Donald Trump's conflicts of interest are worse than you think – and they could end up bringing down his presidency

Donald Trump's conflicts of interest are worse than you think – and they could end up bringing down his presidency
Donald Trump's conflicts of interest are worse than you think – and they could end up bringing do...

30 days. That's the goal to shoot for, get this clown impeached in 30 days. William Henry Harrison is watching this somewhere with his fingers crossed.

Public outrage in America is more powerful than you think.

30 days. That's the goal to shoot for, get this clown impeached in 30 days.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but even if there is a worst case conflict of interest scenario, the GOP majority is not going to impeach Trump. I played a mental game just now to try to imagine what it would take to impeach Trump. Basically, the only thing that would do the trick is for him to completely abandon his platform and switch to a Sanders style one. Otherwise, i cannot think of a single thing that would get them to waste valuable time during a Republican majority of this magnitude on impeachment hearings.

I don't know, if any of those accusations that came out recently ended up being true I think that many will jump ship to save their own careers. Maybe that is wishful thinking, but those accusations show clear treason and the public wouldn't stay silent.

They will bring him down, or America is lost. I'm not even exaggerating.

It got you trump

The party breakdown in the House right now is 241(R) 194(D). Impeachment requires a simple majority, so that would take 24 Republican representatives jumping ship to work. I can't see that many members willing to sabotage the future of their party and risk re-election in 2018 over morals.

Yeah, policy wise he is not any better. But at least he is not an emotionally unstable egomaniac sociopath.

Plus sprinkle in the fact that they'd get Pence in charge. If Russian ties can be corroborated, I'd think the upside would be quite large to flip on Trump.

Especially if it's also found out that Pence had any involvement/ knowledge, you know Paul Ryan would jump at that opportunity to become president and start rallying his buddies to do so.

He's just a national embarrassment.

With a GOP Congress?

This group we have in Congress now wouldn't have impeached Nixon.

(Though to be fair, I don't know if Nixon would have resigned if Congress back then had been in Republican control. Nixon was facing two houses of Congress both controlled by Democrats.)

Pence isn't a threat to the republic.

Have to argue that last point, Pence is obviously a sociopath. Trump's more of just a low IQ narcissist.

And then... President Pence? That guy is a creationist fundamentalist...

Or an international embarrassment.

In America we suffer from the disillusionment that we are at the mercy of the politicians and corporations but in reality, public sentiment and the shared public consciousness is literally the dog wagging the tail. When a narrative takes hold, politicians especially will be forced to react.

I actually think 24 House defections is very plausible.

The 21 Senate defections is the one that is nearly impossible.

If there's any justice in this world he'll be impeached.

Nope. These are the dark ages.

Actually I think Trump has a better chance than most to see himself removed. If it comes out that these allegations are true, it's going to be really hard to defend it, the fact that we have a boatload of scandals and Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet doesn't bode well for his presidency. He may stick his head down and let everyone else do what they do, but that's not really his style.

If Republicans determine that he's going to hurt their chances in the future they will get rid of him. That's what they did to Nixon. It was obvious that they couldn't defend him, obvious that it was going to hurt them in the upcoming election so they told him that he needed to step down or they would have to remove him. He stepped down.

Trump may get the same treatment, especially if 2018 see's some decent Democratic gains.

The GOP would rather Pence than Trump as well, so it'd likely take less to convince them to dump him than normal.

It's all about themselves though. If Trump is going to damage their chances in 2018 or 2020 they'll dump him.

Plus an impeached president removed would be devastating for the GOP brand heading into 2018.

Not even a little?

Him on tape fucking a minor.

Good thing I didn't vote for Bill Clinton in the 2016 election

Full of republicans who dislike Trump and who Trump has repeatedly rebuked, insulted, and discredited. If he's kicked out of office, they get Mike Pence, someone who is way easier for them to work with. I think they'll be happy to impeach/remove him from office as soon as they find a good enough reason

The accusations will shower down on him.

Peeghazi !!

The GOP is psyched because they have a rubber stamp yes man in office- but see how quickly they turn when he's exposed as the bumbling under qualified narcissist he is. They won't want to come out of this all wet.

Yeah that'd do it. And knowing the Donald, it's probably out there!

Well, there's the pending court case about it...

I think he'd have to straight-up murder someone with his tiny hands. In front of at least a dozen witnesses and CCTV evidence... And even then...

If he gets tripped up by his own greed, it will be hilarious and truly fitting.