Don't you dare touch my human

Do you see how the elephant kneels down when he gets close to reduce the risk of stepping on him? Elephants are awesome

Back in the old day when circuses still used elephants, the way they would move them from place to place without having the trailer/cage they where in from tipping is by putting a bunch of chickens in with the elephant so the elephant would stand still in fear of crushing the chickens.

I don't know what it is, but I've been seeing more and more elephants on Reddit lately. It's been pretty great tbh. Elephants are such good bois.

Though, the shit the human race puts them through is appalling. Sigh.

That's the most interesting thing I've read all week.

That dog looks different than I expected.

It's similar to why people think elephants are afraid of mice. They're not afraid of the mice, they're afraid they'll accidentally crunch one so they are very careful around them.

I feel so bad that humans have treated elephants so poorly because they are just such warm loving beings.


Wish you a wonderful Sunday.

I don't know if I'd want an elephant to remember me as "that asshole" for the sake of staging a video.

I meant we just shouldn't use them in circuses

That's sad. We shouldn't take advantage of kindness, period

Amazing to know that elephants are that compassionate, but it's really messed up that they used them like that.

Now that's just sensible.

They’re afraid of them bees 🐝 though

Ever seen the skull of a pug? I would not call that good treatment.

Ever seen the skull of a pug? I would not call good treatment.

That's probably why he's got a hat and sunglasses on. A disguise. >.>

/sub/bigboye doin a protecc

What a good boi

Are there animals we haven't treated poorly? Just dogs and cats, and even that's debatable.

Well yeah, otherwise he'd be sneaking up on people all the time. Elephants are known for their stealth.

Guaranteed to make you smile

The subreddit page title is so true.

it's really messed up that they used them like that.


Are elephant trunks that strong though?

Yep. An adult elephant can lift around 300kg with its trunk.

There are stories where we have tested their patience and they have become killing machines.

Just like humans, elephants have a broad range of emotions and attitudes. For the better and for the worse.

I wonder what exactly would have happened to that guy if he hadn't stopped attacking. I'd assume trampling would be the go-to move for an elephant attacking something that small, but that might not work if the humans were in such close contact and he wanted to protect one of them. Maybe some sort of trunk throw? Are elephant trunks that strong though?

You think the homeless spend too much money on drugs? You should see the amount of cocaine it takes to get an elephant buzzed. Those noses aren't just for show, they're notorious for their excessive charlie habit.

If a bee got pissed off at the ground, the Earth’s core would feel it.

But how far could it launch a 90kg projectile?

No need to be so condescending

"101 interesting and slightly depressing facts about circus elephants" by Stephanie Meyer

B I G   D O G G O

Oh shit i was expecting a dog or something

He's got a little bell!

What did we do to deserve elephants

People even abuse donkeys. When I first heard about this donkey sanctuary for abused donkeys I was surprised. People that are sick enough will abuse any living thing.

What did you expect? Something with a short nose and fur or something?

I agree.

We don’t. And soon enough reality will reflect that.

Sodium citrate, the key ingredient in nacho cheese (it lowers the ph of the cheese and allows its bonds to loosen and become more liquid) has the chemical formula of NA3 C6 H5 O7

Elephants are really smart, can tell individual humans apart, and remember things. They’re also very protective of their families.

This guy didn’t get trampled today. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets stomped on the next time he’s around.

Can their stinger even penetrate the elephants skin?

What's a book? Is there like an app for that?

It's just a downvote troll. A pretty bad one at that.

Thanks, same to you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some heckin' good bois to check out.

I too was expecting a dog lol

Something like this, but less annoyed and more angry:

I still fail to see the point in these. Do they touch themselves while doing it? Like, what is the reward for the time spent on doing this?

No they can’t - but a swarm off bees can sting an elephant in sensitive areas like the trunk, mouth and eyes. That hurts an elephant. Elephants are so afraid of bees that when they hear bees buzzing around they would flap their ears, make noises and stir up dust to even alert others. In fact, their scared nature is being used by scientists to aid elephant conservation. Scientists have successfully tested honey bee fences as a tactic to keep elephants within appropriate boundaries,

More about the project here :

so elephants aren't afraid of mice. they're afraid of hurting mice. hm.

that makes me want to cry

Source :

Hey he said it's debatable.

Pretty one sided debate, but give him some credit.

Surprised dude didn’t die a quick yet painful death

Which is why Hannibal used them to cross the alps. They allowed him to sneak up on his enemy and take them by surprise.

I think it's kneeling down to get closer. They have very good dexterity, it's unlikely to step on the human in the first place.

Me too. A very big dog showed up.

I got it. And seconded

Yeah fuck you bees, but also come back.

They should guard the US constituion with them.


That elephant sounds so upset :(

Who knows. Maybe for a sense of fleeting self-worth like a toddler who gets in trouble just to get attention? Trying to one-up the next downvote troll?

Don't get me wrong, internet points are as worthwhile as, well, internet points, but to put so much effort into something so meaningless, just why? WHAT KIND OF LIFE DO YOU LIVE? LET ME HUG YOU!!