Doomsday Vehicle Prices

Doomsday Vehicle Prices

Fuck, I hate how expensive everything has to be in this game. I don't have the time or money to get anywhere near enough money to buy these types of things.

Little over 30 million in-game dollars for everything.

Or just under $400 IRL (4 Megalodons).

That’s also NOT including upgrades, which will undoubtedly cost another $10+ million in-game/$100 IRL.

Something something, pride and accomplishment.

Oh god looking at 3mil for the Deluxo.

Welp, looks like it's time to find a modder so I can buy a jetpack.

I would accept the shark cards if they actually raised the amount of GTA$ you got from them. It's still priced the same way it was when the most expensive item in the game was $1.5m.

I know right? It's either grind for hours on end or spend hundreds of £. I want to play the game but haven't been able to afford any of the recent updates.

There is absolutely no way in hell that I would ever spend $400 to buy virtual shit in a 4 year old game. Hell, I wouldn't spend that on any virtual shit.

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It's either grind for hours on end or spend hundreds of £.

I was considering finally buying one last night as I had it in my mind that it was like $1M for £1.99.

Looked and it was $100k for about £1.99. I nope'd out.

The prices for Shark Cards are insane. I'd happily drop £5 for a few million GTA$, but at the prices they are, they can fuck right off. I'll wait for an easier way to make money... Off to Se7ensins.

Actually way better than I was expecting, however I bet all upgrades are tied to research

Some cars

A couple more cars

A couple more cars

I remember when $20 got you a 10 hour story and a handful of new cars. Now $20 gets you half a car.

deluxo is 3.5 million


A fair price to me would be being able to buy all of the contents in the new expansion for about 20€. Not 200€.

No, it's not's just not fun.

Glad to see these things are only around 40 bucks each. /s

And you have to own certain properties to own these...

Great, so once again only rich kids with their parent's credit cards can get these...

yosemite C10 looks nice

Sad as fuck that this comment is so low. Lots of sheep in this thread wasting their time and money on this overpriced crap. My biggest problem with it is because one of these vehicles is worth about $50, the devs think their work on that vehicle is worth $50. Are you fucking kidding me? They still sell the game for $50. How is that tank worth as much as the ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME? Absolutely ridiculous. Worst practice in gaming, currently. Rockstar flew right under the radar during the EA thing but are far worse offenders if you ask me.

fucking bullshit...

what really angers me ,is that RS has been keeping that content out of SP, for no other reason than to sell sharkcards...

I certainly won't buy another RS game, they wen't on the same shitpile with EA and Ubisoft.

Good bot!

Yup I can’t afford anything

Was not expecting these 'normal' vehicles! Dat 911 off road, at least it doesn't have a wide body kit!

Also the Declasse Yosemite looks BANGIN

The problem is a lot of people are. That's why the prices for in game content are getting inflated like crazy.

Lol no chance, done mistake of buying office thinking I’ll start grinding so didn’t have money to buy car park and then bought an MC club thinking can start jobs but didn’t realise needed to buy more businesses.

I only started on PS4 2 weeks ago so everything’s new lol

I've ran into a couple in public lobbies. One dropped me about $1,000,000. The other's just trapped me in cages or froze my vehicle.

This is why I’ve stopped playing. The grind is too impossible. Youd have to play nonstop all day everyday, only doing cargo missions, for weeks or months to afford all this. And the price is doubled or tripled to get the upgrades.

The game was already kind of getting old to me, and it sucks because Rockstar’s still adding stuff which would normally be really cool but it’s all so expensive. And I don’t really race in the game or do any of other minigames often.

I’ll probably log on to play the new heist and go back to never playing it

Same. Rockstar used to be a role model for other devs on how you make a good game and now greed has consumed them. I'll buy their games used from now on. Not supporting their bs. Screw GTA Online. Ruined a good franchise.

It's a video game, not real life. I don't leave my full time job to sit down and work for a car in a video game. And I'm not going to spend $100 on one car in a video game. For some people that's half of a real car payment

The suspension raises when you drive and lowers when you stop. It's sweet.

Or someone with a few garages full of vigilantes to sell 😊.

God damn this update is expensive. My jaw dropped when I seen the price of the deluxo, which is like 7 million minimum because you need to own a facility...

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According to another post the MK2 weapons don’t have research so hopefully the vehicles don’t.

I agree 100%. I use to be an active member on the gtao forum and warned people of this shit. Too many people hate ea and love rockstar. So their biased opinion cloud their judgment. Sure making money is "easy" but it certainly isn't fun. It would take someone weeks of grinding to get the content of each update. I'm all for grinding but when you make it out of reach for a lot of people, it's bullshit.

I really wish rockstar got all the needed hate that ea is getting with battlefront. Players think because the updates are free, it's okay to charge people ridiculous prices. Hopefully red dead isn't going to be a shit show.

It's designed this way so that you buy shark cards. Everyone was mad at EA but this shit is ridiculous. Those things cost $3m. You get $3m from a $50 shark card if I'm not mistaken. That means they think each one of those vehicles is worth $50. They put $50 worth of effort into each one. That's just straight up stupid. After every new car started costing $1m I just quit playing. If I wanted to grind I'd buy Destiny or The Division or some shit.

I mean, it's a flying car.

It’s actually not awful I can sell my apc and get the jet pack

I was hoping that they wouldn't be available before the heist bur of course rockstar needs that sharkcard money from little kiddies.

Serious? FFS

I'm talking about the price of the items, not the amount of items there are.

For hours and hours on end each day without going to work or out with friends.

Pro tip: not everybody is an unemployed teenager with nothing else to do.

$31,401,300 "buy it now" price for all vehicles shown. Maintenance, upgrades, customizations, repairs, tax, title and tags sold separately.