Doubt Surfaces About ‘Suicide’ Claim of Clinton Investigator

Doubt Surfaces About ‘Suicide’ Claim of Clinton Investigator
Doubt Surfaces About ‘Suicide’ Claim of Clinton Investigator

People who kill themselves don't write notes saying it wasn't murder, typically. Mostly, that kind of thing is only done by murderers trying to make it not look like murder.

“Oh, and here is me literally saying its for insurance so I don’t get it. “

If the murderer hadn't left a note, this story wouldn't even be that big.

Seriously, the note was fucking stupid.

World news is spinning it that he's a trump donor who suicided when it became known he was trying to get Clinton emails from russia...

I was going to write a comment asking whether any lurking liberals feel that all these convenient suicides surrounding the Clintons are at least vaguely suspicious, but I fear I already know the answer.

Implying they'll even investigate and not just lock it away.

Over at /worldnews they think Putin had him killed. I'm serious lmao


When a Russian politician exposing Russian corruption dies it's Putin When an American politician exposing American corruption dies.... it's also Putin

muh Russia!

spez: just saw someone on redacted blame Putin as well, must be the newest set of talking points being disseminated

God those libshits are ridiculous.

How's your tinfoil hat fitting, you stupid drumpfkin!!!

They should be able to prove it wasn't his handwriting

Sometimes the suicide note is written indeed by the victim with a gun pressed onto his head. But that's also why the content ("This is not a suicide") of the note is so fake.

Fantastically. 👌🏾

Fantastically. 👌🏾

This... Also... Was weird too...

I made mistakes from ignorance, inexperience and overwork I did not knowingly violate any law or standard of conduct

No one in The White House, to my knowledge, violated any law or standard of conduct, including any action in the travel office.

There was no intent to benefit any individual or specific group

The FBI lied in their report to the AG

The press is covering up the illegal benefits they received from the travel staff

The GOP has lied and misrepresented its knowledge and role and covered up a prior investigation

The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive costs incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC

The public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons and their loyal staff

The WSJ editors lie without consequence

I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport

-"Vince Foster's suicide note"

For those wondering about the helium bit...

Helium makes it so screams don't sound like screams and since it's a higher pitch, the sound tends not to penetrate walls, doors, and plastic bags as much.

It also makes it sound like an animal and not a human, so you think it's a cat in distress not a human.

Typically it's used when the target is already unconscious and bound and is extra insurance in case they accidentally wake up during the act.

"Calm down you uneducated redneck! It's just emails!!! XD"

The mental gymnastics those morons perform are truly something to behold.

Though, they're past the projection and deflection phase, now they're not trying to really deny it could be murder, which seems to be their cycle. It'll all come to a head soon enough, as with the rest of their narratives. (Kushner to Comey to Obstruction to Don Jr, etc., for example. It shows they'll keep a narrative alive at all costs even after being proven wrong, which is pathetic. They hold no convictions, just move onto the next fantasy when the previous one comes crashing down.)

I wonder if the libturds that keep PM'ing me will send their salt once nothing comes of Don Jr. and they try and shift to the next "fiasco" yet again, like I asked them to?

I saw that thread. I was happy at first. “Clinton emails death seems suspicious...”. Me goes “fucking this is world news? Redpills all around”. Thread: “this was definitely assassination wtf” me: “oh my god all those upvotes. Top comment. Worldnews finally starting to think”. Thread: “this was obviously Russia taking care of a problem”. Me: watch the rest of the thread like I’m watching simple jack chase a butterfly with a hammer.

"But look at this one email Drumpf Jr sent! Impeachment imminent!"

get the bleach

Ya think?

Liberal lurker here... I read T_D to hear a different perspective on things, and get exposure to news that's not in the liberal leaning media in my feeds.

Of course it's highly suspicious when convienent suicides occur in investigations, no matter what the topic is. The challenge I see is that it's hard to get real facts. I don't trust stories that I only see in Mother Jones, nor stories that only exist in The Daily Caller. They both seem too biased to latch on to as fact.

I know I'm in the minority here, so I'll take my downvotes and ban now.

Edit: All good and fair comments below. Maybe I've seen too many /sub/bannedfromthe_donald posts, but it also seems like T_D can group all people on the left side of the political spectrum into an extreme leftists grouping. Please don't lose sight of the fact, regardless of what conservative media leads you to believe, that we love this country too.

That is 100% untrue and fake news. Virtually all life insurance does in fact pay out for suicide though not initially (that is, there is generally a 1 year+ period before when the insurance becomes active and when it will cover suicide as a valid payout scenario, for obvious reasons).

This guy may or may not be a suicide, but let's focus on facts and not easily disproved talking points.

Certainly they could pull video footage of the entering and exit places and see if he carried a helium tank into the hotel. They said it looked like a propane tank. I have seen these are party stores which is most likely the type of obtained...Balloon time makes the smaller one that looks like a propane tank. Using those clues, I would imagine it would be difficult to smuggle one in your suitcase, and if there is no footage of him carrying a propane tank in, perhaps someone would be a clue. This form of suicide seems to be common if you duckduckgo "helium suicide". However, why in a hotel, have they spoke with his wife? You can't cash a 5 million dollar insurance policy as "claimed" in the suicide note if you commit suicide. Like what the actual fuck? This guy being smart enough to have that type of policy, smart enough to bring information to light for years now about the clinton cabal, yet, not smart enough to die of natural causes just before exposing them. He had a wife, 3 kids and grand children...this thing stinks to high heaven.

Because Clinton will take his kids to uncle podestas rape dungeon for a short lifetime of childhood sex slavery if he didn't play ball.

Who would say that in their suicide note?

But where are they going to find an investigator that won't commit suicide after investigating Hillary?

ALSO: typically, suicide is driven by depression in which there is guilt related to commuting suicide. They feel worthless and tend to apologize to people they care about for doing it.

Oh wow, that is the same person? Didn't read that trash article

Gee I wonder why.

Quite the opposite. Life insurance almost always pays out for suicide. They just have a two year exception at the beginning. Source: worked in finance/ins

Well it happened in May, so... yeah, they didn't investigate, he's already buried.

Yet they waited til July to disclose an obvious "suicide"?

At that point it makes no sense. If there's a gun to my head I won't do shit. I'm dead either way, it's like me digging my own grave.

Except that the initial story was apparently he died of natural causes at the Mayo Clinic. That's why it's news two moths later. It came out that he "suicide" and DIDNT die of natural causes. It's Seth Rich all over again.

If something was written under duress my guess is Forensic handwriting analysis might be able to tell if either the person was shaking due to stress or the note was written rushed. But I'm not sure how they would differentiate whether it was due to a gun to the head or the thought of suicide. That's the tricky part. Can't really find intent in elevated heart rate or other elements of higher adrenaline.

At least this would be my guess as to how advanced Forensics has gotten in all kinds of fields.

Maybe he was forced to write it and he wrote in the last part as a clue for people to look into it. As in, the people forcing him to do it were too stupid to have him re-write it without the last part that's drawing so much attention. That would be a goddamn hero moment. He was fighting the Clinton's to his last fucking breath.

There's a huge thread about this over in w*rldnews and they're blaming it on Putin lolololol

No, read the article. Helium Bro died months ago

Edit: From this article: "The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that the Minnesota death record states Smith committed suicide in a hotel room May 14."

Yeah, I never understood this. Life insurance doesn't always pay out if its suicide (with exceptions). From google it appears that some policies do pay out after a 2 years of having the policy (some after 1 and some longer).

Personally I have never, in 30+ years, had a personal or work based insurance policy that didn't have a suicide clause...its entirely possible the 2 year thing would have applied though. I've never had expensive insurance or even looked that close to be honest though since I am 100% against any form of suicide except doctor assisted for extreme and terminal pain.

Edit: new info and corrections

The Chicago Tribune waited until this week to release info about a guy who died May 14th.

Unfortunately, they genuinely think the Kremlin is offing people who fail to find dirt on Clinton. As if they find out they are actually good people, and this upset Mother Russia.

I was thinking about this last night, and maybe if somebody gave you the choice between a quick death or a slow one, you might be compelled to write the note.

No, this is a new murder, happened this past week. Old guy, with helium. The May murder was the federal prosecutor investigating voter fraud Debbie Wasserman Shultz's district in Florida, IIRC.

Spez: I stand corrected: Peter Smith, 81, died in May. However it was not widely reported on until this past week. The oldest reports online that I can find go back to mid June.

Betcha he's cremated

Exactly. If I commited suicide and left a note, it would say something along the lines of "haha fuck you all, here's why you all suck" not name specific groups and say they're innocent of things completely unrelated to my death.

Shady as fuck

T_D isn't nearly as aggressive with the ban hammer and downvotes as people believe. We constantly welcome open discussion from any side if you're not an obvious troll--case in point, you're being upvoted (the occasional exception may apply, but it's not nearly as rampant as one thinks).

It's a valid method of suiciding all on its own.

The Clintons/MSM/Dems are starting to remind me of someone...

My Father-in-Law is a physiologist who has a progressive disease and plans, when the time comes, to take himself out.

He explored the Helium option, but dismissed it because you cannot get helium gas anymore that is not mixed with oxygen at a content higher than in the atmosphere.

What was the oxygen content in these "canisters"?

The only reason Putin would want to kill someone would be if he were colluding with them in a way that could start a war (already bad terms, they wouldn't sweat small stuff) and they FOUND IT. The only people that fit that bill are the Obama/Clinton White house. There wouldn't be anything major done over any kind of election hacking, even if there was collusion with the Trump campaign(there wasn't). Everyone in our government already "agree" that Russia did it (despite no evidence). There's nothing there. As usual. And these little liberals went reee reee reee all the way home.

Uh, it's not. I actually just did a search on this and it's both right and wrong. Some life insurance does not pay out. In a lot of other cases it does pay out after a minimum of two years of having the policy (varies by state but most are 2+). However I have to admit I was wrong originally but with the caveats above...but its definitely not 100% untrue. And honestly we don't know if his particular policy would pay out for suicide so it may not be "fake" news either.

Odd that it started to become popular during Bill Clinton's administration.

Or if they threatened to bring in your grandchildren to coerce you further. Threatening cutting off a finger at a time in front of them until he does it. Even if he gave in before any physical harm was done, the mental harm to his grandchild or anyone involved from a moment like that would fuck with someone's mind anyway.

He could've just said fuck it, kill me, I don't care about my family at all. But that would be pretty fucked and heartless.

People who kill themselves don't write notes saying it wasn't murder, typically. Mostly, that kind of thing is only done by murderers trying to make it not look like murder.

The Clintons have gotten away with murder so many times they might have well taken a selfie with the dead body. They appear to be too big to jail no matter what crime they commit. So a half ass suicide note doesn't surprise me. These people are beyond arrogant at this point. Why put in the full effort when you don't have too.

Of course the video footage will not be obtained. Seth Rich style.

So was I! 😜

Never go full retard

That sub reddit: hold my beer

Uggggh muh fuckin' Russia again.

This is like beating your head against a wall.

But if the US goes into civil war how will your country afford it's socialism without the US taxpayer subsidizing it through the military?

Wow, I've never read that before and it's truly bizarre as far as suicide notes go.

His family?

That's why I hate the "larp a lib". I have to read that shit for real everywhere else.

"Please disregard the two bullet holes in the back of my head and the peculiar way my corpse was positioned after my death, trust me I wasn't assissinated. With Love xx."

Yeah nothing suspicious about these Clinton-uicides at all.

they could be dropping like flies and we wouldn't know

Sad part of it is that you probably are right.

The murderer could have forced him to write it.