Dragon Ball Z kick ass cosplay

Dragon Ball Z kick ass cosplay

Imagine if he worked out solely for cosplay.

Cosplayer here. I work out solely for cosplay. I'm not anywhere near this shape though.

Hey Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Hey Vegeta!

Is this you?

Guaaad dammit Nappa

Remember the bug planet?

No normal man could have Nappa's physique without juicing though lol.

Im Nappa, and this is Vegeta. He was a prison--



Who cares if this guy took roids... it's not like you inject steroids, take a nap, then wake up jacked. You still have to work out like a mother fucker and eat well to get this big.


Yes Nappa?

I can flyyyyyy.


You're everywhere. Every single post.

When your cosplay takes a decade of working out to get into...

I see he chose that big buff guy that gets blown to shit by Vegeta. But, if it were me, I would have chose Recoome, the other big buff guy that gets blown to shit by Vegeta

If there's something strange in the neighborhood, guess who it is?


Just remember, power levels are bullshit.

It used to be stigmatized to live with your parents because it implied you were lazy or couldn't get a decent job. In today's economy, particularly while struggling under student loan debt, renting an apartment or leasing/buying a house is sometimes out of the question even with a decent paying job.

I'm okay with removing this stigma.

What does the scouter say about his power level?

I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all!

Then he just pulls a tree out of the ground and uses it as a back scratcher


Kick his ass Nappa!


this needs to be on /sub/photoshopbattles


Sorry, broski. That be that juicy juice in this case.

And a whole lot of food

I hope he finds a Vegeta cosplayer and follows him around doing that.

"Hey Vegeta! Remember the bug planet Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta?"

Have you tried trying?

People who have no idea how hard it is to build muscle and look as jacked as some guys look.

Some people (not saying people in this sub/thread) legitimately think you can go to a gym, lift some weights willy-nilly, and be super muscular in a year or two. NOPE. I've been a long-time gym goer. I started at 16 or 17, I'm now 25. I basically went to the gym consistently 3-4 days a week from when I started to now (I did take a 2 year break because college was getting intense). Took lessons from dudes much older and wiser on proper technique and form, my diet is good but not ideal.

I look like I work out, and I'm definitely strong, but I'm nowhere near the image people get when they think of weightlifters. And sure, steroids is going to help immensely, but you still need to put in the work... you have to lift a lot, be consistent in your schedule, eat well, and eat a fucking LOT of food.

A youtuber "cosplay Chris" got ripped just so he could do a wolverine photo shoot. He's kept in shape since then, but that was the trigger for him to do so.

The one that Vegeta destroyed with one finger? And then frieza couldn't even destroy namek with a hand blast? That always bothered me.

That's because Nappa is alive again and in Holywood. They wished everyone back who was killed by Frieza and her goons... Technically, Vegeta was Friezas goon at the time he killed Nappa, so he's alive!

Still... He rarely shows up :(

Chao Tzu! My name is Chao Tzu!

Look! It's a Chaotzu!

Who cares if this guy took roids... it's not like you inject steroids, take a nap Nappa, then wake up jacked. You still have to work out like a mother fucker and eat well to get this big.

And yes, I agree. Who are these people that think Steroids are some magical drug?

I've just binge watched the entire series in the last few days, my only regret is the lack of ghost Nappa later on!

Look vegeta! A pokemon!

Roshii blew up the moon in Dragonball didn't he?

Yes really, dude.

He held back on purpose because he was so close to the planet he thought he may die in the explosion. Goku points that out after Freeza shoots the core on Namek.

But zero is still zero...

True. I've been lifting for a decade and I have friends who have been too, once you're in that world it's pretty easy to tell who's been using steroids. I'm big but I could never look like that guy without steroids.

DBZA needs more Nappa

"No...Super Kami Dende."

Not really

are we there yet?

Piccolo also does it early in DBZ.

I wonder if he made the outfit completely and then tore it

That dude could snap me like a twig... and i'm 6'2" and 100kg...

It's kind of a good thing. If TFS kept every running joke around, every episode would just be a nonstop string of old gags by now. I miss Super Kami Guru, too, but it would've gotten old.

Plus it's probably a lot of work to cut footage of old characters so they show up in episodes they were never in.

Only good bug is a dead bug!

Dude's probably pocketing so much money by not paying living expenses... shit, I'd probably do it too if my parents lived anywhere relevant to my industry

Ah, /u/gallowboob at it again.

His neck has more muscle than my entire goddamn body

"He was a prison bitch."

I'm gonna try to get a critical! super smug face

Good thing he's a Saiyan.

And it rhymes... WITH DOOM

Kami did it. He said he would fix the moon if Goku gave up his tail. Not quite clear how he did it though

that guy in the back is getting a good pic of his ass

I was extremely surprised when he revealed that he is still living with his parents and making videos out of his bedroom. Is that weird that a dude with white collar job is still living at home?

Now that's nappa know how

I have 3 kids and I'm okay with them staying with us as long as they are contributing to the bills and helping out with the housework and being a reasonable houseguest (no being loud, drugs, sexy parties)

Also they have to be in school or working. There was a story about a dad that charged his kids rent while they were living with him, he saved it up and gifted it to them when they decided to move out. I'm thinking about doing that.

"Awwww, he used self-destruct! I hate it when they do that Vegeta!"


I'd settle for more DBZA at all.

Can't tell if you're making a joke or not, but the cosplay is Nappa.

Nappa didn't take roids.

"Hey Vegeta."

"What is it, Nappa?"

"I can fly, Vegeta."

It will be soon

You wouldn't end up looking like a bodybuilder just because of steroids and no exercise. The work is unavoidable - steroids just raise the ceiling of what is possible.

I feel like, while definitely cost efficient, it could severely impact your number of overnight guests. I know I'd feel a little weird telling girls that we should go back to my parents' place.

Yeah, piece of cake

It's a stigma seem to only exist in United States too

"I don't know who you are, but I will find you, and you will kill me!" -Krilin

Would you like to know more?

Or, you know...Nappa.

Good ol' Goddamnit Nappa!

And an aggressive amount of steroid use.

Steroids increase your muscle nuclei, and contrary to popular belief, you will grow muscle sitting on the couch watching tv, if you indeed are on steroids. Not as much if you worked out though, but you will, it also makes your skeletal muscles much more dense.

It honestly is a miracle drug, granted it shuts down you balls, but, you know, you win some you lose some.

Dragon Ball Z spurred a lot of males to get into weight lifting.

Not anymore, he recently got promoted to Super Saiyan 3 in one of the games!

Not anymore, he recently got in one of the games!

That, or an obsessive level of detail and craftsmanship on a complicated costume.

Everyone down voting you has 0 idea about nutrition and working out. This guy is well above his genetic limit

Fuck, of course... I'm so dumb!

He's here to take out our battleships!!

...and the whales!!!

The dude created magical balls that summon a massive dragon that is capable of, among other things, bringing billions of people back to life, granting true immortality, and stealing panties.

I don't think creating a moon would present much of a problem for the guy that can do that.

I'm not worried about the downvotes. Dudes fucking jacked.

There's big, and then there's big.

This motherfucker is juicing like an Orange Julius.

Source: been a powerlifter for over 10 years, don't have any problem with steroids.

Yeah but in dragon ball you don't get xp from last hits you get it from getting your face rolled......and then taking a nap.

for a male cosplayer to be noticed, it requires someone built like arnold


It has nothing to do with that; if you know even the slightest bit about human physiology and endocrinology, you know looking like that is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE naturally, by a LARGE MARGIN. You're just ignorant of the facts.



Nappa? 4000.

Well under 9000.

yup. currency and internet karma. same thing, really

Bet it's a bitch when he gets a itch between his shoulder blades!

Even though you arw downvoted its true. Dont worry.