Double or Nothing Tracklist

Double or Nothing Tracklist

Knowing Travis this is what he meant by “New Music tomorrow”

Nonetheless I’m pretty excited for this

Go Legend (feat. Travis Scott) Big Bidness (feat. 2 Chainz) Who’s Stopping Me Pull Up N Wreck (feat. 21 Savage) So Good (feat. Kash Doll) Savage Mode Even The Odds (feat. Young Thug) In Tune Reasons (feat. Swae Lee) No Hearts No Love

at least 2 Chainz is still on this album!

6.Savage Mode Time

He didn't lie to us for once, so thats nice,

Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho next week

I'm happy we're reviving this joke

alright but seriously where’s that song with future he played once 2 years ago

10 tracks, that's perfect

Metro's collab tapes (savage mode, no warning) have been great in this regard, haven't over stayed their welcome at all.

Edit: actually maybe Perfect Timing did a little bit

Perfect Timing. Too long.

Ironic, isn't it.

that Swae hook is gonna be lit

Swae gonna make me nut

Too much Nav

How long has it been since thug was over a metro beat?? This shit is hype



I was praying to yeezus it was going to be on here.

shit i'm not disappointed, after Ghostface Killers?? shii

Nah that sHits heat don't even.

No heart(s no love)


for those interested. shit slaps. I don't think its ever gonna be released at this point

where are the Weeknd and Future tracks

always is

Go Legend is gonna be such a hype opening to the album, if y'all haven't seen the snippet here

Like cereal and milk

This is a reach if I've ever heard it.

I can't believe we're actually getting Go Legend. I was so ready for it to NEVER be released, and here we are.

there was definitely a metro tag on it too

artists do that all the time when they're premiering new shit, he just wants to make sure people can hear wtf the song sounds like lmao

I’m hoping even the odds is the song in the Instagram video he posted. Shit was fire.

fuuuuck. i hoped that future song will be on this album. true disappointment.

People miss the Rodeo sound he had and hope he brings that back (I don't believe he will). Regardless of the Rodeo stans, he is still one of the best in the game, even with a generic auto-tune sound some people see.

it'll be unforgettable?

You must have missed love galore

Travis Scott has never lied. A date has never escaped his mouth.

Both Side would be fire without Nav

Nah this isn’t typical. I️ saw him on his I️ Decided tour earlier this year and he was fantastic. Great energy, and was super engaging. Idk what he’s doing here, maybe he doesn’t know the song as well? Not sure, but he was very good when I saw him.

If this is true then Abel really out here smashing my dream girls like they're nothing

trav to open up, and smoking a penis by track 7? they too kind.

or orange juice and toothpaste

Big Sean and Eminem both are Detroit rappers and Em was on Sean's last album. 2 Chainz was supposed to be on Eminem's album and is now on Big Sean's album. Coincidence? Since they had been recently working together big Sean stole the feature from Eminem.


cameras cameras cameras

Arguing street cred is corny. Your background doesn't matter if you make music people don't want to listen to.

lol I don't think either of them sound like a Big Bird/chipmunk/drone.

Both have a polarizing monotone delivery where the subject matter doesn't change very much.


Are Weeknd and Big Sean cool with each other? I had heard rumors here and there that "The Hills" was about Ariana Grande cheating on Big Sean around when "Love Me Harder" came out.

The trick is to drink the orange juice before brushing your teeth.

If we’re counting that hidden feature Thug did for 21 Savage on ISSA, then since summer. But before that, probably since I’m Up.

Like street cred matters? If it's good it's good doesn't matter if you "real" that shits retarded

Saw him at soundset live 2 years ago. He's a good performer. Good energy and engages the crowd.

That's savage time listen to the lyrics in the vid

About damn time we got Metro and Thugger back together again.

Was hoping it was going to be dropping tonight

Yeah, sounds like typical metro stuff but that isn't really an understatement because he always dishes out quality work.

and skywalker

Color purple color purple

Man I almost wish I didn't hear that, damn... that beat

that's a damn shame, Offset would kill that beat

I know! I feel like we’ll never get this song.