Donut tell me she isn't cute

Donut tell me she isn't cute

Am I the only one who thought there was an actual hole through the middle

It was Halloween when I started uploading this picture. Fucking Comcast.

It's December.

No you're not, I was convinced I could see the door behind her.

Lol, nothing. She's wearing a white shirt which makes it look like it's the door but it's just the shirt.

Please explain the donut hole. It's hurting my brain.

I LOVE how excited she is.

My son was a donut too! Their costumes compliment each other.

My son was a donut too! Their costumes compliment each other.

have u seen the first season of Dragon Ball Z?

I'm glad I'm not as dumb as I thought.


Thought that and got confused as to what sub I was on

What? It looked like the hole went all the way through. Man, people all testy and shit today.

Thats freaking adorable.

Has anyone else checked out the costume of the person who took her costume shopping

Halloween 2007. OP retired.

You’re not OP

No, you are, there are just more dumb people than you thought.

Found it!

By the third picture, the coffee had gone to her head.

Came here to say this...

What sorcery is this?

Batman and Dunkin'


A couple years ago a kid came to my door dressed as a sandwich. He was probably 5 years old, it was hilarious.

It’s a button up shirt

Am I the only one who looked at the person who posted it? Straight Fire

She has scoliosis.

Oh my gosh it wierded me out, I could not for the life of me figure out this illusion.


I'm not convinced that I can't see the door

Jokes on you. It's nigh impossible to tell whether people are being sarcastic or are just plain idiotic/mean. The president of the US serves as a good indication why that is.

Even writing /s on reddit will only soften the blow of the hail of downvotes you'll get and you'll find yourself standing in the deep end of the thread where the sun don't shine and upvotes never see the light of day.

Man, now she can really dunk.