Dow Chemical Donates $1 Million to Trump, Asks Administration to Ignore Pesticide Study

Dow Chemical Donates $1 Million to Trump, Asks Administration to Ignore Pesticide Study

This is why we need comprehensive campaign finance reform.

...and much stricter ethics rules, and conflict-of-interest rules - and above all, some real-world qualifications for holding federal office, other than being 35 and a citizen.

DOW: Ignore those pesticide studies

Trump: What pesticide studies?

DOW: {big smile}

Trump: No really. I have no idea what you are talking about.

I thought Trump's whole schtick was that he wouldn't be beholden to any special interest groups or corporations? What changed? Do Trump supporters prefer policy decisions to be influenced by corporations or by the people?

some real-world qualifications for holding federal office, other than being 35 and a citizen.

Instead of writing something like that into our constitution, I'd rather we made the system more democratic to avoid situations like this in the future. Get rid of the electoral college and go to a straight popular vote. Get rid of gerrymandering. Give Washington DC some kind of voting representation in Congress. Maybe amend the constitution to give us the option of recalling people on the federal level, like states where the people can that can recall their Governors and demand a new election.


"I give to everyone. When they call I give, and you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, they are there for me. And that's a broken system."

I don't understand why people who watched him say this thought he would be the person to undo such a broken system. Some rich guy getting richer because of legal bribery is not going to fix said system. So dumb. So abysmally stupid to elect him.

Can read, knows what Korea is, can name the Speaker of the House, doesn't directly work for the Russian government, has a vocabulary of more than 20 words, must golf less than 20% of time in office, etc.

Hey! Former Dow employee here (low-level stuff).

Fun fact for you, if you spell the CEO's name - Liveris - backwards, it becomes Sir Evil.

There was a time when disgruntled employees would comment "Sir Evil" on posts within the company intranet and get in trouble.

Good times.

Happy to answer any questions about the company should people have them (based on what I know).

DOW: We sent them to the EPA, did they not bring them to you?

Trump: The EPA? What's that, do you mean Scott Pruitt?

Even better, computers analyze census data and set voting districts based on equally representing the population. There are already projects today who do that

They're being that blatant about it? Jesus.

Plus, Dow Chemical C.E.O. Andrew Liveris is good buddies with President Donald Trump. So, you can see how the company, which the AP reports also spent $13.6 million on lobbying last year, might feel like it is in the clear.


In addition to Pruitt’s long history of, per the AP, aligning “himself in legal disputes with the interests of executives and corporations,” Dow has another reason to be hopeful the government will conveniently ignore any lingering concerns about killing off entire species: Andrew Liveris is a close adviser to Donald Trump who was literally standing next to the president in February when he signed an executive order “mandating the creation of task forces at federal agencies to roll back government regulations.”

Nothing to see here, just some shady shit happening right out in the open.

Get rid of gerrymandering.

Problem is redistricting does need to happen from time to time.

Who sets the rules? Bob Smith? Will it now be called "Smithing" the district lines?

Edit: Does everyone really have to say the same thing? I've got 50+ replies of the same thing. I mean really.

The real problem is that this is the stuff the population is supposed to vote on.

When the population votes in trump because he talks the way they think, thats an unfortunate eye opener to the state of the above notes.

His tax avoidance techniques are pretty much along the same lines. "Oh yeah, I totally exploit the system. I know it's broke. If you don't like it, you should have stopped me."

He's a conman that is all about the grift. People either seemed to have totally missed that, or just didn't care until they started seeing what that meant in terms of putting him in charge.

EDIT: Changed a word. Thanks to /u/david2278 for the correction.

This is the same administration where the SecEd flat out said they expected a return on their investment... so, yeah?

Like, how the fuck is this not bribery?? Yes, donations are legal, but not with a letter of recommendation attached. That's when it changes from a donation to a bribe. What the actual fuck.

It's a vicious cycle. The more they successfully quash quality education, the easier it is for them to sell populist balderdash.

How many people will Donald Trump kill because he doesn't care about the environment?

I'd say probably about 0.00 hours/day for most employees. It was a Union Carbide plant and the disaster happened ~15 years before Dow bought UCC.

My co-workers - in insurance - were probably more knowledgeable than most others in re: the disaster. It was spoken of sometimes but never with regularity.

I know there was a ~$400million payment at the time and that the land was sold to the local government. From what I was told, some of the money was supposed to go toward cleaning up the site which never happened, or at least didn't happen to the extent it should have.

Agent Orange also wasn't a big talking point among employees, if you can believe it.

Hey there, great to see you!

A bunch of my friends from univ were into crashing Dow recruiting events, posing as well-dressed chemists, and then midway through asking questions about Bhopal. My question for you: how much does Bhopal weigh on the conscience of everyday employees?

As it stands we let the political party in power do it. There was a Republican in i think NC that was brazen enough to admit on the record that they redistrict in such a way as to give themselves an advantage. Really, anyone else would be better than what we have. There's a few options, each with pros and cons, but the current system is good for the party in power and terrible for the people.

do you mean Scott Ron Pruitt?

He lied. He is a liar. He is a brazen, unapologetic liar.

"He's already rich, he doesn't need any more."

Who the fuck actually believed that? Fucking, seriously?

Yeah, because rich people are always satisfied and content. They never hunt after more wealth.

And obama made a completely different decision on regulation of this dangerous pesticide.

He said they weren't trying to disenfranchise black voters, just Democrats, of which black voters were a casualty.

Citizens United.

I whole-heartedly agree with this. I took one class on how the US Government works during my entire time up to high school graduation. It was an elective only offered to AP/honors students ("why teach the dirty plebs how it works, it isn't like they'll all have the right to vote in a few years right?"), and this was at a private school as well. Without that class, I honestly have no idea what my default musing about politics would be. The thought kind of stresses me out, actually.

The average American knows dick about how the Govt should work because most of them have been taught dick about how the govt. works. It's why education funding/reform should be on the top of all of our lists.

but her emails

Oh please, stop trying to restrict my freedom to raise my children. If we have standards for education, how am I going to find a school that will teach my children that the Earth was formed 3000 years ago and that Jesus walked the Earth with dinosaurs and that the end of the world through environmental catastrophe is actually just the way God wants the Earth to end?? Stop restricting my CHOICE.

Working in K12 education... this boils my blood.

IF it is open source as it should be

Programming this kind of thing doesn't allow much room for bias

What do you think the qualifications should be?

A board of 3 people from both parties that must agree the maps are fair and unbiased?

All of them. The environment too. Maybe even the moon as well.

And the response? "Thy will be done."

And the response?

"Crooked Hillary!" without a single whiff of irony or self awareness.

America is in a full blown moral decline and never before has it been on such naked display as the so called "shining city on a hill."

Washington is literally built on a swamp, the irony would be funny if it didn't infuriate me so much

This seems fine and not corrupt or a voilation of ethics rules.

Good thing they stole the Democrats' supreme court nomination. What we really need is more judgments like Citizens United, where corporations are "people" and unlimited bribery is just "free speech."

Reading this thread honestly gives me a stroke. I hate republicans so much for attempting to ruin my country.

No, republicans, allowing cancer causing pesticides and ignoring all the scientific evidence is not what this country should be about, no matter how much said pesticide company gave your shit head leader.

I'm ready to get the fuck off this awful ride that is 2017.

Having held at least one elected office at a state or federal level would be a start.

There's no reason why anyone should be able to go from zero experience to the highest political office in the country.

This is where the "That makes me smart" statement comes from.

You'd be surprised.

It's no secret that "optimization" is a loaded term when you're working with multivariable systems. Some algorithms prioritize compactness, others prefer relatively equal sizing. Some draw specific lines in different ways, which can matter a lot if any of those lines run through population centers.

You could make a decent mathematical case for locating the weighted center of a state by population and drawing radial wedges to the borders, but it would be pretty unpopular. And there are many strong cases for cases you'd want to override a mathematical solution because of historical context (especially in heavily self-segregated regions of the country).

Drawing boundaries is hard and while computer technology will, should, and in many cases must be a part of future efforts, it is really important to remember that somewhere along the line there were meat mitts hitting a keyboard with their considerations of what's important in code.

Dow does make a lot of other things. A lot of commodity chemicals- basically raw materials that are sold to other companies to be processed into consumer products (plastics, fuels, specialty materials, etc). Dow is so far upstream in manufacturing it would be close to impossible to boycott anything. -ex employee

but who writes the programs?

In Germany we learned in depth how the government works, maybe a couple of months of english classes. Just to be clear: I am talking about the american government. I can't believe that this wouldn't be the case for Americans...

So what do they get for $2 million? Asking for another industry.

Benghazi too! Warhawk!

She'll start WW3!

Even better move to a mixed proportional districts vote and disctrict borders won't matter anymore

His schtick isn't that. It's a 2 step process - (1) i'm on YOUR side (2) watch me be a total dick to the OTHER side

In addition to the information published in the Associated Press article, the following EPA Annual Report appears to be related: Implementing the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act - Fiscal Year 2016 (published March 1 2017)

Endangered Species. In FY16, EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), collectively referred to as the Services, continued to work together to carry out the advice of the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) for assessing the risks posed by pesticides to species listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). In its 2013 report, “Assessing Risks to Endangered and Threatened Species from Pesticides” the NAS considered a range of scientific and technical questions related to determining the risks to listed species covered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) posed by pesticides considered for registration under FIFRA

Also summarised in the FY16 EPA report,

Epidemiological Data. OPP is also continuing to increase our use of epidemiology data and integrating data from various lines of evidence. In FY’16 HED issued “Literature Review on Neurodevelopment Effects & FQPA Safety Factor Determination for the Organophosphate Pesticides,” a systematic literature review in collaboration with ORD of in vivo laboratory animal studies and epidemiology studies for OPs other than chlorpyrifos to support the single chemical Human Health Risk Assessments (HHRAs). It also provides an integrated weight of evidence analysis for all the OPs to support retention of the 10X FQPA Safety Factor. The expanded 2015 review includes consideration of the epidemiological data on any organophosphate (OP) pesticide, study designs beyond prospective cohort studies, and non-U.S. based studies.

The results from this review showed relatively consistent elevated risks of autism spectrum disorders, intelligence decrements, attentional problems and ADHD, neurological effects near birth, and mental/psychomotor delays (6 months-11 years) associated with OP exposure. These results were not always consistent with magnitude of association and ages where associations were observed across studies.

The totality of the evidence and uncertainty in the human dose-response relationship for neurodevelopmental effects prevents the agency from reducing or removing the statutory 10X Food Quality Safety Act (FQPA) Safety Factor for all Organophosphate Pesticides.

*Edit-1: formatting

*Edit-2: You can search "chlorpyrifos" (the Dow Chemical pesticide) on the EPA ECOTOX website to retrieve a variety of the EPA research data Dow Chemical is trying to suppress, for example:


Biological Evaluation Chapters for Chlorpyrifos ESA Assessment

Revised Human Health Risk Assessment on Chlorpyrifos

All documents related to the registration review of chlorpyrifos can be located in the registration review docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0850 located at

Order Denying Petition to Revoke All Tolerances for the Pesticide Chlorpyrifos, Signed by Scott Pruitt March 29, 2017.

You can shit directly into Spicy's mouth.

Need something better than popular vote. Ranked choice voting or a runoff or something.

It sincerely amazes me that people somehow bought into that. Hell, even after all this time people still think he is somehow a good business man and is going to actually come around and help them at some point.

But another problem is that he was voted in by a minority. Less people voted for him. Yes, it's our system but, democratically, isn't that flawed?

Meanwhile, Trump lemmings continue to create memes about Saudis donating to the Clinton foundation. The irony is completely lost on them.

Benghazi? What's that? Isn't amazing how this super duper important event immediately dropped off the radar the day after the election?

Committees who try to be as unbiased as possible, being based on trying to match polling data to electoral results.

Here's an example

If people truly believed that, then why do Republicans oppose a 90% income tax on the very rich? They don't need any more, after all.

An independent group dedicated to elections and election things.

In Canada, it's called "Elections Canada".

This is the president who bragged multiple times that he was immune to conflict of interest laws. Of course he is going to do it out in the open... He doesn't think he is doing anything wrong.

LOL, props for honesty, I guess.

Hypothetically the electoral college is a panel of wise citizens who would prevent a Trumpian catastrophe.

Instead it's a bunch of party-line yes-men who'll shovel whatever shit into office the GOP tells them to.

Tbf, he was an "economic adviser" to Obama as well.

A few more randomly capitalized words and this would be 👌🏻

Exactly. There are so many issues that stem from uncontrolled flow of money like this. I hate that this is a small story because of all the other unfettered corruption going on.

The Moon is a Chinese hoax!

He fully admitted to using loopholes to avoid taxes. Said the system was broken and blamed people like hillary for creating it, he was just being a smart businessman.

People took this as a declaration that he knew how the system can be exploited so he would fix it. Despite him never saying that he would.

Why these people thought a rich businessman would do anything to fix the systems that let him be richer are beyond me.

Ron Pruitt

Don't you dare insult that man's beautiful flock of lettuce by comparing him to Scott Pruitt.

Ron Pruitt

Don't you dare insult that man's by comparing him to Scott Pruitt.

In my opinion no politician should be able to take any donation money. No smear campaigns nothing. Put all candidates in a debate ask them real questions in a state sponsored run townhall that takes questions from crowd and GOP/DNC

Dow is probably as close to the Umbrella corporation as any I can think of... the roads you drive on, the crops you eat, life itself. The DuPont merger only solidifies it.

I don't know what that guy is talking about. Every high school curriculum I've heard of includes at least a single semester of us government as a requirement for graduation.

Why these people thought a rich businessman would do anything to fix the systems that let him be richer are beyond me.

Not just a rich businessman, one that has a history of screwing over the little guy whilst simulatanously showing all the class of a 3rd world dictator.

There's no point in smearing honey to build bridges; anyone who thought Trump was gonna help the little guys in society is fucking stupid. Period. Full stop. End of. Suckers. Rubes. Morons.

I wouldn't mind adding onto this that basically all Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court Judges and the President/Vice President should divest from current investments or put them into a blind trust.

I don't think it's asking too much to not have clear and obvious conflicts of interest between what is best for their constituents and what is best for their investments.

Luckily for Dow, the E.P.A. is now run by climate-change skeptic and general enemy of living things Scott Pruitt, who last month said he would reverse “an Obama-era effort to bar the use of Dow's chlorpyrifos pesticide on food after recent peer-reviewed studies found that even tiny levels of exposure could hinder the development of children's brains.”

For fucks sake.

It's clearly flawed. It's not even that he was voted in by a minority, but a significant minority, and while it certainly isn't the landslide they bullshit about, 306 is high enough that we need to re-evaluate the PV/EV disparity.

Of course, the easiest way to adjust that is by amendment, and that would require those states that know they have a fundamental advantage to vote against their advantage. Plus, there's a more than significant amount of people who think any question or challenge to the quality of American Democracy is a thought crime worthy of death or exile.

What about a career public servant who has held multiple cabinet positions? The experience is there, but that person has never been elected to anything.

I'd love to ask these Trump supporters what they think of about the Dow Chemicals deal (let's face it, it's a deal):

So where I grew up is essentialy a Dow community. My Grandparents work or retired from there, my Dad did, step mom still does, I have two cousins and an uncle that are Plant operators, and my little brother is an electrical engineer out there. Hell, I even worked there as an electrical contractor(starting at $16 and hour with a apprentice electrical license and no experience.) I obviously want to see Dow succeed, because the better they do the better most of my family does. They pay great, even to contractors. They are extremely safety oriented and an all around great place to work for. Seeing stuff like this though makes me kind of sad that our success and well being come from products that are so harmful to the environment.

Nothing to see here!

Cult of personality

Maybe that's what Kennedy did.

I wish more politicians would just accept the bribes and then not vote the way they were paid to.

Dow makes a lot of things other than pesticides right? Is there anything to boycott?

It's like a nation full of Dory from Finding Nemo, where they literally forget everything that's happened 30 seconds ago.

Hi guys! We're on the brink of nuclear war now! Great job!

Maybe make up for it by voting against Republicans and convincing your family too? It's not like the Democrats are going to close down Dow. They'll just make sure they don't damage the environment while they are at it.

Because its their way of acting like they're asking for special treatment.

They don't see people fighting to be treated equal in society.. they see people asking to be treated special.

"I don't have any problems, no one treats me bad, what are they complaining about?"

Stupid pussy liberal snowflakes!!!

AHH The violent left! So crazy!

I'd argue that the one elected office must be at a State level meaning a Governor, Senator or Representative first. That's not too much to ask. A person elected to be a mayor of some city shouldn't be President either and I don't care if it's NYC.

"at least it's not hillary"

also a standardized website that has the top 20 issues and the plan that each candidate has for them.

Thanks for asking this question. Not a lot of people know or even remember that incident. To be fair, I do not know if DOW Chemical is to be held responsible for the incident as they didnt know UCC at the time of the incident, but nevertheless, in the clean up effort that was mandated, DOW should have made sure that the right things were happening.

I may be a little biased here, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy was one of the things that hit very close home to me. My neighbor, a father of 3 little girls was one of the people who died in that incident (although I wasn't even born at the time, I got to learn about it when I got older)

I thought Trump's whole schtick was that he wouldn't be beholden to any special interest groups or corporations?

Well, he lied. The guy is a pathological liar. He will never reverse anything that stops him from getting richer. This is the most corrupt president in US history.

Sure there is. If the people vote for somebody, they should be president. I dont even think the age minimum is necessary. Trying to protect voters from themselves is undemocratic and scary. Too easy to abuse.

Edit I guess I need to expand on this since im being downvoted.

The requirements for the president were intentionally left lax. Any requirement is a restriction on the electors, not the candidates. It prevents them from selecting the candidate they have decided is best for the job. The requirements can be manipulated to prevent the people's will. For instance, why not prevent felons from being the President. They cant even vote. Why should we let them be President? Because an incumbent president or party could use this to disqualify people.

This is ironically a Trumpesque good sounding idea, horrible law. The same trap he falls into because of his lack of experience. What would your new requirement say? Held elected position? Are you going to enumerate which positions or leave it to (mis?)interpretation by courts?

If you do enumerate: Any branch and any level of the government? So a state judge? Local commissioner? Water manager?

It would be trivially easy to get these types of positions for someone who has a chance of winning the presidency. They also wouldnt actually prepare him or her for the job at all. Certainly not any more than the ceo of a company or a military officer would be prepared.

I would never vote for someone who hasn’t had extensive government experience, but that doesn’t mean we need to outlaw it!

In a world where no one believes in chemistry....

"America is not a country. It's just a business."


He isnt going to listen to lobbyists because he is already rich!

"But, but, but, trickle down economics!"

For those in other countries who don't understand how we use the word donates in regards to politics this means that the president of the United States (country that was the former leader of the free world) has just accepted a bribe. We use the word "donate" because if you say "bribe" you are called biased.

You see, you and I agree on this. Indeed, I think most Americans would readily agree to this premise. But the folks who are supposed to enforce these rules are now Trump's cronies, incapable or simply unwilling to hold him accountable. It's sickening.


oh, never mind.

Except they would never say they have no problems. More like, "I have problems too, but instead of complaining, I work hard to fix them myself."

The problem is, they don't see the privileges that allow them to get that leg up.

Edit: I'm going to change my phrasing, because it sounds like I'm letting them off the hook. It's not that they don't see these privileges, because the inequality is right in front of their faces. Rather, they don't believe in privileges.

People have an amazing ability to believe in whatever gives them peace of mind.

As an aside, what do they have against snowflakes? Snowflakes are awesome. Individuality is a good thing. I don't get it.

DOW is going to turn the frogs gay, but it's not a problem when the republicans let it happen by deregulating industry. So the answer is corporations. People who have a problem with are just special snowflakes who must not be tough enough to live in this boot strap world.

I'd say that those would be reasonable offices to have held prior to being president.

These are the very findings that Dow is asking the government to throw out because reasons, right?

Guys ... guys 'member how.....guys....

Guys 'member how Trump ...guys 'member? Guys...

Guys...'member how Trump is rich and not beholden to special interests?

We're just as corrupt as Mexico

No you're not, we're taking notes from you guys.

Wouldn't that be a bribe if he accepts?

There are so many issues that stem from uncontrolled flow of money speech like this.

FTFY Neil Gorsuch style

With all the jobs that require psychological evaluations, the job that gives one person complete control over launching nuclear weapons should require the strictest of such. Have a wide-range of testing done from many different respected organizations to minimize the chance of political corruption.

What are you talking about? The Supreme Court said this doesn't even give "the appearance of corruption" /s

Fuck the moon and it's smug attitude. I say we blow that shit up.

Things that are legal in the U.S. are corruption elsewhere. Lobbying is bribery anyway you look at it.

The second we put restrictions on something to make it better, they take those restrictions and make them worse. This is what happens when you have one party who is completely dedicated to ruining the government.

That movie is akin to a Greek tragedy now.

Drain the swap he said..... RIGHT........

He got elected.

That is the real tragedy. Our supposedly conservative party is just a bunch of cheap whores.

Sure, why not.

Pay for Play at it's finest. All the rubes who thought Trump was going to be above it all and not take bribes campaign donations got conned. Bigly.

All of you that voted to "Drain the Swamp", how's that working out for you?? Your Oompa Loompa is in bed with the same special interests he promised you he would fight. Well done.

We're just as corrupt as Mexico, the only thing stopping this country from becoming a true banana republic is the supreme court.

Suckers, he would have done that for free

And an ethics committee that actually enforces the ethics rules.

Do Trump supporters prefer policy decisions to be influenced by corporations or by the people?

But Corporations are people too. /s

Yeah, Trump is such a basic creature. Stroke his ego and offer him money, then he will give you what ever you want.

... and elect some people to actually enforce these rules.


Nah, not good enough.

but it's what plants crave!!!

Look how cheap our Earth is to these corporations. They'd burn down the planet for a dollar.

Yup, as long as money = influence, we're fucked.

but her emails