Donovan Mitchell doing it all in Crunch Time

Donovan Mitchell doing it all in Crunch Time

Must be fucking nice

Tough shooting tonight but this is why he's the ROY, game is on the line and he can break down any defense

It definitely helps the sting of losing Hamburger Helper on the 4th.

Should include the 3 he hit a few min before. Jazz down 10 with 7 minutes left and he hit the 3 to tie and finish off erasing the deficit which is often the hardest bucket to hit.

Dude is so fucking clutch at a young age. He's unbelievable

I almost died watching this game.

Mamba mentality. What a fucking player.

Mamba Mentality.

Edit: Spidey Sense.

Rookie of the fucking year

Damn he fuckin threw down that jumper

I've seen all I need to see. He's got all-time potential. Combine that with the attitude/work ethic, young surrounding talent, and the most underrated coach in the league.

Donovan Mitchell goes down as the #3 SG ever. Book it.

Gregory Hardwood has been mysteriously invisible from the clutch all season. Glad Utah committed to Donovan "Rookie of "MVP" the Year" Mitchell over that bum

Right after Joe Ingles hit that tough 3 as well. They scored big in crunch time

Both 13th picks too

Mitchell debuting in the same season where Kobe's jerseys got retired

Are you kidding me? They are one of the best parts of these close games, they get so hyped.

AND don't forget that Ben had ONE whole year to study the NBA game and have access to better facilities, trainers, etc.

I'm not saying Mitchell is going to win, I think it's super close but you can't pull the excuse of having an extra year of college when Ben has the clear advantage of being able to get involved for an entire year

Jazz fans supporting their star rookie as rookie of the year?

B. L. I. N. D. I. N. G. B. I. A. S.

I think Bolerjack was so disappointed that he missed the chance to call a dunk on Mitchell's previous layup so he decided to call the next bucket as if it was a dunk no matter what.

lol best one I've seen in a while. I thought we'd done them all.

Kobe's blessing to us for giving him that game

Damn didn't know Spurs fans were this salty until tonight

And playing in the team that Kobe's final game was against

Wow very brave of you to put Lauri 5th man

Simmons was healthy by the All-Star break last year, you guys kept him out to maintain the tank. Give me half a year of watching/learning and half a year of practicing/learning in the NBA over a year at Louisville any day of the week.

He is the ROTY

Joe Ingles though, 23, 24, and now 20 in our last 3 games. Everyone on this team doing work.

Arguable but not stupid.

Ben is a red shirt rookie who cant shoot past the free throw line.

He lived the NBA life for over 1 year already. ie Professional nutritionists, professional physical therapists, personal coaches, shooting coaches, etc etc..

Mitchell is a real rookie who can do it all.

Yes. Even when we had a good draft pick like Griff Hufflepuff, there was second guessing. Like, we COULD have had Paul George.

It's so nice to totally nail the pick and have the guy everyone else is what-if-ing themselves over.

Serious question: does Ben just take over the game as frequently as Spidey? I know the stats say Ben by a good margin, but at an overall impact and responsibility perspective, from what I've seen Spidey and Ben are neck and neck.

Yeah I hate when fans get hyped about their team too

Donovan Mitchell

It'ss the death rattle of a dynasty.

I definitely understand opposing fans hating our shamelessly biased and homer announcers. But, as someone who lives in an area that doesn't have a'lot of jazz fans to watch games with (which is basically anywhere outside of Utah), I appreciate how hyped they get.

He has such a big dick

And we wouldn't accept your whole roster

I'd trade anyone on our roster for Mitchell

Playing outweighs watching if you’re talking about the same level of competition, sure. But you’re not. You’re comparing a year with the best coaches and analysts and competitive environment in basketball to a year spent playing for free at college. There is no comparison.

theyve only had 20 years of 60 win seasons. its tough for them

I'm not disagreeing, but at what point are they no longer anomalies? I'm starting to drink the koolaid.

Two years in college? So as many years as he has in the NBA.

Outside of Ben Simmons who technically shouldn't be a rookie, who else deserves it over DM? This kid is carrying his team back into playoff contention

I'm there

Where the 23 and 24 were both career highs.

Oh c'mon, there are some serious holes in Ben's game too. You can't gloss over the fact that he can't shoot as a PG.

Spurs fans

One Spurs fan

The way Donovan just takes over games is something Ben doesn't do. I think that has to be considered, something the stats won't show most of the time. Don't take my word though, homer glasses are strapped to head

He's getting a ton of reps which has definitely helped but he's been great in the fourth nearly from the jump

Balls to match it too

People keep saying he's Lillard 2.0, but I see a lot more Brandon Roy in him than Dame. Fuck I miss Brandon Roy

Definitely not to the level of Donovan, but there have been several games where Ben has been pretty clutch, from memory. They’re both pretty great in that area for rookies.

Basketball isn't played on spreadsheets

Like 8 of our last 10 have been anomalies in regards to how we should be doing. This is just so weird.

When I watch teams guard Donovan they trap him on the pick and roll. When I watch teams guard Ben they sink into the paint. They are totally different players navigating totally different landscapes. They're both great and I'm pretty fucking excited for Donovan's future with this team. I throw raw stats out of the window to a degree because we run an egalitarian offense which limits all our players assist numbers. But if you want to think I'm insecure then that is fine, I'm on cloud nine tonight and this season

Obviously you have Lauri 5th. He’s not even in the conversation for ROY. I don’t see why it’s inconceivable to think that Mitchell might win ROY. It’s a two horse race and he’s one of the horses, Lauri is not

It's like basketball reincarnation

Gammy Hamburger. Gammy used courtesy of Gavin Free’s British WordsTM

Fuck yeah now we're talking

Okay fine, Kris Dunn is the best point guard in the East.

That is the most ridiculous argument i have ever heard.

Being a college kid and a professional athlete is not the same thing.

In college, athletes have homework for all sorts or random classes, eat shitty taco bell meals with very little money and basically have very little time to focus on ONLY BASKETBALL.

Being hurt led him to the BEST DOCTORS in the planet.. Do you think college kids get the same treatment when they get hurt?

The day Ben was drafted he has smothered in support to build his body, build his game and focus 100% of his time on his craft.. that he is getting paid MILLIONS of dollars to do.

If you think living the professional life does not have an advantage you are either high or just disingenuous.

I felt the same thing when Blake griffin was a redshirt but in that year there wasnt even anyone close that so he clearly won ROY.

Mitchell deserves the ROY and its not even close.

Griff took like four or five years to get to this level.

And I don’t even hate him like so many do. I was sad he left but I harbor no ill will over it. I was devastated when his bones tried to run away from him.

But he’s just a more natural #2. He’s the ideal Scotty Pippen.

Donogod just wants the shot and finds a way to sink it and he gets better the higher the pressure. It’s outstanding.

Tempting, but we're gonna hold onto Spida's endless ceiling.

By "doesn't have to force shots" you mean actively avoid shooting outside of 15 feet right?

Lol you guys just can’t resist can you!

So 2 years of college > 1 year of college and 1 year of professional coaching? Um, yea ok.

Boler is okay, but we had Hot Rod for so long.

Go on...

I'm getting a Donovan Mitchell jersey

Most reasonable thing you've said in this thread.

You might very well be the only person I’ve ever seen that hates their own team commentators.

ya and that guy is usually consistently obnoxious too

It definitively isn't. Definitively. There is absolutely no arguing that point. My dude....just get off this thread for a second and see that you all are alone in this stupid ass rhetoric.

My RotY

This kid has no fear.

Nah man he's just turning down open shots the defense gives him constantly not forcing it and taking what the defense gives him


Ya i think hes ROY too

That defensive intensity that Royce showed on the final possession was more than Harbowl ever displayed

agree with me on this


Shades of Lillard

Guys, not to brag but I trusted Donovan would be nice when I drafted him for my fantasy team

Except Ben is a rookie only in the technical sense lol

People say he isn't a real rookie but don't ever offer an alternative of what should determine that? Is it you need to play the season after your draft year? What about guys who play in professional leagues in Europe, should they not be rookies because they get pro experience?

Should there be an age limit?

I think it's obviously an advantage that Ben had last year to get used to things, and people can take that into account when looking at a very close ROY race, but how would you construct the rules where this should not count as his rookie year?

Lots of players whether it's time spent in college or in other pro leagues will have advantages, NBA games played seems like the only fair equalizer.