Don't-a worry, we're-a gonna win! [OC art]

Don't-a worry, we're-a gonna win! [OC art]

This art style reminds me of some of those badass fight scenes in One Punch Man.

All that stress from being called "Green Mario" is finally catching up with him.

Cheers, love that show! Have you read the manga?

First time these villains ever seemed villainous to me. Getting some harsh Titan flash backs from it too. Well done!

Wait is Luigi balding??

It's awesome, the anime sticks pretty close to it, sometimes shot-for-shot.

I think Mario ran out of lives...

Technically he is the green Mario. Mario and Luigi's last name is Mario. Because he wears green, it is perfectly acceptable to call him "Green Mario", as it refers to his last name.

Fun fact: 類似 (Ruiji, which is how the Japanese pronounce Luigi) means "similarity" or "resemblance" in Japanese. Luigi is actually just a copy of Mario.

(Edit:) Grammar.

No I haven't! I've heard good things though!

(Taken from the Mario Wikipedia).

Nintendo did not initially reveal Mario's full name. In a 1989 interview it was stated not to be "Mario Mario" despite the implication of the Mario Bros. series' title.


Two months after Iwata's death in July 2015, Miyamoto changed his stance September 2015 at the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary festival, confirming that his name was indeed Mario Mario.

Your information seems to be a bit outdated, as Miyamoto changed his mind in September 2015.

I'd play the shit out of a Mario/Dark Souls crossover

The last name bit isn't canon, I don't believe. That was just from that godawful movie.

This makes me really want to replay Superstar Saga for some reason.

I think it's the running away mechanic when they pick up the downed brother.

If you want to read further ahead in the story, check out the original web comic. (Badly drawn, but it's popular for the story to begin with)

He goes back and forth. I think Miyamoto thinks it's a funny idea, but they have no real last names.

Mario The Lost Levels?

Yeah I started reading the original but stopped, didn't want to "spoil" the newer version. IMO the creator, ONE, basically draws storyboards, but his writing and characters are what sell. Mob Psycho 100 is also worth checking out.

If they're the 'Mario Brothers' wouldn't it be confirmed Mario is the last name? You don't call Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee the "Billy brothers".

Thanks! They are beasts, literally.

Haven't played that one, sounds like a fun mechanic. No plumber left behind!

If you like RPGs and Mario, Superstar Saga and Paper Mario Thousand Year Door are two of the best RPGs of all time.

In Superstar Saga, if one brother faints and you try to run, the other brother picks that brother up, and it makes it harder to escape.


This is really awesome and also made me sad because I am dumb and emotionally attached to video game characters. RIP me

Luigi is, and always has been, the motherfucking boss

Nature is all the horror we'll ever need.

wow thats pretty dang cool, great Job!

Hope is Luigi's most powerful weapon.

Absolutely agreed. If people like OPM but have not seen Mob Psycho 100 they owe it to themselves.

Made me smile (the title)

I based him off an alligator snapping turtle with a leatherback turtle's mouth.

I based him off an with a leatherback turtle's mouth.

faints from bloodless Lucky Luigi is a universal donor.