of rich pools of oil found along the West Coast of the United States in the early 1920s  stretching from Huntington Beach, California to Santa Barbara, California.

On May 24, 1920, the first Huntington Beach well was brought in as a producing well. By October 1921, the field had 59 producing wells.

The conflict of coastal oil drilling with beachfront recreation and tourism has been a central theme in Southern California politics.

You sent me on a mission to find how they are decorated or disguised

Here's a decorated oil derrick looming over Beverly Hills High School

You sent me on a mission to find how they are decorated or disguised

Still there, and all along the coast they have hidden facades that you would never know was a drilling operation next to someone's million dollar house.

Still in operation? That's really cool from a logistics standpoint.

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Here is a good video on their history in the LA area

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This is the result of a lack of undeclared property rights over oil reserves under multiple lots. Since oil could only be claimed by pulling it out of the ground, and since one lot drilling changed the "flow" of the reserve so that it became difficult for other lots to drill, property owners had a massive incentive to overcapitalize: a race to get the oil before their neighbors did. In many places, It led to greatly reduced yields than could have been possible.

A solution to this: unitization contracts, which form a company between all stakeholders and aims to optimally drill the oil field, as if it were run by only one owner.

These contacts were particularly easy to form in Wyoming, which saw much lower capitalization and much more sustainable yields. In Texas (and presumably California at the time of this photo), laws prevented these contracts from forming without very particular circumstances. This level of drilling density became very common.


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My grandfather drilled many of those wells on Huntington Beach. At one time, My grandparents, and four of my aunts and uncles and my mother all lived in a GP Medium military tent near the beach, as my grandfather recovered from a broken back, when a stack of well casings shifted and rolled on top of him.

Awesome find. Grew up in LA and had never heard of the Urban drilling operation.

the joke was the oil wells look like they were copy pasted all over the beach

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Alaskan wildlife preserve, deregulated Circa 2019 (decolorized)

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California mineral rights are still based on owning everything from the surface to the center of the earth under your parcel. If you drain the parcel next door, he’s SOL. Just make sure you don’t poke your straw into his milkshake or you’re going to be splitting the revenue.

Presenting: The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge! Coming as soon as Republicans get their tax bill through.

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Not any more. It finally stopped operating in 2016, amid much controversy. BHHS made a ton of money leasing out that derrick.

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That sounds a lot like the drilling/mining business to me.

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You don't have to laugh at it. You don't have to engage with it at all.

So, in some sense, petroleum deposits near the surface are "messy" for normal human uses of the coastal areas - cleaning up this naturally occurring slimy goo was an improvement.

Flipside, drilling deep to deposits that would never surface in our lifetimes and then spilling some fraction of that petroleum along the way - not to mention burning it so quickly as to raise overall atmospheric CO2 levels, is definitely taking a good thing too far.

Damn right it does. I left the industry in August, never going back

"The oil derrick was name after its inventor, John Oil."

It was up until the end of 2016, actually. They finally shit it down, and there have been accusations that it's caused cancer in former students and faculty.

BHHS actually made a shitload of money leasing that oil well out.

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In HS I always wondered why they called us the oilers... Like I get it, we were founded as an oil drilling town, but I figured we only had like 10 small drills in town. It wasn't until I saw this picture which I understood our history.

Yeah, you're wrong. The fact that you you are enjoying the many fruits of human innovation in a stable society, both of which being achieved at a great expense of blood, suffering, and labor, and still have such a lack of gratitude and perspective is telling.

But then how will we learn our rightful place?


The House version has to match the senate version. We're not out of the woods yet.

Its actually quite beautiful now. Amazing to think how it used to be.

Its actually . Amazing to think how it used to be.

Similar article: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2014/08/the-urban-oil-fields-of-los-angeles/100799/

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Drill baby drill!