Dr. Phil blatantly antagonizes an addict on national TV for ratings.

Dr. Phil blatantly antagonizes an addict on national TV for ratings.

I have various issues with Dr. Phil but I don't see the issue here. Nicolas Brendon just got arrested yesterday for choking his girlfriend, smashing her cell phone, and taking her keys in an effort to keep her from leaving his hotel room. As Dr Phil explained after the actor walked out, an addict can't help others when he's still surrendering to his addiction. Here we see a small clip of interaction between the two. None of us know what transpired in the lead up to the taping. Very often when Dr Phil is confrontational with guests, it's because of how they behaved with him and his staff prior to taping. Dr Phil could have helped him, sure. But he's not a charity. He helps people who are willing to humble themselves, acknowledge their struggles, and commit to change. I got the feeling that Brendon was trying to promote himself rather than legitimately seeking help.

I am an alcoholic and I remember being just like this guy. There was a stage, right before I really got help where I would admit my problems openly and talk about them. I was "working" on them, but my life was absolute hell. I was placating people and acting like I was getting better, but I wasn't. Eventually my keys got taken away from me so I was forced to go through withdrawal at home which almost killed me. I ended up detoxing for 5 days in the hospital and then went to a 30 day program. I've been sober for 11 months now, but so many people don't stay sober. If he's already been to rehab twice and he was out drinking last night it pretty much means he is at his worst or near it. I wouldn't be surprised if he did smell like alcohol. For me, if I was drinking at night, I was drinking in the morning.

I think a lot of people in this thread don't know what they're talking about. If he's going on this show to acknowledge depression and alcoholism so people know it's "okay", he needs some sort of reality check. This stage and Dr Phil probably aren't the way for him to get help, but he might need to be confronted.

That old man is an insufferable cunt.

Brendon was/is in denial about how messed up his life has become. Dr.Phil seemed to think that is unacceptable. But most addicts are in denial. Its understandable for an addict to try to hold onto what little dignity they have left. Its not healthy, but its understandable and to some degree needs to be respected. Dr. Phil should have tried to work around this rather than using the wrecking-ball approach on somebody he just met, as if the guy is supposed to immediately throw himself at Dr. Phil's feet and beg for his forgiveness/help. Dr. Phil's ego is too big to deal with addicts like this because he's not willing to establish any sort of rapport with them. He just demands total submission and then gets huffy when he doesn't get it.

What did Dr Phil do wrong? Can someone please tell me? I felt like the guest had problems and couldn't handle confrontation so he walked out. I couldn't see antagonizing, except from the guest if anything

This is not Dr. Phil being an antagonistic.

This guest is an addict that is still in active addiction, and he's lying through his god damn teeth - Dr. Phil has no patience for it.

He isn't admitting to currently having issues - he's referring to all his issues in the past tense, he's doing great now! He's not seeking help, this is addict speak.

Dr. Phil see's right through it, so he's pressing him.

This guest didn't want to come on Dr. Phil to discuss his problems and look for help, he came to discuss the problems with addiction, and talk about the "wider issues of these problems" all not pertaining to himself. (I'm assuming to promote his book or something).

Don't take my word for it though, he was just arrested last night for choking his girlfriend in a drunken fucking stupor.

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American TV is so fucking medieval from an outsider's point of view.

He's part of the Oprah bandwagon. Dr. Phil and his other Harpo colleagues are nothing but shills.

the guest wasn't ready to admit his problems, but a confrontational and shaming intervention isn't the best approach there. I like the idea of holding someone accountable, but that's not what was happening there.

Phil went for conflict above results, because it's a show and not a therapy session.

That guy needs real help. Not TV help.

As someone who deals with Bipolar Disorder with an addictive personality, your therapist isn't going to treat you with kid gloves if you're not facing reality at all when you're being self and outwardly destructive.

Plus Phil is practically calling Brandon on his BS, which was pretty obvious.

I'm not a psychologist but it really seems like he doesn't want to admit how bad his situation is. It seems like he is trying to paint a picture (about how he is getting better, etc) that just isn't true or helpful.

I don't know if Dr.Phil is 100% in the right, I mean it seems kind of immoral to just let your "patient" walk out, no? But I understand that Dr.Phil wants him to be more honest about the situation.

Dr. Phil may be a lousy doctor but that dude was not ready to face his problems or seek treatment in any way. Walking off the set saved everybody a lot of wasted time and effort.

Dude seems like the type that has to hit rock bottom before he's ready to listen.

Yeah, Nicholas Brendon felt incredibly defensive from start to finish. When Phil asks if he was evicted because he smashed the windows, which I think is a legitimate question, Nicholas seems to get very offended. "I'll do this with you if you wanna do that"... like what???

I thought this guy acted pretty fucking weird, which I guess should be attributed to the fact that he's depressed and not in a great place right now. Nevertheless I did not think Dr Phil was completely out of line, like so many others in here seems to think.

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Hmm, I went into this hating Dr. Phil as I usually do, and then saw Nicholas Brendon, and being a huge Buffy fan, got my pitchfork out and rage-ready.

Then I watched it. I don't think Dr. Phil did anything wrong... for once. He was asking legitimate questions, and Nicholas seemed antagonistic and defensive from the get go. He definitely had an agenda, and I've seen enough addicts in my life to know when one really doesn't want help, they just want attention. Unfortunately, Nicholas was there for some kind of self-congratulatory "I'm getting better, see?" thing... and expecting everyone to applaud and congratulate him too.

Dr. Phil brings up the negative aspects to his issues, and he immediately shuts it down? Dr. Phil wasn't being antagonistic from what I could see, he was legitimately asking relevant questions to try to get to the core of his issues.

Color me surprised, but Dr. Phil was in the right on this one. This headline makes no sense to me.

Completely irrelevant title. This man has problems.

Just regurgitating that addiction and mental illness is weakness and nothing more. The same cows sitting at home eating themselves to death, comfortably passing judgement from their recliners.

From the short video it didn't appear the guy was too remorseful. Maybe Dr. Phil was trying to hit him with the severity of his actions, because of this. However, Phil could have at least tried to move past the guy being an alcoholic and tried to find why he feels the need to drink or what causes his depression.

I agree, whilst I don't like "Dr." Phil, I think that confronting him with his issues wasn't such a bad idea. Him storming off petulantly just goes to show he's not ready to admit his problems and begin to deal with them.

I wouldn't really feel too bad for him.

On February 16, 2015, Brendon was arrested on suspicion of grand theft by Fort Lauderdale police after he reportedly trashed his hotel room and refused to pay the bill.

On March 13, 2015, Brendon was arrested again after destroying another hotel room after demanding an upgrade because he was a "TV star"

On October 1, 2015, Brendon was arrested in Saratoga Springs for attacking a female acquaintance in a hotel room, smashing her cell phone, and refusing to let her leave. He was charged with Felony 3rd degree robbery, criminal mischief and obstruction of breathing

PhD in Clinical Psychology. He is a Dr., but he no longer holds a license.

That guy needs real help. Not TV help.

Yea I agree, doing this on TV was not a good idea.

He read his letter asking for help and went on to say that horrible shit to him, I feel so, so bad for that actor.


I agree with you, and that clip intentionally cuts out right before Dr. Phil has the chance to explain himself.

Misleading title much?

WTF like seriously


So then why do people say he isn't a doctor, wtf


So, basically they set it up to be as emotionally draining and stressful as possible. First they build them up by announcing the $101,000. When they're finally over the shock of it and feeling joy and relief, they're told that they have to choose whether or not they're going to help another struggling family or just keep it all for themselves.

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There's only a couple of options I can see being remotely heartwarming... If the end result is that they both made an equal or nearly equal decision, then they can both feel fine about showing a similar level of concern for their own well-being and the well-being of others. Alternatively, if one family is clearly doing much worse and the family that's not doing as bad gives more, then they can still feel good about helping a family doing worse.

But even with those outcomes as a possibility, it's still terrible because it's only a possibility while making them still stress over the situation and likely leaving them feel guilty or still struggling because they decided to be nice people.

do you know what a PhD is?

So that last one happened yesterday?

I know someone who worked side by side with Dr. Phil for years and she said Dorothy Mantooth is a saint and Half Life 3 confirmed.

Yeah can we get a misleading title tag on this post mods?

The guest was lying to himself. Sure, he wasn't "evicted" but he was asked to leave after he smashed the place up. Had he not left, he would have no doubt been evicted. Dr. Phil repeatedly asked him to describe the issues he's facing and he didn't want to bring it up with the audience and the cameras rolling.

He wanted to play silly word games with a Psychologist who he alleges to be coming to for help and Dr. Phil called him on it.

I completely missed the issue as well. The guy is crazy and strung out. He was hung over on the show. He should have never been given air time in my opinion, but he did the typical thing the alcoholics in my family do, he played the "I am just trying to help" card which is supposed to diffuse any argument or correction someone in Dr. Phills position could offer.

the rest

Here's of that clip for those who were wondering.

A certain percentage of humankind only feels comfortable with themselves if they have someone to look down on.

A very large percentage in truth...

Agreed. Speaking from experience (recovering/recovered alcoholic), I'd guess that Nicholas sent Dr. Phil that letter when he was drunk -- I know that I was three sheets to the wind when I finally asked for help. Unfortunately, he was sober(ish) when he went on the show, and was trying to control the situation and hide the extent of his problem. When his "raising awareness" bullshit didn't pan out, he escalated the exchange into a confrontation so he could storm out and extract himself from the situation.

Usually, I think Dr. Phil is a big ol' sack of douche, but I don't think he did wrong in this case. Hell, he was just reading to the guy from his own letter -- if Nicholas Brendan should be mad at anybody, it's Drunk Nicholas Brendan.

I think this is a pretty spot-on comment. The guy goes on the show and gives a lecture on how he had these problems, he is working to change them, and he's back on track; meanwhile, he was drinking "a few beers" just the night before, has multiple arrests, and likely actually did smell like alcohol (you can probably smell it in his sweat).

I think what Dr. Phil was trying to do was trying to get this man to admit the reality of the situation; the guest seemed like he was viewing his own life through rose colored glasses and not acknowledging the immediacy of his problems.

This was obviously staged by Dr. Phil. Meaning he invited this guy on, made the video, all while knowing he was going to kick him off the show so he could be the "good guy". There's no way he didn't know who this guy was or what the video showed before they started taping. If what Dr. Phil said is true and he has no part in the planning or a role in organization then that's almost worse....

He was ready to get out of trouble, not face his problems. The contempt in the first 30 seconds of this guy talking shows that he really should not have even been put on the show. To get help you have to deal with your issues. Smashing windows and doing something crazy last night(issues) and showing up for help hung over and wreaking of Alcohol is not a good faith showing of sincerity for getting help. The guy is playing a game. He loves his lifestyle.

He probably got paid to do it.

Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. I don't care for Dr. Phil but I don't think he did anything wrong in this case. Nicholas Brendan was being a total douche.

Congratulations on your 11 months, man. I'm on about 14 and that first year under your belt feels real good. I had to quit drinking dozens of times before I could even get a week but when I finally made it through two weekends sober, I finally had the momentum I needed. Gonna go ahead and plug /sub/stopdrinking. Sub quite possibly saved my life.

Anyway, I totally agree with what you're saying. I didn't actually see anything so wrong with how Phil began to confront him. It was not super aggressive our accusatory but if someone had sat me down like that when I was in that man's position, I would've jumped out of my skin. If I had been on national tv? I can't even imagine. Admitting you have a problem might be a first step but you're still a long way from recovery and this guys is still not prepared to quit. I was extremely embarrassed about my disease and would lie constantly to cover it up and make it appear like I had it under control.

Put Brendon's name in google, apparently he choke his girlfriend and was arrested for 4th time in a year on Wednesday night. Eesh!

Dr Phil works with addicts on a regular basis. I doubt any of us are qualified to rate his effectiveness or lack of it. While he may have just met Nicolas (we don't know that) there is a lengthy process prior to taping of interviews, etc. How Dr Phil behaved here indicates to me that there is more to the story before this clip. He usually doesn't come out and act like a dick for no reason. Part of his standard procedure is to confront addicts with their addiction. Very often, as Nicolas did here, addicts attempt to down play the extent and effects of their addiction. Dr Phil believes that you can't change what you don't acknowledge. So, yes, addiction episodes on that show usually do start out detailing all the fucked up shit the addict has done. But in the end, Dr Phil will help them if they're willing to confront the ugliness of their addiction. If Nicolas had stuck through this part and just admitted yeah I drank last night, I'm sure this episode may have turned out very differently.

Everyone calling out Dr Phil needs to chill out. The guy in the video was just arrested a few days ago for beating his girlfriend.

Seems like he walked out because he couldn't beat his way out of this one.

Ya know, so many of you jump on these bandwagons. It's ridiculous.

I cant see the issue with DR.Phil in this segment.

I agree...All he did was bring to light recent issues that happened and as soon as something negative was mentioned (getting evicted) the dude got SUPER defensive about it. He wasn't antagonizing at all, he didn't seem to be belittling him for anything, he wanted to ask him directly about past events and the guy wasn't having it.

Are you being serious? His approach is confrontational, sure, but that way he cuts through the bullshit to get to the root of the problem. In case you weren't aware of what you were looking at, It was clear that the guest was in denial and getting in the way of any kind of potential treatment. So no, not low. You just need to accept that the guy, who played Xander if i remember correctly, was cock blocking himself

At the end of the day, if you really want help, you go to a real doctor or a real support group. You don't go on TV to speak with fucking Dr Phil. If he had watched any of Dr Phil's previous shows he would know that this is how he acts, and wouldn't have been so offended by the questions.

that's all likely true, but this puts a lot of the responsibility on Nicolas, who is a trainwreck alcoholic. Dr. Phil on the other hand is an extremely wealthy, extremely influential public figure. We should be demanding more of Dr. Phil and less of out-of-control drug and alcohol addicts. I actually kind of respect Dr. Phil, but one thing that I hate about him is that he always puts failure onto those who don't submit to him, and never on his own psychological approach. He never seems to fine-tune his approach, its always a take-it-or-leave-it kind of thing. Once in a while he hits home-runs, but only when the perfect situation falls into his lap and his harsh approach happens to work well in that specific situation. And when he hits a home-run, he always rubs it in America's face. When he strikes out, however, he aggressively blames it on the umpire.

This enables him to appear infallible to his millions of (largely gullible) fans and is a big reason why he is so famous today. He's much better at deflecting blame than he is at actually helping people. And his ego is so huge that he managed to have a nationally-syndicated show made about him, largely through manipulative media techniques. He also works his staff very hard to go out and find him softballs that he can knock out of the park. He's a simple Redneck type of guy who thinks that peoples' psychological imprint is a simple matter, almost like a game that he is meant to win every time.

TL;DR: Dr. Phil is a Narcissist who is treating serious psychological problems like they are 'meant' to be eradicated by him. He blames the individual whenever a psychological problem is too great for him to swat down with a big load of charisma. He blames victims.

Congrats on your sobriety. I'm an alcoholic with less time.

I see nothing really wrong with what Dr phill did here. I'm not certain what this guy was expecting, but from my experience addicts like to control everything but their addiction. The guy saying it's his (dr phill's) show is just a manipulative strategy to actually control the interview. This guy is obviously not ready. I've been agreeing and saying I am an alcoholic for a LONG time, but it wasn't until I literally could not hold a cup of water or feed myself with a fork/spoon without a pint of vodka before 9am did it really and honestly sink in. That was my bottom... Not the other very horrible shit that happened before, all bottoms are different. In addition to saying and agreeing I was an alcoholic before actually honestly believing it I researched and read all about so I could subconsciously make myself feel better by self-righteously setting all the other alcoholics on a path of sobriety. I was still a raging alcoholic at this time. I did the same thing with my depression. I assume this guy might be doing something similar, imo anyway. Dude's not yet found his bottom, he will though. Might be death as it often is.

My brother is an alcoholic and is in the downward spiral as we speak. He drinks at night, in the morning, before work and probably during work. He just broke up with a really sweet and beautiful girl and sent her packing back to Michigan from Texas because he is too preoccupied with drinking to want to make the relationship work. His father was a major alcoholic and had the same heart issues as my brother. He ended up dying at 45 years old because of it. My brother is 27 and has already had two heart attacks. He is supposed to be taking blood pressure meds and he doesnt. He is out of control. What makes it so much worse is he gets violently pissed off if you mention his likeness to his father or that he has a problem. I'm kind of the man of the family and everyone is looking to me to help him but I don't know how to go about it. I don't want my brother to die. My kids love their uncle and I love my brother. Any advice?

Nobody could've known how he was going to react. In hindsight, perhaps being more tactful in some manner may have worked. I suspect Nicholas was simply not interested in actually confronting his problems and thought he could go on the show and bluff that he was on top of his recovery. Once Phil shared he knew he'd been drinking in the last day (almost definitely that morning), Nicholas realized he was either going to have to confront this problem on national TV and probably have a very emotionally difficult moment, or run.

I'm not a huge fan of Dr Phil, but this seems pretty damn reasonable.

His guest seemed way too defensive to genuinely be there to work on his issues or use awareness of his problems to help others.

He's not even a doctor! Fuck that piece of shit. In wish more people would walk out on him.


He wanted a career back to try and climb out of debt...


dr. phil never established a modicrum of trust between the two of them.

person is obviously vulnerable and defensive about a sensitive subject

proceed to accuse him of being drunk on stage, read his plea letter out loud, misinform the audience about why he left his apartment

person leaves.

you can't just throw shit on someone like that and expect them to take it without easing them in a little bit.

I thought the arrest a couple arrests ago, when he trashed the hotel room, shit himself and smeared it all over the walls, and was running around the lobby, etc., etc. would have been the rock bottom but I guess not.

I get the impression that everyone here is watching two totally different videos... or that they're letting the shitty headline skew their perception. In the video I saw, it was typical Dr. Phil slowly drawing out half-sentences before the guest interrupted, reacting defensively to legit inquiries. In this short clip, there were 2 or 3 instances where he trickle-truthed to show he isn't doing much better.

He didn't attack him. He asked relevant questions, obviously questions geared to extract truth. I know, have known, addicts and they talk just like this guy. "Well, my life isn't perfect, but its not the worse it could be..." "... well yeah, I broke the mirror, but only one..." The guy has a floppy rationale for everything. He's just an addict that's defensively reacting to otherwise benign questions. Not sure what he expected going on the show...

Yes, well put in point form no less.

People in here are railing against either of the two men but the fact is, he had no evident intention of reserving judgement even one second, antagonized him right from the beginning by challenging Nicholas on whether he's making positive baby-steps.

Repeatedly insisting: "I wish we were here on better circumstances."

The fuck? Do you have a talk radio program? Do people go to you when they're TOO full of contentedness?

Phil's face looked aggressive from the first moment and he failed to keep the guest in his seat.

"an addict"

It's Xander from Buffy! I didn't even realize until I saw the title a minute in.

I love it. Dr. Phil is totally calm the whole time, just letting Xander have his little self-congratulatory 2-minute ego trip. Lets him say his bullshit, and then states some facts. He's not attacking or antagonizing shit, he's just not bothering to interact with the facade that most people are too polite to ignore.

I don't feel like joining the reddit circlejerk on this one where I have to hate Dr.Phil and insult him and questioning him being a "Doctor", but I will say that in this video clip he did nothing wrong. The guy has some issues, you can tell he's not really admitting he has a problem. He doesn't see it as one but at the same time he does, but he is very conflicted. Dr. Phil was trying to help, but you can't do that with someone who thinks they are fine right now.

It was his choice to walk off the stage, I kind of see that as running away from your problems. Which this guy currently has and he needs to get some real professional help and I don't think going on a TV show is ever the right answer.

It's sad to hear he beat his girlfriend up days later too. Hopefully this guy can get his shit together before he ruins his whole life.

Is the shit on the walls enough evidence?

Wow, this is disgusting. I had to do extra research on this show just to make sure it wasn't a joke.

How did he attack him? Like at all?

I'm glad you said that, I totally agree. The guy was being standoffish, he was getting defensive, he was trying to blame Dr. Phil for calling him out or picking on him. I think he though that by coming on the show, Dr. Phil could fix all of his problems using his...Dr. Phil powers or whatever. I can't say I like Dr. Phil, but I do think he handled the situation well enough.

which is usually the healthiest thing someone can do for an addict

Breaking Bad, Mad Men, House of Cards and anything Netflix. I'm not up to date on TV, but our good shows are a hell of a lot better than yours. Our average shows are too. Pointing out the worst of the worst while not seeing anything else is very disingenuous.

"and it's OK"... "I'm not ashamed".. "I didn't get evicted, I left..." ... "you wanna do this??" yes I've been arrested multiple times in 18 months. Yes I had a "few" beers last night... so what? Doesn't mean anything... GRR FUCK YOU DR. PHIL, STOP LAUGHING AT ME, I HAVE NO PROBLEMS!

Good for you, man. My sister went through the same thing you did, at only 23. The hospital detox, the 30 day program. To the t. She just celebrated her 2 year sobriety on 09/18. It scared the shit out of me when I found her seizing out. I knew she was bad, but that made me realize I could have lost her. Stay strong dude. You made a great amount of progress and should be proud of the changes you made.

I totally agree with about this guy. He thinks if he admits he has a problem everything is hunky dory. The act of getting up and leaving like that is the equivalent of sticking fingers in his ears and having a temper tantrum. He apparently still needs to hit rock bottom, because he isn't going to make any meaningful changes with his current attitude.

Exactly. I can almost guarantee that guy drank before the show. We alcoholics love to blame last night even we smell like booze in the morning. I'm no Phil fan but I thought his approach was ok.

I got the impression that he was just looking for publicity-- addiction awareness was just a convenient front. It was pretty clear his career is in the toilet because of his addiction and he thought he could steer the show in his favor, but Phil wasn't having it and the whole thing blew up in his face.

Nicolas Brendan's comfort in front of a camera was obvious and it makes him a lot less humble than most of the guests on Dr. Phil, but there was too much documented evidence of his issues for him to dodge bullets here.

I'd venture to say a large part of society acts this way. They feel prop themselves up by putting someone else down then thinking that they're at least in a better place than that person. It's the Lobster Theory.

Yeah it looked like the guy requested to be on the show. I think he just wanted this to be some kind of publicity for him where everyone would praise him for being so brave to come talk about the issues and being some kind of spokesman. He probably though this would help his career as well.

Then Dr. Phil was basically trying to show him he is not actually dealing with any of his problems and is still drinking, etc. He didn't want to help enable his denial.

There are some people ready to face truths, and others who are not. Dr. Phil could see Nicholas struggling and not wanting a confrontational approach. There are other ways to deal with people who are depressed and alcoholic. The best approach to each person is unique, and needs to be RESPECTED. Depression is already shattering to confidence among other things.

Nicholas was brave enough to come on the show and highlight this problem, and to work through it. There may have been some motivation for self-advertising but this is not a bad way to do it. It sounded like Nicholas wanted to bring the entire issue to the world. It could be done in such a way using the details of Nicholas' struggle as an example of what not to do, and how to get help. Sure, they may have eventually gotten to the point of "what happened last night", but it could've been done in such a way that Nicholas would've WANTED to admit to his own faults...acceptance...is huge. Clearly Nicholas wasn't ready to face that yet. I feel in the span of 43 minutes they could've at least gotten to a conversational stage about it.

I'm guessing that Dr. Phil decided that a direct approach might somehow lead to a 'breaking point' and they could pick up the pieces or something? If that was the case, I would've at least started with "Nicholas, I apologize about the mis-communication on your move to New York, I was mis-informed about the eviction (Garnering Trust, showing sympathy). Depression and alcoholism are ugly, powerful things that sometimes need a more direct approach. May we bring some of those painful moments to light to deal with them? (If Nicholas answers yes, then start OLDEST to newest, Newest transgressions may still not have been reconciled in Nicholas' mind at this point, and so should only be spoken about when HE understands the harshness of what he did...We don't actually know the state of mind Nicholas is in regarding this). Anyway, if Nicholas would've preferred not to speak about the 'ugly truths behind depression and addiction', Dr. Phil could've began speaking on issues that may have brought about his depression, sources, history. These are all passive topics that garner trust and get the client talking. The line "You really want to do this?" (or something like that), tells me he's defensive and not yet ready to confront ANYTHING. But it can be dealt with.

Anyway, I'm no expert but I have first person and third person experience in dealing with depression and alcoholism in people who have suffered for years. Those conversations have taught me a lot about the mind and self-identity that accompanies such hardships.

I think the title is a bit harsh. I'm hoping that Dr. Phil will apologize (whether or not one is needed) and try to reach a level of shared understanding to help Nicholas see how internally and externally destructive his life has really become. Good luck, Dr. Phil. And good luck to you Nicholas, I truly hope you can find true joy in your life. Thank you for making my childhood golden through Buffy as Zander.

I may have totally over-posted on such a topic, and I may be way off on the mark on pretty much everything in my post, but I felt like it needed to be said. Thanks for bearing with me.

But it was probably free.

Clearly you have no perspective as to what TV is like outside of this country.

I live outside 'this country', so I'd say I have a pretty good grasp. Yes, there's shitty TV everywhere, but you guys seem streets ahead (?) of most countries in terms of how fast you can churn out pure trash.

History Channel? Nope, you can have "The Bible" and "Pawn Stars".

Reality Shows? Not real. We have lots of people for you to laugh at though!

Discovery? Over-dramatic, barely true (generous) bullshit.

Chat Shows? "We really want to help you solve your problem"... see above video. "We really want to help you cure your fear of clowns" * Enter 20 clowns *.

News? Nope, didn't even happen. FOX 'News' is just referred to as FOX now by some organisations (such as the BBC) because calling it 'news' would be false reporting... and we have, y'know, regulations and stuff about that.

It does seem like he doesn't want to admit how bad it is but on stage is hardly the first place to do it. If he was really trying to help himself he should be seeking help in private where there are less barriers to truly opening up.

Mmm yes, it pleases me when the plebs grovel for my personal viewing pleasure.

The guest kept saying he was tackling his issues and was there to provide guidance to others. Except he was still at the height of his addiction, he admitted to drinking less than twelve hours ago. When confronted with this information, he chose to leave entirely rather than admit he had stumbled.

That man was ready to face his addictions

I don't agree. It seems like he wasn't ready to talk about anything bad the addiction has caused him to do. I'm not a psychologist, but being able to admit stuff like that seems very important to be able to get better.

I don't feel like he did it in a very good way. Just slowly listing off everything he has done in public. Maybe he could have been more humane and prefaced it with look I think you aren't confronting everything here. We have these reports of disturbing behavior.

I'm confused- what was Dr. Phil doing in this video that was dickish?