Dragon Ball Z in VR

Dragon Ball Z in VR

The wig is a a mandatory unremovable part of the headset

I think he missed his target.

If it's true to the show, this must be 40 hours of gameplay compressed down to 1 gif.

If I pull that off would you die?

It'd be very painful.

Yup, by a mile.

For you.


You're a big guy.

Fair, but seriously check out dragon ball super, I'm AMAZED at just how much better the pacing is. Believe it or not their are even times I find myself thinking that ida like two episodes for that instead of one. If you love DBZ but have issues with how fast they get anywhere you will appreciate super.

In an alternate reality, Cell defeats Gohan because he missed

Now stand there for several hours and form a Spirit Bomb


Or DBZ abridged.

Now one with Final Flash

Some people have been training their whole life for this.

And by that I mean pretending to be a saiyan and spam punching at the air.

They use realistic VR voice recognition to make sure you say "lend me your energy!" once every 20 seconds during that time.

That's a strange title.

If this shit came out when I was a kid I would nag my father to death to buy this awesomeness for me.

Maybe it's one of those fake outs where it'll come back and hit him from behind?

cue piano music


Yeah, but the fights only appear incredibly fast to untrained spectators.

The fighters themselves (and others that are trained/just-as-powerful) see it as normal.


DBZ kai,

DBZ abridged is very fun, but definitely watch the original/Kai first!


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Beta Japanese game that'll most likely never be released outside of Japanese arcades.

Little finger

Hey, I didn't know this was a hat!
"Oh. Ohhhhhhh. OHHHHHHH..........shit."

My opinion is to watch Original up until Namek Saga, then watch Frieza on Kai, and then watch the rest original. Those 30 episodes drag on

Are you complaining about flying laser mma?


A young Heihachi finally achieves the form of a super saiyan.

Check out Dragonball Z Kai, it's the official story with 99% of the filler is removed. Or if you want a really good laugh while still learning the basic details of the story, Dragonball Z Abridged on youtube is much much more condensed, however they are only up to the Cell Games, whereas Kai has the entire series out.

EDIT: As pointed out I should probably mention, the first episodes of Abridged are pretty dated, but the writing quality began to pick up around episode 10, and by the time they hit Namek they began churning out quality. At least in my opinion

I take it you never saw the Buu saga.

I've never really watched DBZ but don't the characters move like impossibly fast? if that game recognizes your actual movements does that mean the fights are super slow compared to the anime/other games?

I don't see how you have come to this conclusion. Like at all. Time is ridiculous in DB Super. They are going to do 40+ episodes of this battle royale. It started 3 episodes ago (20 minutes per episode) and only 3 minutes have passed. They are dragging it out massively.


"Shut up, ka-ka-kak-kak-krabby patty."