Donald Trump Says....

Donald Trump Says....

Wait until he learns there are white Africans

I can't fucking wait for the moment where he asks how someone can be white if they're from Africa, and one of his aids says "oh my God Donald, you can't just ask someone why they're white".

Wait until he learns what his illegal immigrant wife's name means

Wait until he learns what his

Donald doesn't realize that people in European countries no longer want to come here because of him. Only in what he calls a "shithole country" are conditions so bad that they would want to come to the land of the orange bigot.

I'm so disgusted by these Fucking trump supporters going

"But it is a shithole!"

This whole situation Is LITERALLY like a child saying "wow what happened to you!! Thats gross!" To a veteran with missing legs.

Why the fuck do we need to explain a basic sense of class to these fucking morons.

Oh yeah! That’s our stable genius!


I wouldn't let a 70 year old person babysit my animals, why are we letting them run the world? Smh.

God is he an awful human being.

He didn't call ALL of the nazis "very fine people"... just said that "there are some very fine pe...

Which directly states: Some of the nazis are very fine people.

So -- okay, he didn't say all nazis were very fine people, but to say ANY nazi is a very fine person (let alone "some")...

How can you write this much and say so little? Trump makes one insensitive remark after the next; throws around racist slurs one moment and insults other countries as well as his own in the next.

The fact that people comment on this behavior doesn't mean they are overly sensitive – Trump just can't stay away from his shit decisions.

Name one country in Africa that isn't a shithole and that you'd be willing to live in for a year

South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya.


A shithole country where millions of people can't afford to eat or get medical care.. wait that's America.

that would require Fox News to pick it up

He was just saying that if you are a person from one these shitholes, you automatically get discounted. It was literally an argument he made about prejudging people based on their national origin.

In his former job, he would be legally barred from exactly this kind of discrimination if he wanted to be a federal contractor. Coincidentally, he actually has been sued by the Justice Department for refusing housing to black people, and he additionally has made numerous public statements about people's abilities to do jobs based on their ethnicity and race. He's a huge fucking racist, and this latest quote underscores that fact. Period.

Gee, it's so unlike Trump to contradict himself (especially when his handlers realize he's made a fool of himself yet again by publicly saying that some nazis are okay).

You'll note that he stepped back his denunciation of nazis the following day (when he made the very fine people remark). Or you won't because you don't want to believe it. Whichever is fine.

The crowd was chanting "blood and soil" -- this is literally an English translation of an old nazi chant.

Maybe they weren't self-identifying as nazis but if you're chanting a nazi chant at a nazi event...

In other words, I have no interest in engaging the vile thoughts of a racist other than to mock them.

One of the sublime joys of adulthood is being able to simply walk away from horrible bigots.

You have been made a moderator of T_D! Please pick up your hood at the courtesy desk

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

There's your reason for why people from those countries want to come here; it'd be a vast upgrade for them. And why would people from the Scandinavian countries want to come here?! They'd be downgrading.

Adorable racist is adorable.

Where'd you dick up those alternative facts? T__Dumpster?

Well, they are the very best trump supporters Donald could find, there's not much to choose from.

Nah. Appears to be another fellow person who wants political boomers to stop fucking up the country already.

The mental gymnastics you need to do to accommodate believing in the divine attributes of your God Emperor are truly staggering.

Not that I'm aware of, but he's certainly said plenty of other stupid shit. Like I said in my previous comment, it's his own fault that people believe what is being said about him.

How about that time he was speaking in front of a crowd of native American veterans and felt it was appropriate to pick a fight with Elizabeth Warren – using a racist slur for native American.

Oh no, he married "Black Trump"

Elon Musk is from South Africa. I don't think Trump would even believe it. I don't even believe Trump would believe there is a South Africa.

Considering Trump has a long history of saying ignorant/racist things, he lost the benefit of the doubt long ago. It's his own fault that people believe what is being said about him.

Wait until he learns that even before the colonization of Africa, it was an ethnically and culturally diverse continent of many nations which even now people boil down to the "us" and "them" of "Africa" or "not."

Would you have a different opinion of me if I had no choice to be born white in either American continent, the Asian continent, or the Australian continent?

I've misled you. I was not born in Africa nor have I ever been there. The past is as fucked up as maintaining the boundaries it established. I can't punch my great-great-grandfather in the face for his role in the American genocide, but we can talk to people all over the world instantaneously and break down barriers, and hopefully lay down the foundation for a future not dictated by the boundaries our ancestors made for us.


He did claim they all have AIDS though.

Dont listen to anything i have to say

That's some good advice.

If you say we don’t want people from shithole countries it really sounds an awful lot like you are judging people based on where they come from.

If he meant we should be more equal to everyone then I’m afraid he is an absolutely disastrous communicator. While, of course, being a stable genius... that thinks F-52 fighters are real, or doesn’t remember numbers, or doesn’t care what the world thinks of his country that he farts out random statements while acting head of state.

What parts of the immigration system are you referring to anyway?

Are you having a stroke?

Do you smell toast?

Based on Trump saying it... which he did at a summer meeting. The White House denies that he did, however.

Given that they have denied other verifiable true things (often that happened within 24 hours of the denial)... and given that Trump has said other things, often worse things... why is this at all surprising? (both in his slander and in the WH staff denying it ex post facto)

So that's excusable, and today is excuseable. What is the number of disturbingly racist comments he would need to make for you to reach your threshhold of unacceptability? Five? Eleven?

Most of us were out at one.