Doug Martin (concussion) officially cleared

Doug Martin (concussion) officially cleared

20 carries for 37 yards confirmed.

"Dat volume tho"

Well he does play the Lions who are hemorrhaging points to the RB. So I can totally see 20 carries and 50 yards.

R.I.P Barbershop

Barber: "Fuck you, Doug"

Dat volume tho

Always weird to see a player that was the centerpiece of your trade offers earlier in the year, just sitting on waivers now.

If only Bucs fans called the plays.

whoa whoa... let's not get carried away here.

This was all I needed to drop Barber. Maybe the Bucs go 100% Barber but with playoffs on the line it's just an enormous gamble.

Every season is different.

Don’t try to predict this backfield, none of them are startable at this point. Don’t forget two of TB’s best olinemen recently went on IR