Donald Trump’s approval rating falls to record low, finds Gallup poll

Donald Trump’s approval rating falls to record low, finds Gallup poll
Donald Trump’s approval rating falls to record low, finds Gallup poll

37 percent, ouch.

For points of comparison Obama was at 62 percent at this time in his presidency, George W. Bush was at 53 percent.

Gallup- Job approval upon hitting 60 days in office:

Carter 75

Reagan 60

HW Bush 56

Clinton 53

W Bush 58

Obama 63

Trump... 37

If nothing else, at least we'll finally find out how much of the Republican voter base the alt-right makes up in this whole ordeal.

Jimmy Carter, in my opinion, is one of if not the most misrepresented presidents in modern history. By the end of his presidency you could have sworn he had personally fucked over half the country, and angered the other half; no one had much good to say about him, not even his own party, and it was all basically completely baseless. He was a scapegoat in horrible circumstances, and was successfully painted as an inept, cowardly failure of a leader, deposed by all manly father Reagan. It's dispicable.

Jesus, where is the floor

I would guess 35% of Republicans will stick with him thru thick and thin. No matter what happens, if he's found to have colluded with the Russians, if he's found to have used the office of President to personally enrich himself, if he's impeached or censured, there will be a healthy amount who will speak of him in reverent tones, much like people speak of Reagan or Kennedy. I'm afraid this whole Trump situation is just the first chapter in a very long and ugly period in our history. When he gave his speech in Michigan last week, Trump was speaking about Rosie "the riveter" (a female war-time worker who built bomber planes) and was reminiscing about the production levels and mentioned the workers present might get a chance to see that opportunity again. I think we are going to war, and I think this one will be ugly and very serious. I don't think it was a coincidence that some of Rex Tillerson's first public words were about N. Korea and the threat we pose to them.

Carter is easily the most Christian president ever. That the Republicans still trash him tells me everything I need to know about the validity of their "Christian values".

tldr: The latest poll from March 18th shows his approval to now be at 37% and disapproval at 58%.

Obama at his lowest was 38. Trump managed to get lower than Obama's all time lowest, 2 months in.

what happened with Carter that turned that around? That's crazy, he's talked about so negatively from the right and the left never points to him as a positive reference other than him selling his peanut farm.

Lower than Obama's 8 year lowest and tied with Clinton's 8 year lowest, but still a ways to go to beat Bush's 25% approval rating, which came toward the end of his term during the economic collapse the Bush admin oversaw, in the final weeks before the 2008 election. It does however tie with Bush's second term average, but does not bode well for Trump as normally this period in a presidency is till part of the "honeymoon phase" in which most presidents achieve some of their broadest support and popularity. It took Bush 6 years of incompetent warmongering and economic mismanagement to average approval ratings as low as Trump has managed in two months.

Under budget and ahead of schedule?

Most Americans didn't vote for trump either... sigh...

Except here in my small town.

I'm sure it's in the 90% approval range here.

It's only a record until next week.

The fucking idiots who went from Bernie to trump have to be legitimately insane or certifiably stupid. And being so angry at your party that you vote for the national equivalent of suicide by oligarch qualifies you for both.

He is an evangelical preacher for god's sakes! He freaking holds church services to this day. You can go to them. Reagan managed to talk evangelical christians into turning on him. If I remember right too, it all started because of a court case that essentially barred a private religious school from essentially segregating the students.

All that and literally nothing has happened that isn't a tempest in Trump's tiny teapot. No Katrina, no market crash, no terrorist attack, no Ebola, no Ferguson. None of which does Trump even have the necessary staff on hand to deal with. There's no Brownies to do a good job.

The first real crisis is going to wreck us. Right now they're basically out there rooting through the dirt like pigs looking for a war. The approval will plummet when something actually happens that anyone else would be able to handle and Trump will run to Mar-a-Lago and throw coconut shrimp at it from behind a waiter used as a human shield.

Hell, even though I generally vote for Democrats and didn't vote for GWB, I stuck with GWB for a while on the whole Iraq WMD intelligence thing.

I just didn't want to believe that our President would lie to us about what the intelligence agencies knew about weapons of mass destruction and use that as a pretext for war, so I waited until there was really clear evidence, but it turns out he really did lie.

Even though I never supported him, I judged him to be an OK guy in certain ways, and it was hard to admit I was wrong because it meant I wasn't as good at judging people's character as I thought.

Point being, for some people this might be a process that takes time. You put some amount of faith in someone, whether it's a lot or just a little, and it's hard to back away from that because you feel it reflects on you in a way.

And in many small towns. However, most Americans don't live in small towns.

Wow, -21. The worst Obama ever got on Gallup was -14, a few times in 2014.

And its not like Trump is poised to do something amazing that will make people see him more positively.

i am more surprised that 37% still approve

Though post-presidency he has done more work than any other modern president to help people around the world. I wasn't even close to being alive during his term but I doubt it can be said he was somebody who didn't wholeheartedly care and try his best as president. Besides that he just comes off as a really sincere guy.

Mostly stupid. I cringed when people started calling Bernie a sellout just because he supported Hillary after he lost in the primaries. What was Bernie going to do? Keep talking crap and drive a further divide within the party? He already had done that throughout the primaries (though I don't think he meant to do it) and the last thing the party needed was more divide. Bernie's not a Democrat in an official capacity but he caucuses with them.

Anyone who voted for Trump after supporting Bernie wasn't really a believer in Bernie's message. Trump is the exact opposite of what Bernie preached. The only thing they have in common is their "outsider" status which is....bullshit. Bernie's been in politics throughout his adult life and Trump's was one of the guys that bought favors with both parties. He's admitted as such!

Just beat Obama's record again, they're getting tired of winning.

Carter walks the walk, and when he does talk the talk, it's quietly. If more religious folks were like him, maybe there wouldn't be such an exodus from religion in this country.

I work with 2 die-hard Trump supporters. I've given up attempting to discuss any politics with them. They are blindly following a man without actually educating themselves on his shortcomings not just as a businessman, but as our president.

Also, my aging mother is coming to live with me this week. She voted for and blindly supports trump. I will have no choice but to keep politics out of my home for fear of bloodshed. lol

Carter was also the one that saved the US economy, by installing Paul Volcker as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Volcker turned around the stagflation of the 70's, leading to the amazing economic boom of the 80's that is often misattributed to Reagan. (lol as if Reagan had any clue about economics... "Hey where did all this money come from?!")

The modern US economy can be attributed to Paul Volcker.. until Trump destroys it again.

If I remember right too, it all started because of a court case that essentially barred a private religious school from essentially segregating the students.

Yes, it was Bob Jones University, their tax exemp status was threatened if they didn't desegregate, and the case gave birth to the religious right. It was the early-1970s.

The new leaders realized they could change the political landscape forever if they could convince evangelicals to continue being political (at this point they were mostly apolitical as they considered politics dirty). After brainstorming they settled on "abortion" as the moral outrage to be fought, even though it was mostly a Catholic issue and the evangelicals didn't really care that much about it prior to 1970. Some were even afraid the public might as through this trick and disengage from politcs again. It actually took a lot of effort to make evangelicals really care about abortion (including some hilarious cartoons of evil doctors vacuuming up babies).

In the end, it worked. They convinced the evangelicals to turn on their own, a literal preacher from rural Georgia, and instead elect a movie star from California. The rest is history...

Yep.... Carter gave us the adult speech and told us it would not be easy but by working together to solve problems and sacrificing in the present, the future would be far better. He got hit with The OPEC Embargo, high crime, 15-18% interest rates and an economy that was still recovering from stagflation. He also pushed for the US to move to metric and solar.

Reagan came in and told us all not to listen to the mean man and that he would make it all better

Can we get back to being a country that elects boring Midwestern governors? Please?

Expect a war or a canned speech that boosts him a bit. They'll do something to try and repeal the ACA.

It could be that the people that would never approve of Obama no matter what he did, are the same percentage of people that will never disapprove of Trump no matter he does.

As though it means a goddamn thing. Dude still acts like he got 90 percent of the popular vote lol

In GWB's first State of the Union he used the phrase "Axis of Evil" for the first time. It was that phrase that appeared in headlines the next day. I was more struck by the fact he used British intelligence as a source to speak about Iraq and the possibility of WMD. There were already suspicions we were on a path to war with Iraq even before 9/11, but when he used the intelligence of another nation to support his theory I knew something was up. The British source of this supposed "intelligence" conveniently committed suicide within days of the speech further adding to the intrigue. The intelligence turned out to be fabricated or grossly exaggerated. This mention at the State of the Union is what led to the Plame Affair, in which a CIA operative was outed in retribution for her husband being critical of the information. I find it a bit ironic that Trump tried to use British intelligence just this week to support his idea that he was "wire tapped".

Republicans. I'm gonna guess 99.9% of Democrats despise Trump. The .1% of Dems who do support him are clinically insane, probably.

Most americans haven't voted for any president since eisenhower.

a religious person having humility? Supply Side Jesus does not like.

How could ANYONE believe any justification for war he provides, when he can't be honest about crowd sizes? He cries wolf every day.

Edit: formatting

35% of republucans or americans? Last I heard his approval among Republicans was a staggering 86%.

My dad has dementia. I had to move back in with my parents to help take care of them. He helped work on Obama's first campaign, locally. He doesn't even know who Donald Trump is. I kind of envy him in that regard. Of course, he doesn't know who Obama is either.

He was straight with the American people, honest about the future, and they didn't like when he gave the "malaise speech".

You're misunderstanding what makes this a record low. It's not how low it is, it's how low it is compared to how many days he's been in office. It's the lowest approval rating at 60 days since they started tracking approval.

Next week won't be at 60 days (it will be at 67) so it won't change this record.

If anything, his approval plummeting makes me even more depressed. It means there were that many more people that initially bought his bullshit.

Brace yourself:

"How dare you question the President during a time of war."

"If you don't like it here, leave! More room for us real Americans anyway, treacherous scum!"

"Why do MAGA-patriots even have to put up with your supposed rights?"

Edit: just to add, don't limit your imagination to Iraq's faulty justification (no WMDs).

Trump may stumble into a concrete reason, but massively overreact. Think of a genuine terrorist attack being used as pretext for war. This will give other Republicans cover for supporting a disproportionate response.

Fake poll!!!!!

retreats to t_d safespace

Some of them saw similarities in Bernie Sanders stated economic stance vs Trump's. Both of whom emphasized the poor, low skilled, or obsolete skilled white worker. However, those who voted Trump on such an idea completely misunderstood the implementation differences massively.

Bernie Sanders wanted to improve their lives by a combination of an expansion of the social safety net, improved subsidies for retraining, subsidies for moving to a place with more jobs, free higher education for their children, easier expansion of unions, better enforcement of both domestic labor law, better enforcement of treaty violations by foreign companies, better enforcement of labor visas such as HB-1, among others.

Trump said too much regulation exists (which makes violation of labor law far easier), relaxation of said labor laws, raising the tariff on competing countries and goods, ending illegal immigration which competes with low skill labor, repealing the minimum wage, among others.

How the fuck they thought any of these ideas were similar is beyond me.

Edit: The biggest irony is of course that Clinton's views are so much closer to Sanders than Trump's makes this all the more tragic.

See: Ollie North and Iran Contra, lotta backdoor dealings by the Reagan administration coming in after him to undermine him at the time.

He was probably inflated initially because of Watergate and Nixon, Ford pardoned Nixon so I imagine people were pissed at Ford for that, and then anyone not Nixon or associated with him would get high approval rating. It was like that with W and Obama as well, W was hated and anyone not W would take advantage of the dislike around him.

This is actually the range where things get very dangerous for the politican. The 35% +/- is usually where your party starts to turn on you.

He is dangerously susceptible to news cycles now. The healthcare thing will likely kill all of his political capital. Absolutely all of it. He can't afford for anything to go wrong on him and it looks like there is a long queue of major political hits lined up.

This is generally very good news for anyone who thinks he is dangerous. It doesn't get much better than this outside extraordinary events- which also look to be on the horizon.

I feel like i see this headline every week, as though he were sliding down continuously.

The best thing about this is the Trump tweet "BarackObama has a record low 39% Gallup approval rating. Why so high?" xD laughing my ass off.

I hope that tomorrow's congress hearing drops his approval rating to -34%. That would be awesome.

I could live with the depression of 15% (maybe as high as 18%) of Americans being this idiotic, but 35% - fuuuuuuuck that is depressing.

"Haha yeah I totally love Bernie and everything he stands for, but I'm going to vote for rampant crony capitalism, climate change denial and the undoing of all forms of welfare including healthcare, because I mean, Hillary is like, the establishment, you know? I know Bernie is desperately begging that I vote against Trump, but I think he just doesn't understand how similar they are even though they share almost no policy positions whatsoever and Hillary votes with Bernie most of the time."

Obama approval rating + Trump approval rating = 100%. Coincidence?

Nixon believed the polls. Trump won't.

🎶 It's the 80s, do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan! 🎶

But exactly, you pretty much nailed it, Americans couldn't take a goddamn adult speech and threw it away to elect an B-movie actor because he made a fancy commercial with a catchy slogan. Ugh.

I'm guessing we will see mid 20's, Nixon was at 26 just before impeachment proceedings began

There are different layers to stupid. At least some of them are learning

this is very low, and yet i remain unsurprised.

this is what happens when you elect a clown, his presidency is a joke.

It doesn't mean anything. He's yet to go below 85% among Republicans.

Congress won't act until he loses his base support. They have no reason to.

His base. Until he starts to really screw them over.

Lowest ever were Nixon and Truman tied at 22%. G.W. Bush hit 25% at his lowest.

So, the floor is likely around 22-25% even for those that are impeached or tank the global economy.

Bombing North Korea within the month

See that's just the thing, I don't think starting a war is going to help him like it did Bush.

It's only been 2 months!?

Any else starting to get tired of all this winning?

It is still VERY early in the presidency. We are JUST hitting two months in- a lot of people give them the benefit of the doubt for the "first hundred days" but after that, people expect you to have your shit together.

He's starting to reach the point where he can't just ride the wave of Clinton hate and is judged on his own merit.

They don't believe it will happen.

They don't believe it will happen to them. They don't give a fuck if it happens to someone else.

The first item on the agenda of the first meeting of the W Bush White House was Iraq. They were on the war path on day one. 9/11 probably delayed it because they had to deal with the Taliban.

ETA: Source: The Guardian via Paul O'Neill, Bush's Treasury Secretary from 2001-2002.

I still cannot believe even 37% of Americans can support this imbecile. Americans are like some freak show pathetic group.

A war at this point would lower his approval rating. Americans still remember the Iraq War and how awful it was to hear about US soldiers dying everyday.

They'd also have a hard time ignoring the fact that it would make it 2-for-2 on having a war within a year of a Republican president taking office.

As someone who was Christian for years, I can tell you that there are very few actual Christians out there. Just read parts of the Bible yourself and compare it to the things that they do and say. Jesus said the two most important commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor. Many modern "Christians" break both of these commandments and focus on nonsensical things like gay rights. Jesus, today, would interact with gay people and not give two fucks so as long as they accepted him.

I have a disabled brother who receives SSI benefits as well as participates in the meals on wheels program. This budget isn't a joke. I'm so glad that people are finally seeing what an incompetent man we have leading this country.

Just general malaise. That was in August 2011 and again in October 2011. No particularly negative things happened at that time.

"Liberals can't handle facts!"

reads only infowars

Come on now, let's not rewrite history here. America was in bad shape during the Carter presidency. I wouldn't put all of that on the man himself, but Carter failed in many of his aims largely due to his own lack of skills on the job.

He wanted to restore confidence in government, but instead, his own subordinates undermined him thanks to a lack of consistent vision in his policies. He wanted to reassert American power, but things like the Iranian hostage crisis completely humiliated the US. He wanted to push for health care and social security reforms, but he had a bad relationship with a Democratically controlled Congress and nothing took root. He wanted to reassure the American people during the stagflation crisis of the late 1970s, but his own administration was constantly shuffling through new staff and reorganizing due to the incompetent leadership he put in charge of many governmental bureaucracies. To make matters worse, an oil crisis hit in the middle of this mess, causing gas shortages and huge price increases.

Now, some of this can't be pinned on Carter. He couldn't control the price of oil, he didn't have much control over the economy by himself, he was involved in a hugely tumultuous time, and there are some who accuse Reagan of going around his back on the Iranian hostages around re-election time. But at the same time, he showed no real evidence that he knew what he was doing. He brought in a lot of Georgia cronies when he took power, and he had no idea how to play ball and act transparently at the same time.

To be honest, many of the same conclusions can be made about a guy like Trump. Totally different personality, of course, but if an economic crisis or a foreign policy disaster hits, it'll just make Trump look worse and worse. And while it's easy to talk, it's much harder to govern.

I would've said there was no way in hell that was possible last week, but between Kremlingate, these sinking approval ratings and Tillerson's remarks this past week... this might actually become a grim reality.

Dave Barry summed up Reagan as "the president who never gave the American people any bad news."

Oil crisis, inflation and of course what later turned out to be treason on the part of Reagan that he "forgot".

George Washington got less votes than Jill Stein!

The thing is, he can't pull a 9/11 on us because terrorism has been at the forefront of the American consciousness for over 15 years now. When the towers fell, all we were thinking about was the dot com boom and Bill's infidelity. No one knew what an Al Qaeda was and the idea of war in the middle east seemed absurd.

Yes, we know Bush dropped the ball, but at the time no one had any clue about that, we thought this was a total blindside and rallied around the president.

If anything major happens now? Especially given Trump's penchant for pissing off Muslims worldwide and spitting at our allies? All people are going to focus on is "we had 8 years of no attacks with Obama, and within a year of Trump we have a new war."

The next president will make a disgraceful, bold-faced lie, get caught and then apologise for it. People will weep with joy.

I don't really understand the virtue of having a 'businessman' do the job of a political president. Am I off base in analogizing this to something like hiring the world's best computer programmer to perform open heart surgery just because he's the best at computer programming?

America isn't a business. So why should we appoint a businessman to run it?

That's one of my main problems with voters. They're way too superficial with regards to serious issues like these. You can't simply say "I'm going to improve the economy!" and that's that. I've lost alot of faith in the electorate because it seems that a majority of voters focus more on superficial things like charisma rather than nuanced discussions about how to do things.

Politics isn't entertainment. Actual politics is boring and requires people to sit down and study these things.

When republicans forced Nixon to resign, he was at about 70% approval rate with Rs.

It's not the base they have to worry about, it's the independents...

If they hang on to Trump during an independent revolt, they risk losing American moderates for a generation.

Even that won't stop them. If the GOP manages to pass some healthcare bullshit, they'll find a way to blame any of the bad stuff on Democrats and their believers will parrot it unquestionably.

They're not supporters at this point. They're believers. The GOP base is a cult and it's honestly no better than Scientology in that aspect.

Has Trump passed anything through congress in the past few months. Have they even voted on anything

This is such a good comment about a nice man. Whether you think he was a good President or not that's not a reason to hate him and talk nasty about him as a person, not very Christian like indeed, just nasty people.

I didn't realize it had ever gotten that low for Obama. What was going on at the time that caused it to drop so low?

Funnily enough, on Twitter today, there was a compilation going around of the dozen-odd times that Trump praised the Gallup polls (on his own Twitter account) during Obama's terms when it had noted Obama's slipping job approval.

But Trump's a massive hypocrite, so of course, when the Gallup ratings don't show him favorably, he thinks they're fake.

The healthcare thing will likely kill all of his political capital. Absolutely all of it.

Nah, the healthcare bill will be a truly paralyzing moment for the GOP. If it fails to pass it will show they have truely lost anything approaching a unified party identity. If it does pass then their support base will become pissed once they get kicked off insurance.

The economy was still pretty awful. Unemployment was persistently around 8-9% despite the stimulus and QE 1&2. And America's credit rating was downgraded for the first time in seventy years. Add to it the public's uncertainty about the coming Obamacare changes...

It wasn't a very happy time.

Just for context, 538's aggregate has him at 42.5% approval, tied for the lowest of his presidency. He had a brief uptick after his congressional address, but has dropped 2.3 points in the last week. Disapproval is at a record high of 51.7% however, and based on current trends he will hit personal record low approval next week.

If I recall there were some minor scandels, and a big one is that he fired general Macarthur for insubordination. The American people really didn't like that at the time because the general was very popular. Truman has generally been approved of more now that his terms are done. Time affords some istance.

I'm sure we will se that after trump leaves with news headlines like "New president's first week in office hasnf offended millions. Aproval eairing up 3 points."

It picked up after his speech to Congress. Been on a steady decline after.

You know, this is the part of the whole situation that has always confused me.

Has there been a president in living history that has NOT had mammoth amounts of criticism, people shouting angry on tv, reporters harassing there every move. Or otherwise making the sitting president wish every day that he was just someone else?

And Trump is one of the most insecure people I have ever seen on tv, read a book about, or seen in an interview.

Why did he want this Job??

Seriously, did he not look at the life of the last like dozen people to hold that office and think? Hay, they where miserable and spent there whole time being attacked? I got to get me some of that!

For a man who only seems to want to be loved and respected, this was the worst possible job in history to go for

And Nixon resigned when he hit 24%. Trump's sinking like a stone.

wait until they realize Obama care is ACA and many are on it.

Mostly because of health care.

I think we reached a point where him being a complete dumbass did not phase anyone. He will stick at this point until his policies take effect. Then it will drop lower.

Even fewer have voted for any president before FDR.

The remaining 37% are the ones who love his policies. Presumably they will be thrilled when they lose health benefits, social programs, public school support, and drinkable water. That is what they voted for, and is what they want.

I don't honestly believe that his administration would even know where to begin to do this.

It took Bush 6 years of incompetent warmongering and economic mismanagement to average approval ratings as low as Trump has managed in two months.

Full speed ahead!

I think Mattis' opinion holds a lot of weight though. If not with Trump, with the other people that are required to get the military moving. I have little doubt he would speak out if he felt things were heading down the wrong road. And I think powerful people would listen.

Expect a war or a canned speech that boosts him a bit.

Maybe Trump will read a whole paragraph on a teleprompter than Van Jones can finish him off with his mouth.

There are approx. 231M registered voters.

He received approx. 63M votes. That's 26.83% of the electorate.

His "base" is considerably smaller than that, as it is not comprised of his vote share but rather those who were very supportive of him. I'm guessing something like 35% of his voters were die-hards, where the other 65% were independents, Republicans who held their noses as they went to vote, and other Republicans who would eventually turn on him if he was doing asinine anti-conservative things repeatedly (or if the Russia stuff comes to fruition). If we assume that 35% of his vote share is actually his base - t_D-like idiots who will never turn against him - then that number is around 22M.

His absolute floor for approval ratings, then, is something like 22M/231M = 9.5%.

I don't think he goes below 28% approval for a week or two without impeachment hearings starting (for collusion with Russians, emoluments, crimes in foreign business dealings, conflicts of interest, improper use of government funds, probably others).

And I'd have a whole lot more sympathy if they wouldn't just forget it all again in 8 years.

America right now

This better fucking lead to a good midterm for dems. Hopefully people don't get bogged down in what Donna Brazile emailed Robby Mook.

We all know that The Apprentice ratings are what matter though

8 years.

You mean 8 weeks.

About 33-30%.

Below that live the ardent Trumpists. They've all but sworn their lives to him. He'll kill a great many of them regardless.

Like 99% of human problems, it all traces back to sexual insecurity.

I'd say this is about the floor, until he pisses off his base, and we've seen his base is almost unquestioningly loyal.

True that, but I also take to task those that think political progress just rains mana-like from the heavens after one election.

"Oh, we elected Obama and all we got was a system that propped up the existing for-profit insurance industry! What's the point in voting?"

Because it takes A LONG TIME. If we really want Single Payer, we can't just elect Bernie. You need to elect Democrats in 2018, then Bernie in 2020, then MORE Democrats that support Single Payer in 2022 (remember the Senate has only turned over ONCE at this point), then RE-ELECT Bernie in 2024, then more Democrats in 2026, then maybe...JUST MAYBE IF WE'RE REALLY LUCKY...Single Payer is legitimately on the table 10 years from now.

Probably far longer than even that though. Even if you assume a Democrat wins in 2020 (not a guarantee), then gets reelected in 2024 (even less of a guarantee), then a realistic timeline is probably getting a Democrat to run on Single Player in 2028 and get it passed in their first term.

That's what it takes to get things done in our system of government. If you're not in it for the long haul then don't get mad when people move to try something people will realistically support.

He is winning at getting to the lowest approval rating first. Throw him a bone here...

They don't believe it will happen. When it does happen they'll change their tune.

@BarackObama has a record low 39% Gallup approval rating. Why so high?

Everything he's done has turned to shit.

his base represents about 26% of the american electorate, (those who voted for him) i suggest that the floor is likely 26% at which point he will be left with only the forever trump loyalists, for whom their god emperor can do no wrong.

Northeastern Firebrands seem to do better... just sayin'

And people thought George W. Bush's was at 53 percent at this point in his presently was ridiculously low.

Trump has some old fashion views on war.

To the victor go the spoils

Under budget and ahead of schedule.

I dream of the days when he's below Bush's worst.

I generally agree, though I think the floor is closer to 30% instead of 35%. We have seen presidents dip below even that in the past, but it's an open question how entrenched partisanship has become.

Do we need to keep saying record? Every time it drops it's a new record. Is it ironic that the only other record with this kind of consistency is global warming?

well i mean...

i was being generous...


that seems like reasonable logic.


So Trump, are the rating real but the news is fake?

If the lies and distraction don't bring up his poll numbers maybe people will rally around the flag when he starts a ground war with ISIS, North Korea, China, Australia, UK, Germany, Mexico, or the New York Times

“I think there will be an afterglow from this speech ... He should get a bump in the polls, but I’ve learned in my own experience those things are fleeting and ultimately you’ve got to produce on the things you’re talking about or the memory of this speech will fade.” -- David Axelrod on CNN after Trump's speech to Congress

lol oh god you're so right

Surely though, even if they like what he represents, they have to realise he's not any good at it?

That's why trump will throw him a war with Iran to placate him.