Don't go post on the Overwatch Subreddit

Don't go post on the Overwatch Subreddit

Seriously, I've seen a couple of threads from players here over there complaining about The Game Awards.

Cut that shit out, it's tacky as all get out, and makes us look like babies over an award show by Geoff Keighley. It's not worth it.

I agree and to add to your post, pretty much everyone at /sub/overwatch already agrees that they shouldn't have received this award.

Go look on the comments here

Glad to see so many people being vocal about this. It's one thing to join the discussion over there, it's another to make rant-posts.

And remember guys, we got a syandana just for watching. OW may have won but... we look prettier.

As a player it might not affect you directly, but if you love and care about the DEvelopers, it's tough seeing how their effort wasn't recognized when it was clearly deserved a lot more than the other nominated devs. At the end of the day it doesn't change much, you are right, but since there is such award, called "Best ongoing game", they might as well do the name justice and give it to the studio with a better trajectory.

Oh, right. In any fandom there are people who would inevitably make everyone else there look bad. This reminder won't help. Reasonable people don't need it, since it's obviously a stupid thing to do, everyone else will just go and do it anyway. Humans, dude.

Ha we have fashionframe, which is the TRUE endgame


I want clem frame. Thats true end game.

LuL OW winning. Goes to show how much of a joke the game awards are when they cannot even define the categories properly.


Seriously, who cares what game wins? Does that change or take away your enjoyment of the games you like?

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