Doug Pederson: Everything went well with Jon Dorenbos and his surgery.

Doug Pederson: Everything went well with Jon Dorenbos and his surgery.

takes out top hat

Dorenbos: Is... THIS your heart?

Doctor: For the fifth time, no sir, its yours and we need to put that back into you

He literally just had open heart surgery. Pretty sure his NFL days are over.

He meant in the staff 👍🏻

Just hire him as locker room magician.

That is great news.

I want to see him back on the team in 2018

For some reason; I had a harder time believing that they'd let him in the OR wearing a top hat than I did him performing a magic trick with his own heart.

He'd be great at designing trick plays.

Get well soon Magic Man!

I think this calls for a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!.

As I understand it, it would not be caught by a normal physical evaluation.

But since the Saints had another player this year who ended up with a heart issue, they did a deeper eval and caught it.

Which if true, means he's only getting surgery because of the attempted trade. If that hadn't happened, he might not have found out and this could have ended horribly.

You're comparing your surgery when you were a kid and your body wasn't even done growing yet. Of course you'll be able to heal quicker and continue to do stuff. You didn't play 14 years of professional football and with players bigger,stronger and faster these days one full blown hit could be a really horrible situation especially for a late 30's player who's body is done growing.

VP of Football Illusions.

anything is better than WR Screens with terrible blocking

You never know.

I had open heart surgery at a few months old, growing up I never actually had any restrictions. Even when I hit about 11 my doctor would say "no, he's good, he could even play tackle football"

Really now, at 26, the only thing I can't do is weightlifting. I'd assume Jon would have a similar restriction since I have something similar to he. I'm not sure what his usual workout regiment is but if he just stays active I could imagine him playing a little bit longer.