Donald Trump Threatens to Sabotage Obamacare

Donald Trump Threatens to Sabotage Obamacare

Keep in mind this is a Republican president with majorities in both the House and the Senate threatening the minority party to fall in line because his leadership is too poor to unify his own party. And how does he threaten them? By saying he will take away health care benefits for 7 million of the least empowered people in the country.

What garbage this man is.

He is literally threatening to kill people.

The suggestion of Trump as the "ultimate deal maker" is dead and buried after healthcare debacle.

Supporters voted for a 'deal maker', ended up with a fraud.

Does anyone else find it amusing and scary that Republicans control nearly all of government at the moment, yet the fucking president still has to resort to intimidation techniques against the minority party in order to get anything accomplished?

How fucking pathetic can you be? Republicans are so devoid of ideas that they can't even do anything when they have complete control. And their useless know nothing leader can't even unite the party.

Watching Trump faceplant on every major domestic issue is going to be really satisfying. And each time he fucks everything up, he drags down GOP with him.

"It was obvious that the potential human toll of the GOP health bill did not weigh seriously on T...

My parents voted for Trump because they were afraid of the government meddling in their healthcare. Now they're terrified about not having any healthcare, or their rates drastically increasing.

This is the sort of people I don't understand. "Meddling in their healthcare" is exactly what got them Obamacare, and they are clearly old enough to know what it was like before. So why on earth would they vote for the party that keeps trying to kill it -- whether slowly or quickly.

What's funny about Trump isn't just how out of league he is but how he admits his stupidity. He openly says the Chinese President talked to him about North Korea for 10 minutes and now his entire position changed. He openly says he didn't realize how complicated healthcare is. And here he openly reveals what is a toxic and sad political strategy. At least other low brain pols like Dubya or Dan Quayle didn't have the arrogance to openly admit their stupidity on such a daily basis

“Either his hardcore supporters will come to the view that he has got to do certain things to build and expand the base, to protect the party’s interests and to set himself up for reelection — or they will be highly offended and take that out on the president"

Given how a large contingent of his base is moral values voters who gleefully elevated a casino mogul and thrice married philanderer who famously treats and talks to women like worthless fuckmeat and built a campaign on appeals to racial hatred, I'm not going to bet against them bending even further for him.

Its like they sold themselves out so hard for Trump that they don't know where else to turn if they reject him, so at this point they're just resolved to taking the ride until the wheels come off.

Because Fox News.

He's so stupid he doesn't realise how stupid it is to only now be learning that healthcare is complicated, and that it only took 10 minutes to know how complicated the North Korea situation is, if only he'd taken the fucking time to read up on it. He thinks we're all learning along with him.

He thinks we're all learning along with him.

This is an excellent point and something I'd not been able to put into words so succinctly. Trump believes he's surrounded by peers when he flounders. His weakness is a shared weakness. When he excels, though, it's because he's better than everyone.

I've seen this said a few times on Reddit, that there's a substantial subset of American conservatives who want to privatize gains and socialize losses. It would seem Trump wants to do the same with regards to his ego: socialize mistakes and privatize adroitness.

It was dead and buried before the words left Trumps anus.

Color me shocked; the "deal-maker" who bullies his way through life and blatantly disregards everyone but himself cannot get anything done in politics. "I'm not going to pay you" doesn't work in the White House.

What a terrible shame for his voters. How very tragic for them.

Let him do it. This is a "Look what you did, you made me beat my children." kind of threat. Have him follow through with it and then buy as much ad time as you can. Pin the failure of Obamacare on Trump, tell everyone he destroyed it. Odds are it was going to have some tough times without changes happening, but he's offering the Democrats an out. He's the one playing the political game here, they don't have to play into his hand.

To him, the disenfranchised in our country are not citizens; they are hostages. Their lives are just leverage to him.

Remember, many Trump voters favor the ACA. It's Obamacare that they hate.

Does anyone else find it amusing and scary that Republicans control nearly all of government at the moment, yet the fucking president still has to resort to intimidation techniques against the minority party in order to get anything accomplished?

That's called a dictator mate.

Hey! He also treats girls like worthless fuckmeat. Like telling ten year olds they will date him when they are 20, or walking into changing rooms with 15 year olds inside.

It's not failing on its own. That's the key takeaway here.

Of course, these fucking morons are going to sabotage it.

My mom voted for him because she just didn't like Hillary. I asked why and she was like "well I can't really explain it, there's just all these things people say she did and I don't like her."

At least she's honest I guess. Personally I'd rather not vote based on conspiracy theories.

Many of the largest failings of the ACA are due to Republicans undermining it. The largest cost increases are in states that didn't do the expansion. Congress has underfunded a fund that was supposed to help combat premium increases. Now Trump and his administration are trying to do whatever they can to force the law to fail, so they can claim that it was doomed all along.

If everyone just accepted the ACA as the law of the land and tried to make it successful it would have been a great stepping stone to a public option. But the Republicans couldn't let the Democrats have a political win, so they have tried everything they can to sabotage the law.

He doesn't want to look like a liar.

Since when is this a concern?! Like, seriously...

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Remember the Vox video where they interviewed a lady in Kentucky who credits Obamacare saving her life when she got cancer. But then rails about how she "despises" Obama for having the audacity to name it after himself.

Man, now we are getting into the GOP's area of expertise.

Implement legislation that they themselves knowingly constructed to sabatoge and harm a particular group and then laude it over them as "proof" of whatever bullshit they are trying to peddle.

Harsh petty drug possession laws that tears apart families, bankrupts them, prevents offenders from getting jobs and renders them outcasts within society and then yell "see!! I told you that marijuana ruins lives!!"

Sabatoge the ACA and yell from the rooftops "see! I told you Obamacare was going to fail!"

But as long as Dems embrace multiculturalism and 'Bortion rights they won't be winning over any conservatives anytime soon.

Fuck trying to pander to those fucksticks. Dems just need to focus on having huge voter turnouts. PR campaigns, voter registration drives and a network that enables them to gets to the polls would do it.

It doesn't even need to be political, just get people's asses to the polls. High voter turnout almost always benefits Dems.

It would be so sweet if we could see the overlap of Obamacare beneficiaries and Trump voters. I say we kill Obamacare for all Trump supporters. They want it gone? Drop your insurance and food stamps, Felix. No one is forcing you to use social services, but we are all paying for it. So lighten the load for the rest of us, Trump supporters. Lose your insurance, it will make it cheaper for everyone.

"Look what you did, you made me beat my children."

The problem is, many of his supporters seem to genuinely believe this. Trump can do no wrong. So when his changes directly hurt them, they'll figure out a way to rationalize it being Obama's fault.

It doesn't work in business, either. At least according to all the judges who've ruled against him in lawsuits.

That was what Russia wanted her to think. Funny how all those stories about all the bad things she was doing suddenly disappeared after the election.

They're not hostages; they're his enemies. At least that's how he views them, according to his New Years tweet.

The No Spin Zone, tho.

no, it's different than a dictator, although I'll grant you that's what he's shooting for. Dictators wield power though. Trump can't do shit.

"I'll tell you where you can spin, honey." - Bill O'Reilly in breathy whisper.

"In an “Entertainment Tonight” Christmas feature in 1992, Trump looked at a group of young girls and said he would be dating one of them in ten years. At the time, Trump would have been 46 years old."

There's video in the link. Enjoy...or, you know, try not to vomit.

And his followers are buying it. Had a guy tell me yesterday that even though the republicans basically control the entire government and don't need the democrats to agree on anything to get it passed, that it was the democrats fault for the new health care bill not getting passed. "They should have worked with him."

And unfortunately there is a lot of these people still out there.

Donnie says a lot of things. If I thought he was competent enough to know how to do it, I would be worried.

Premiums won't go down with Obamacare but they will go up less. But that's too much logic for a conservative. At this point I'm all for getting rid of Obamacare because more conservatives need to start dying faster before they do any more harm.

give him a break!

you know how people always talked about how hard it was for Obama to govern since 2010 with a democrat minority?

why does nobody talk about how hard it must be for Trump to govern with a democrat minority?


That's the thing right under his nose, right?

And they didn't see it coming???

He ran a casion into bankruptcy. Helloo. The odds are with the house

Of course he made out like a bandit which is what he always do - looking out for #1

I have a term for people like that: aggressively stupid.

Before all this, I would've pointed these types in the direction of that Harvard study (I think Harvard, anyway) that looked at the "Run the government like a business" thing, and they came to the conclusion it was in no way compatible, beneficial, and could even be disastrous. But then after being 'lol librul elite snowflaked' to death by pointing out facts and figures and studies to them, now it's just useless. These people are dense.

Edit: I couldn't find what I thought I'd read before, but here is a review from the Harvard Business Review about the subject:

He promised the ACA would collapse. He doesn't want to look like a liar.


I don't get this. The government is expected to pay $7 billion on the health of its citizens, but apparently that's too much money so Trump & company want to "blow it up." But a useless wall on the border that'll cost over $20billion and require billions in upkeep each year is a good investment? Increasing the already giant military budget by $50 billion is Okay? It's like the government in office just wants to keep the citizens sick and destitute. Our government is becoming ridiculous and it really saddens me :(

Let's say you owe 10 people a total of a 100,000 dollars, so 10,000 per person. Each of these people are completely independent from each other working on different projects.

You then tell them they didn't do a good enough job and you won't pay them. All but 2 don't have the resource's to go through with a lawsuit. The 2 that do win and you lose a total of 30000 in legal proceedings and damages per case.

That still leaves with 40,000 in saved money. That's why he does it. Even if you lose big on a few cases, the amout you save overall is worth it.

It's unbelievable frustrating to have to watch these idiots wonder why this bullshit is happening like they had no idea. Trump is a charlatan and always has been. These people are suckers and will be fooled again...

Fair and balanced, I mean it says it right there on the tv.

Trump's dumpster fire inspired presidency is doing a wonderful job of highlighting how much projecting is done by conservative politicians and media in the US.

Basically anything they criticize is what they're doing, and what they say they're doing is exactly the opposite of what they're doing.

They say fair and balanced, well they're clearly anything but. They say they're going to drain the swamp, swamp gets filled. They claim the moral high ground, turns out they're sexually assaulting people and god knows what else. They say homosexuality is wrong, they're banging male hookers in public restrooms while being high on meth.

Fairly certain that the ACA did not have a negative impact on quality of medical care. Premiums did spike briefly but that was a function of insurance companies adjusting to the new framework. In time, premiums would likely start to come down.

You know those sneaky Democrats though. They were just waiting until it would catch people off guard, and then they were gonna swoop in with those death panels. /s

Yep. Ten year olds.

Donald Trump will kill thousands of Americans when he sabotages Obamacare and forces Obamacare to fail. Sadly, he won't care either.

I'm still stuck in a walmart fema camp being forced to pray to mecca daily...its been rough, hopefully glorious leader trump can liberate us from our chains! /s

But let's be perfectly fair now, both parties are the same. Obama did take everyone's guns away.

i tried so hard in the election to talk to trump supporters I was friends with. To ask them what exactly they though a deal maker could do as president, or how they knew he had that skill. I tried to explain the politics isn't just a series of deals and that even the deals we do make are largely determined by resources and geopolitical factors both of which he didn't understand but oh well.

Nice. He is not getting what he wants, so he just destroys health care that millions depend on. Out of sheer spite.

Flaws or not, government can never be successful if the goal of people is to dismantle it. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you have a kink in a system, you don't completely kill or replace the system, you fix the kink. ACA isn't a 200 year old home that is in shambles. It's a couple year old home with a leaky facet. Maybe even a leaky roof. Either way, it deserves a fix. Not a demolition that leaves you homeless because you have no money to buy a new one.

Fuck trying to pander to those fucksticks. Dems just need to focus on having huge voter turnouts. PR campaigns, voter registration drives and a network that enables them to gets to the polls would do it.

Election reform should be a high priority. End the rigged electoral college, end gerrymandering, end voter IDs or issue them for free to all american citizens, reform the regressive senate, implement ranked voting. The GOP is weaseling by on rigged elections.

You are right that there's no point in trying to reach trump supporters and other cult conservatives. They're a group of people who had complete dominance over society and now they're being asked to share fairly with one another. Their objective is to re establish dominance which harms everyone else. There is no negotiation there. They want an unfair world in their advantage, they don't have any intention of being reasonable.

They want dominance and they believe that only a certain type of person can give it to them. trump is that type so they will go along with anything he says or does. The narrative on immigration is constantly changing to reflect trump's most recent flip. First it was "nation of laws" deport all illegals bc they are driving jobs like construction away from americans. Then trump targets H1 visas but not H2 which would be construction jobs, the new narrative is but they're just seasonal workers, americans want job security. Suddenly american construction workers don't matter anymore. Wait til trump flips on H1 again when the economy takes a dive, the new narrative will be exactly what democrats have been telling them the whole time that skilled workers are in short supply. Point is they are not reasonable people, they are cultists who can't be reasoned with.

Is it? It just looks like a normal picture of Donald Trump to me.

"People" are still pushing it. Twitter is full of deflections of criticisms of Trump to Hillary. "But what about that corrupt Clinton Foundation??!"

It's trumps potential successor you really have to worry about

Sorry to say this, but your parents are idiots.

And the Christian Sharia Law I'm sure he'd love to put in place.

We can't just get rid of Trump; the lot of them have to go. This probably includes a lot of Congress, and is also why I think Jason Chaffetz announced he won't seek reelection.

He knows the shitstorm that is coming, and he knows he's fucked too.

Ten year olds, dude.

This is why I hate the argument that Dems lost because they weren't talking directly to this base. Has anybody tried talking to this base? It's impossible. If they won't believe science, data, and logic, then there is nothing to say to them. They've drank the koolaid already, unfortunately they're dragging us down with them.

So I agree with you. We need election reform from funding to gerrymandering and everything in between.

No, it is what allowed him to manage his fathers massive fortune during the greatest economic boom in history and only have to declare bankruptcy a half dozen times. US banks won't even lend to him anymore, that is why he is financed by Russia*.

*note: this is not a conspiracy theory or part of the current issues. Trump and his family have openly admitted that their financing is disproportionately sources from Russia, that was before the campaign even started.


Fuck this asshole and every republican in the house and senate who support him. I mean, I have no other words at this point

The thing is how do you deal with that? I mean when you have a group of people who are able to sway the election just because they like/don't like someone.

No policy basis/background/etc they just don't fucking like them. "Oh I would have liked to live and have healthcare but those pantsuits Hillary wore? No way unacceptable." /s

Him calling Syria "Iraq", and Paul Ryan "Ron", and like 3 generations of North Korean leaders collectively "that gentleman" recently is not inspiring any confidence.

only took 10 minutes to know how complicated the North Korea situation

It took Trump 10 minutes to realize Xi was speaking Chinese to him.

If you saw it, you'd see she absolutely loathed Obama. I mean she was coming unglued just talking about him and she said she despised him more than once. The right wing propaganda in this country is out of hand.

Actually had a friend who voted for trump make this argument. Heres how it went

Me: Why would you vote for trump if he is gunna take away the healthcare of millions?

Him: because Obamacare was something implemented by Obama and crooked democrats and its costing us too much in deductibles.

Me: but you ARE on obamacare then. So you are intentionally shooting yourself in the foot?

Him: no. Only idiotic liberals like you go on obamacare. I use the ACA as mine.

Me: i honestly dont even know how to respond to that ...

Him: yeah, i thought as much. You liberals just dont know what to do without a handout

Needless to say we have since stopped being friends ...

Edit: To everyone saying i should have told him, i was new to college and he was my only friend. So no. I put friendship over winning the argument and just gave him a whatever. Honestly looking back ... Shoulda told him. Sorry :/

I don't doubt that at all. My sweet old 85 year old grandmother is a soft-spoken woman from the Midwest, who grew up in foster homes and has been poor her entire life. I mention this because she had a really rough upbringing, which you'd think would give her some empathy and understanding of the lower class struggle, regardless of race.

She is definitely a racist though, and hated Obama as well. She fell over into a snow drift outside of her house this past winter, and a neighbor kid saw her and went over and helped her get into her house. He literally saved her life; she would have laid there all night and froze to death otherwise.

Her telling this story is interesting though, because that kid was black. Her telling of this otherwise sweet story of a child saving her life is marred by her face when she refers to him as the colored kid who saw her. So she tells the story smiling and laughing, then her tone changes for the one sentence. She'll say this awful phrase with a disgusted look on her face, and you can just see the hatred. Then she will immediately go back to happy and giggly and finish the story.

I love her, but god dammit. What the fuck, grandma? Why the hate? You should have written that kid a check and remembered his god damn name.

There's a difference between being open minded and too stupid to understand anything, so you just parrot the last thing you heard about a topic.

I'm open minded, but I'll try to fact check new information that's presented to me before I let it affect my position, and I have a "Does this make any sense?" filter that Trump doesn't seem to have.

I don't want to see this video because just your description made me want to slam my head against a wall.

And we wonder why the GOP wants to privatize and control all education.

Supporters voted for a fraud under the false assumption that he was a deal maker. FTFY

I asked so many people the same question and came up with no answers other than, 'I don't know, I just don't'

ACA is not a failure. It needs to be fixed. Even Obama said as much. I agree with you, though I hate to see it happen as it would affect too many people who need health insurance, that he should try to sabotage it. Will get people mighty mad.

When you sell your soul to the devil you don't get a choice in what he does with it

the sad part is his supporters don't care. they worship him to a point that they think anything he does, no matter how contradictory with reality, is great. also, unintelligent people have lower standards when interacting with information and the world. you and i see 10minutes talking to china and realize he could not have possibly learned the intricacies of geopolitics, trump supporters see 10minutes and think that makes him an expert now.

Maybe it's my perspective being from NYC, but if you paid any attention to Trump in the decades he's been in the public eye, or even just the Pulitzer Prize winning coverage during election season about his charity abuse, it was clear that he was a bad choice.

I know some people who were strongly against a Clinton dynasty, but holy shit the blatant corruption going on right now. There'd be riots (edit: and rightfully so -- This isn't okay) if Clinton were elected and she employed Chelsea as an advisor and had her sitting next to Merkel or getting Japanese and Chinese trademarks immediately after meeting with their leaders, or whatever.

On the topic of 7 million Americans and health care, I think you are being kind. These people view history as survival of the fittest and that liberal arts and ideals of equality have never proven to be a success - and you are the sucker for believing in them. To them, death of people who are losers, failures, ugly, dumb - is expected, encouraged. "Kill yourself" for ideas and behaviors (homosexuality, other religions) isn't a joke to a lot of people. You encounter it regularly here on reddit if you listen to people who are honest about it. On top of that, there is great admiration for piles of wealth, rewards of exclusivity, and impressive expensive things - military equipment, impressive houses. I don't think they believe it's possible to "have nice things" to admire if you are helping out difficult, complicated, and "problem" bottom parts of society (the lessor 50%, the failures). They think competition is the ultimate human value.

To be fair, they can all sell their iPhones and easily afford a few weeks of unsubsidized healthcare. After that, maybe a kidney which tends to fetch around $20k on the black market.

This is the important point. His supporters are the problem. He is the symptom. Liberals and moderates need to understand that these supporters are dangerous and, more importantly, motivated. If we want to stop the Trump movement we need to outnumber his supporters at the polls up and down the ballot whenever there is an election.

The media is a powerful tool, look at what happened when the AHCA came up. His supporters did not support it with most of them on the left of the discussion rather than with the Freedom Caucus, this is why he's playing to Democrats right now. He has fervent supporters who you are never going to convince, sure, but that group of people is a lot less than you think, probably 15-20% at most. You need to be less concerned about those people and focus on the 75-80% who you can convince.

It wasn't just Twitter, it was Facebook, YouTube, etc. filled with Russian bots to push fake stories, fake comments, fake ads into people's heads all of them personal to your views and how you feel, age, race, intelligence (hs grad vs college grad vs not) (religion maybe even)


Don't forget all the vague unrealistic promises. he has secret detailed plans, "believe him, folks". Just wants to surprise people with how awesome the details will be.

Fiscal conservatism has never been about fiscal conservatism, its always been a roundabout way for social conservatism. They want to enforce the caste system without the guilt of implementing a caste system.

The funny thing is, just yesterday I saw someone blame Hillary for that.

Like, millions upon millions of people voted against a qualified, experienced, not-insane leader, and the person to blame is her. Her fault that they couldn't picture having a beer with her or whatever.

Honestly, maybe Trump is exactly what we deserve if half the country is this fucking stupid.

It does when you have all the resources and the cost of settling in court is less than what you agreed to pay somebody.

"Spin on my loofah as I falafel your back"

And this sort of slap-dash, "fuck over 60% of your subs" logic is what makes him a business genius?

Sorry, "sold kidney for cash" is a pre-existing condition.

Always. That's the trick to trump. Cover the old lies with new lies and when the new lies fail lie about who's responsible.

Teflon don the con.

I have several other terms for them, but if I were to use them, they'd have to vote Republican next time because someone called them a mean name.

It's even worse than that analogy. It's a brand new home where one of the workers was intent on messing it up, so they refused to install a sink in the bathroom and are now saying they will shut the water off since the house is "clearly falling apart"

they'll just keep blaming evil liberals and democrats. every thing trump does that they don't like is the democrat's fault. anything good that happens during trump's presidency, whether he affected it or not, is trump's great success. this is how cults function.

Because that little exchange was something he just made up

wait, what? ten year olds??

Ugh. This shit stopped being funny a while ago. We gotta get this asshole out. I didnt vote for him but i was willing to give him a chance because it was so crazy it might work. It clearly does not work. I reallllly hope he doesn't start a war

That was my understanding too. That the rate at which premiums were rising were slowed with the ACA. I think they're always going to keep going up unless something drastic changes, but why wouldn't people be happy that the rate at which they were was cut down?

Every time trump pulls some crap, or more negatives are leaked & I think "the end must be near", I look at Fox. Everything is spun in a positive light, the comments are still how great he is for 'merica. Lyin, crooked, cheatin', lazy, liberals.

Upvote for using "adroitness". Also good point.