Douglas Costa's goal after a beautiful Neymar pass to put Brasil 2-1 vs Perú. (credit /u/Omar_Til_Death)

Douglas Costa's goal after a beautiful Neymar pass to put Brasil 2-1 vs Perú. (credit /u/Omar_Til...


Neymar is the best player for his country by a wide margin. That pass was ludicrous

Ray's having a bloody seizure. Imagine if Messi was on the end of that pass. He'd have had a heart attack.

That was one of the most beautiful assists and best passes I've ever seen.

Is this commentary real? I mean, you guys really watch entire games with him talking like this?

Seems like he learned a thing or two with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta & co.

It oddly grows on you.

Funny how after Germany that doesn't even matter.

Where would Brazil be without Neymar...

And 0-3

I just came home from the stadium. On TV he is amazing, but watching him live is just something else

Lol, there should be a warning sign in the heading for Ray Hudson.

ABSOLUTELY... flicks through notes SURGICAL!

Neymar with Brazil> Messi with Argentina.

He's been amazing for Brazil for years...

Learns alot from Messi during the season, when in Brazil shirt he is Messi

I don't think Douglas Costa expected that pass, he looked a bit surprised lol.

No, because he acts like every goal ever scored is the best fucking goal of all-time. It is even worse when it is a Barcelona game. It is absolutely absurd and I will never be convinced otherwise.

I don't understand the hate he receives. He's passionate about the game and loves it to pieces. It's better than a bland commentator that sounds like he'd enjoy repeatedly headbutting a wall more than the game he's watching.

The ability to see his run AND to make the perfect pass is outrageous.

15 goals in 14 games last year, ridiculous.

let's not get ahead of ourselves here, Messi does this kind of pass and those runs more often than this

You literally don't know how to use the word "literally."

Not to take away from the pass, but seriously... come on.

Ha you can see the striker in front of Neymar start his run towards the inside, look back and see Neymar completely unmarked and running forward, and change his run so it's away from the goal, giving Neymar more space. That's good intelligence and teamwork.

Yeah. 10 goals in two games in a World Cup at home.

The first goal you can see him looking around right before running to the area. Like "wait wtf, if I run right I can score a free goal!"


Reminds of the many occasions where you could see in replays Ronaldo and Ronaldinho giving a very quick look by rolling their eyes to the area, and making a perfect pass/cross.

He's really matured a lot and become a more well-rounded player during his year at Barcelona. Less impulsivity and more patient surgery. Also, he is becoming better at being a winger-playmaker like Messi in his ability to make penetrating passes when he himself is overmarked by the defense.

Why the false dichotomy, though?

Martin Tyler's a great commentator and shows passion, but he doesn't sound like he's perpetually masturbating in sync with every pass the way Ray Hudson does.

South America

People always bash Messi's national performance, but statistically (more in-depth than just goals/assists) Messi-Argentina is the 2nd best player in the world after Messi-Barca. source

As animated as he was, that pass was deserving of all praise possible

Outrageous that he's 23.

I'm a fan of enthusiasm. It's a bit over the top but I enjoy it.

i watched this first half last night

it was him and this american guy

they had no chemisty, Ray was just jizzing himself every 2 mins about millimetre perfect passes and the american just wanted to talk about obscure facts from the 1970s

I mean considering he's born in '92, it's hardly outrageous.

I would put Thiago Silva up there too; we saw how crucial he was for us in the WC. It's embarrassing Dunga isn't starting him.

He did, in fact, use it incorrectly. They are LITERALLY not the same thing

I agree, Martin Tyler calmly commentates throughout the duration of matches while offering unique and interesting insights, but also is energetic and passionate in his commentary on exceptional plays or performances. By contrast, Ray Hudson glorifies every decent pass or goal as "magisterial" or "incredible". Doing this leaves little room for nuances within the sport, creates the impression that Hudson is himself being disingenuous in his commentary, and detracts from performances or goals which truly are magisterial.

"cooler than a bomb disposal expert "

Fifth. Behind Pelé, Ronaldo, Zico and Romário.

Does anyone else find it a little strange that the dude from Peru just sort of...let that pass go through? I could just be looking at it wrong but does anyone see what I mean? It's almost as if he did it on purpose (but it was probably just laziness).

Oh man, I'm sorry for my stupid comment haha

There isnt nothing Douglas can learn from Messi. Messi should learn things from Douglas if he doesnt want to lose his spot in the first team.

Absolutely. Messi is absent whenever I see him play for Brazil.

I am outraged.

Miranda should definitely be a starter.

Brings a new meaning to threading the needle

Neymar #goals for Brazil - 45

Messi #goals for Brazil - null

You are right!

Knife through butter smooth, holy damn that is such a nice pass! I can't really comment on how/if the defending is bad in this situation, but that really is a nice eye for a pass and this guy is just 23 years old and is causing havoc to all the teams he is been facing these past few years. each their own I guess but that's far from being one of the most beautiful assists I've ever seen.

Loud noises loud sentences weird analogy weird comparison ahhhhhggggg

Silva-Marquinhos should be the CB pairing without a doubt. Somehow they are both benched

it was was suuuuuugical

No. Watching someone on TV and live in person are definitely not the same thing.

It's like: veeery accurate... Just in the right measure.

Yes, but we are talking about Barça Douglas, not Shaktar's Douglas Costa.

Not for Argentina.


The narrators at the channel I was watching said that, but it's wrong. He's actually 5th now.

He was about two yards onside.


He was about two yards onside.


Beautiful pass and nice goal, but it sounds like the commentator is in the middle of an aneurysm/death

"and he detonates it" hahah

edit: I hope people got the irony of his remark.

To be fair, surgical was a very appropriate word to use in that circumstance.

Can't we argue that muller is just as good for Germany? He seems to be more productive than both when it comes down to it.

I think he wasnt expecting a pass he thought neymar was about to blast it

Which is ironic because he does it by giving every passer and recover high praise and high honor. He's the one commentator out there that can really sensatoonalize a goal or opportunity while giving full credit to every player in every aspect of the goal, and point faults in those who let it happen. Watch the Chile game where he went nuts praising Alexis and Vidal for 30 minutes for orchestrating the team, and the last game where he derailed David Luiz for his error. He provides insights and tells it like it is. Other commentators will spend 30-40 minutes picking out faults in players all over the field just to sound objective and subsequently bring attention to thenselves. Martjn Tyler would watch Ozil play and say he is finally taking steps to improve and make a name for himself, while Ray Hudson would call him avatar eyes and praise him for being able to decide games in an instant. I think the latter is the right method to commentating. Once you become too objective and too critical and not give credit where it's due, it becomes about you and your opinions. Ray makes it about the game and the players

thanks for clearing this up. Just re-watched the assist, the last defender really should have done better there. at that position, his job was basically to stop that cross.

"Absolutely surgical, clinical, split millimeter perfect, down to the Nth degree... it's perfection." "This man is, as I said, cooler than a bomb disposable expert and he detonates and leaves poor, brave Peru in acid."

People say Ray's commentary is too over-the-top, but I just don't get where that comes from. :)

He's better then Messi when he plays for Brazil.

He gets on my nerves.

What a fucking pass. Neymar has a had an amazing year to date.

That's a paragraph long analysis of his play for Argentina but it doesn't compare other players stats for their national teams like Neymar or Ronaldo. He carries the team for sure but for last 20 years Argentina has won nothing.

He anticipates wrong and shifts his weight to move in the opposite direction. He had no chance to recover by the time he realized what was happening.

A cow is not 'literally' a dog because I believe it to be so.