Don't fk with eagles

Don't fk with eagles
Here's the full video


Much higher quality

You can see the heron had tried several time before so the Eagle knew it was coming.

You get to see the end (the Heron gets away and the Eagle takes a victory lap)

better version

A where you don't have to /sub/killthecameraman!

Warning: Loud Oh Jesus!

Got your nose!

I would love to see how this ended. Probably the eagle let go, and continued eating. Or maybe it just destroyed that other bird and had an even better meal.

Oh man, that victory lap. Like a Mongolian wrestler.

This is the better version, oh Jesus!

You can say fuck on the internet...

It seemed to put bait down deliberately, so my guess is it's going to kill the other bird.

Get the water nigga! Get the water!

This kills me when people don't spell profanities. If you want to use a word, spell it out. If you're too timid or don't want to offend, don't even use it. It's a bunch of BS!

The heron got away, but I'm sure it learned one hell of a lesson.

That bird is going to egret that move.

It’s interesting... much like a reddit title, it’s baiting the heron.

Got Damn boot leg fireworks!!!

because, myself included, many people will ignore or instantly close a video. Especially on mobile.

probably not


Got your wallet

Personally I'd cripple my enemy and force them to watch me slowly finish my meal.

It looks like the eagle is saying something when it drops the meat.

"Come on you stupid piece of shit, you know you want it"


"still hungry..."

It used to be /sub/whyweretheyfilming but now we're getting closer to /sub/howmanywerefilming.

Though that eagle is probably thinking, "no egrets."

If you're an avian predator, a heron probably seems like a much better meal than the scrap of meat you have.

My guess is that the eagle releases the heron and then does a victory lap with another eagle. But that's just a guess. I don't know where on earth you would be able to find the rest of this footage.

Not enough stripping

You can't use the same pun twice when starting a pun chain. You have to wing it.

You can see the moment he gets the idea after the heron fails for the second time to reach in for the meat. He kinda takes one little chew on it and goes "wait a minute, what if I..." That's pretty damn smart for a bird

Lol we're too deep.

At this point you are both serious and joking, so I am just going to leave this for your Schrodinger's comment and that's it.


...especially in a sub that has fuck in its name...

You mean bullshit

With the keeper in the back ground it almost looks like he's like "aye nothing wrong here! Me and the straw neck were just having a good time. Nothing to worry about, go back to cleaning Franks shit off the fence. He's a nasty one right?"

Watch out! He's got a nose!


They also make and use sleds.

You should look at corvids. They use and make tools. It's fucking scary how smart those little fuckers are. They can also recognize faces and pass the information on to others in their flock/murder.


Having read the Wheel of Time series, 'baiting the heron' seems like an incredibly bad idea.

eagle was totally baiting it, and also /sub/killthecameraman



videos that end too soon...

Well this is hawkward...

Oh look! A piece of meat! Wonder if that eagle will share..

This version is so much better, why do people post crappy gif's instead?


Looks like a wedgie, they're badass.

Edit: a Wedge Tail-Eagle, native to Australia and parts of PNG. Can get up to 5 and a half kilos and have a wingspan of over 2 metres.

That was interesting as fk!

Came here for this comment. Cheers have an upvote!

Videos take longer to load, use more bandwidth (which may not be best for people with no unlimited plans), and don't have sound (for which I'm too lazy to check where the volume is at every time I click on a link).

I do like videos better, but I can understand why people would side with GIFs often.

EDIT: Took a risk stating something that I wasn't sure of. Should have known better. They don't consume more bandwidth, but I can see how the volume could cause an issue.

The kill alone is satisfying to a predator.

Redskins learned that the hard way

Is this the start of the eagle's dis track against common? What started the beef?


I was fucking with you. Slow day at work. I admire your dedication though

talk about being stork between a rock and a hard place!

someday /sub/WhatIsNotFilmedByAMillionCameras

...yeah, it will be empty.

Yeah I heard crows will really dislike certain people and hold a grudge over their life lol. Also heard of them bringing gifts to people who feed them or helped them at some point. like buttons and bottle caps and stuff they see humans with. We're lucky they're not any bigger than they are honsetly lol


Lawd Reekris!

I wonder why people take perfectly good sources and run them into the fucking ground?

I honestly don't know if you're fucking with me now, so I'm going to err on the side of caution, assume you are being completely serious, and explain.

The parent poster made a joke by complaining about people failing to completely spell out curse words and then deliberately saying "BS" instead of "bullshit", thus hypocritically violating his own precepts. It's just like Nigel Powers saying "There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch."

Since you called him out on this hypocrisy and gave no particular indication you were aware of the joke, I posted a "whoosh" to indicate that the joke had gone over your head.

Perhaps in an encyclopedia at the library?

Thanks, I was super angered at the cameraman.

That cameraman. Fantastic job of moving it at the right moment.

I don't get it

I don't see it's shoes... It's ded.

"I have been talon you for years... dont try steal my food"

Fuck yes. The ending felt so good to get to.

Why settle for less when you can have MORE


Here's another from a different angle that doesn't miss any of the action.

I was going to talon him, but you beaked me to it.

Are you not entertained!

I figured, but this is the Internet - I can't assume you speak English as a first language, are neurotypical, etc. Seemed like explaining was better than assuming :-).

They can also recognize faces and pass the information on to others in their flock to murder.


"You don't deserve to be free, while I'm in here"

One was filmed trying to carry off a small child once too


They did

I've watched this over and over and that foot is still just too fast for my eyes!

You say, "time for a reread" so casually, as if that doesn't involve a month of hard-core binge reading...

I'm not going to click a video at work, I will click a gif.

He wants something alive and struggling, though.

Samir you're breaking the car!

A heron-marked blade was the first thing that entered my mind. Time for a reread I suppose.

I read that in Rick Sanchez's voice

Did you type it? All I see is "fk"


That reaction time though.


Talon how it is!

Is it ded?

Jesus Christ...FENTOOON.

This is a great sneak beak for what's to come



And how I wish they kept filming