Don’t we all at some point?

Don’t we all at some point?

Why you posting your own tweets 🤔

Oh shit you ain't gotta do him like that

I thought we agreed if she said she has a boyfriend we going to leave her alone

Yeah, I’m gona go ahead and apologize for his tomfoolery.

It’s like he didn’t realize that you preparing for your kin to be was more important than him trying to get at you. For that, I am sorry.

Towards him, I am full of disappointment and disgust. Trying to poke his whiskey whacker in and mess with that baby’s porthole into life, that’s just lowly.

We took a trip to NY this summer (me + 4 friends) and one of my friends was CLEARLY pregnant, even after she said "no, I have a bf, and I'm pregnant" they still would try to get at her. Like..?

Literally had a guy try to hook up with me while I was pregnant with this line:

"Aye, so uh, how long you been pregnant?"

I was about 6/7 months and showing very well. I was so in shock that he was still trying I didn't even have an answer.

This is a dimmadome deal cuz then when you leave her after a year you ain’t paying child support

I blocked it out so I can post it here lol

The mods don’t like self promo and that’s one way that they haven’t really hunted me down for so I hope it’s all good :)

If you tell him you have a boyfriend they always come back with "that's okay I just wanna be friends". Yeah, sure bud.