[drama] Zoe Quinn: Moderate your platform how *I* want before government does & "ruins everything" because I told them you were being violent to me. Not my fault!

[drama] Zoe Quinn: Moderate your platform how *I* want before government does & "ruins everything...

Before the government steps in and ruins everything? Aren't you the one who went to the Congress of the USA about people being mean to you? Aren't you one of the two who went to the UN to cry about people being mean to you? But let me guess, you're not to blame, it's never your fault.

"Nice place you got here, would be a shame if the...government had to come and mess it up."

Pointing out her act of hypocrisy is an act of cyberviolence. You wouldn't want to have to get the UN after you, now would you?

Huey Emmerich

Somehow, I'm reminded so much of a certain ...

Also, this particular bit:

But you're happy now, aren't you? Changing your lies to suit the listener, and getting by on slipping through the cracks. Building layer upon layer of convenient stories until nothing means anything to you anymore... You're happy all the time, because you don't even notice you're doing it. Think hard. Who are you, really? You're not a victim, and you're not the silent majority. You're a perpetrator, and a petty hypocrite. The real world doesn't make you suffer, it's the other way around!

They aren't going to, they are going to wilfully misunderstand free speech until the law steps in.

That response. Clueless.

It's hard to even stomach the hypocrisy and irony at this point. The very idiots who appealed to the authority of a global government and international corporations are suddenly shocked to discover that the censorship they had in mind would ruin the internet. Why the hell do you think Google, Intel, and the UN started listening to you assholes in the first place? They want power over the internet so they can control messaging and narratives in service of the elite - and you dummies tried to hand it to them by exaggerating and fabricating the threat of "cyber violence" for your personal and ideological gain.

Fuck you, Zoe.

I am a survivor of online violence, someone reached out with the cyber touch of a dagger to stab me online in the World of Warcraft several times. I escaped but the admins would do nothing... instead asking why I played on a PVP server if I didn't want to get attacked, this was clear victim blaming. Now every time I see the World of Warcraft logo I shed a tear thinking about the strength it took to endure.

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Fascists love big government, like "burn books" big.

Why is this shocking?

Reminds me of that article I read with a picture of Anita and Zoe at the UN, where the image text was something like

"Anita Sarkeesian, survivor of online violence, speaking at......"

And I was like "...Survivor???"

edit: Here it is: http://www.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2015/9/cyber-violence-report-press-release

Never thought I'd see Zoe doing the republican shakedown.

The difference is that when the government does it, you can go to the Supreme Court to have it struck down as unconstitutional. When a private industry is intimidated into self censorship, the same is accomplished, but with no such liability or recourse.

Censorship is therefor accomplished when it otherwise would not be legal to do so, because they can just cry "but private enterprises can do what they want".

It is cowardly.

Says the person who went to congress and the UN calling for censorship.

i wonder how long she can keep telling herself that she's pulling some epic troll on the rest of the internet like she did in her helldump days and not just being a pathetic, obnoxious cunt.

"Surrender now or I'll pressure the government into forcing you to do so."

What's the fucking difference?

Either way, ideas aren't being expressed. The result is the same.

Us and most every single court people have taken cases to, apparently

Sternly worded letters, my one weakness! How did they know?

"I went to the government and told them to fuck you up if you don't do what I say. Now do what I say. It's for your own good, stupid."

"Shut down the bad actors! They're harassing me. I've set up Google alerts to email me the videos mentioning me. OH GOD THEY'RE IN MY EMAIL"

Wouldn't a gag order work better tho?

She's doing everything she can to be as dislikeable as possible.

The only thing worse than a Jack Thompson is a hypocritical two faced Jack Thompson.

[Sapping Intensifies]

Oh good, I'm not the only one who thought that.

I just realized. PvP servers are literally rape realms.

the US Goverment has always been looking for ways to censor the internet; but they haven't done it because of the amount of civil unrest it causes whenever they try and push for it. People generally like the way the internet is, and how it can be a tool to do many things.

Go to whatever cemetery

Zoe Quinn

Born __, Died _____

"lol it was just a troll you guys, jeez chill out"

Yet another 'Zoe Quinn attempts to distance Zoe Quinn from Zoe Quinn' tweet.

The rest of her life.

I'm British.. this would work on a lot of us

Thank you. I've never understood these people saying, "If it's an LLC, censorship is fine by me!"

By these standards, not only that, but the kid is a sexual predator and should probably go to jail.

The difference is that we can change government, we can't vote for google.

kid on xbox said he fucked my mother, does that make her a survivor of cyber rape?

At this point, fuck it, bring the government in. We need this witch hunt to reach max hysteria. We need our Welch vs McCarthy moment, that specific time at the end of most witch hunts where people realize this has gone too far, when they see the absurdity of it being able to affect EVERYONE, not just the people who had the foresight to fight against it. You opened this door Zoe, now we're going to keep it open until everyone, all the people in the Western world realize, and learn the fucking lesson, of how important it is to keep it closed.

Free speech is like vaccination, it is a victim of it's own success. People have enjoyed the benefits of it for so long they can't remember the times in history when it was challenged, and how fucking awful it got in short order. Sometimes people NEED to be reminded of that, sometimes the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants, that only happens when the full effect of someone like Zoe and Anita's stupidity is unleashed, when we finish following them down into the rabbit hole and show them why we bitched and complained and criticized them for fucking bringing us down here.

Zoe, you're not the devil we wanted--but you might just be the devil this generation needed. Congratulations on forever being remembered as one of the four horsewomen of the free speech/expression apocalypse.

Let's pretend the US government did listen and stepped in. Now imagine the butthurt if the SCOTUS stepped in and declared what the US government did was unconstitutional. There'd be a salt overflow with not enough containers to contain it all.

This type of mentality/behavior is exactly why I maintain that the Right, even the pro-censorship authoritarian Right, are inherently less authoritarian than their contemporaries on the Left. Regardless of which side you agree with in principle, the default approach of the Left is to use the highest authority available (the Federal government, Federal Judiciary, or in this case, the UN) to mandate universal compliance to their ideology. At least the Right, even the worst elements of the Right, generally approach these issues from a Federalist (state and local level) perspective. They also have an alarming tendency to get their way via judiciary rather than through the democratic process. There are always exceptions, of course, but the difference between the default top-down approach of the Left and the default bottom-up approach of the Right means that the Left is inherently more authoritarian in most cases.

EDIT: Sentence.

I know right?

It's so...concise.

Enter the useful idiots. The same ones that destroyed any credibility that Occupy had.

Funny coincidence, I think you'll agree.

As someone who originally played on an RP server, even without sarcasm, yes.

If you can't tell Zoe Quinn is putting a gun to your head & telling you to protect her lies or you'll go down with her. Cut the bitch off, tell her to kick rocks and get on the right side of free speech.

On the other hand I'm giving you guns to stand up for yourselves. I always have and always will. The first last & thing I'll always say to you is don't let anyone disarm you.

Never thought I'd be doing my anarchist thing again, some of those peeps have been contacted & highly intrigued by this situation as well as others in entertainment & more that live & work online.

but when they say the revolution will not be televised, that's because the first place revolution happens is in the mind. Liberators and heroes don't exist, people liberate and save themselves. Now is the time I have to ask gaming, the web, and all of it's citizens to liberate themselves.

People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take. Do Zoe Quinn and her friends govern you? Then you are my enemy.

I was a feminist but when this became what feminism stood for feminism became the enemy. If gaming stands behind and supports this attack on the internet and free speech then gaming is my enemy. If my country supports this than the United States is my enemy. Those that do not tremble righteous indignation at this are my enemy until they grow in wisdom! To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so.

Those people always have been and always will be my enemy. If you don't give us peace, then I will take it by force. If you don't give me heaven I will raise hell. If this is the price to be paid for an idea, then let us pay with our blood, flesh and chlidren's futures. Then you'll TRULY have a report about violence to speak about statist whore.

The individual cannot bargain with the State. The State recognizes no coinage but power. It's time for us to start using our collective power, focusing on solidarity and taking power from those that attack free speech.

I once again propose a boycott of video games this holiday season. Depending on how this goes some direct action.

When Anita was talking about "the day to day grind of you suck ECT" she was right next to her nodding in agreement.

She's only trying to spin this around since she's losing Patreon bucks and followers.

we don't want to censor you but if you don't censor yourselves and agree with everything we say then we will have to do it for your own good