Donald Trump refuses to make state visit to UK until Theresa May ‘fixes warm UK welcome'

Donald Trump refuses to make state visit to UK until Theresa May ‘fixes warm UK welcome'
Donald Trump refuses to make state visit to UK until Theresa May ‘fixes warm UK welcome'

This title should be "Donald Trump will never make a state visit to the UK".

President Snowflake.

"I'm anti-PC so i support trump"

"people need to be respectful of the President!"

"Free speech, people can say whatever we want!"

"Except that."

Now that he's confirmed how the UK public can ensure that it never happens.

The very idea that a head of government can arrange for the people to be warmly welcoming is in itself hilarious.

Except maybe in a bonkers totalitarian dictatorship, which May would like to be head of, but isn't yet

He need a safe space to feel comfortable.

Theresa May, of all people.

"I won't come over until your people greet me warmly and with respect."

"Listen Donald, if you can figure out how to make the UK population do that, please let me know."

The snowflake can't take the heat.

I was hoping the mass mooning would really happen.

We had a great dose of this during the Bush years, too:

"Support the troops!"

"Well, I think this war is a huge mista..."

"Are you saying you don't support the troops?! Or the commander in chief?!"

This is so childish. And how is she supposed to "fix it"?

"Make your people like me or I'm not coming!" throws rattle out of crib

Yep, no better way to make the British love you, he shall now be received with open arms...

Besides, like they care if he doesn't come anyway, not much of a threat!!

Trump supporter: "I hate PC!"

Clinton: "OK, deplorable"

Trump supporter: "REEEEEEE that's why you lost stupid liberals"

holy fuck. I had that happen to me when I was one of the only kids who said they weren't sure about the iraq war, and when I say kid I mean kid, I'm only in my late 20s now. I had one teacher say something along the lines of "you don't support our troops then!" and I said something along the lines of "I support them more than you because I want them home safe" and I got sent to the principals office lol. The principal just said that people are very sensitive as to what happened, especially since we live so close to NYC and just about everyone knew people who died, I don't get the relevance but okay. Now the majority of that town seems to look back on iraq with this attitude like they knew it was a bad idea but I remember that shit pretty clearly, me and my family got shunned by some people for not supporting the iraq war

"Stupid liberals, I drink your tears!"

"Wow, you really are an asshole."


In Europe, 100 miles is a long way. In America, 100 years is a long time.

That's a strange way to spell fortunately

He'll be waiting a while for that. Maybe there's someone in the UK who doesn't think that Trump is an absolute prick but I haven't met them yet.

You have to treat a guy like him with kid gloves. Tiny little kid gloves.

"The MSM is Fake News!"

"Trump just admitted to it on twitter and national television."


"I haven’t had great coverage out there lately, Theresa," Mr Trump told Ms May, according to a transcript of the conversation seen by The Sun

An Independent article using The Sun as a source.

Right, this seems believable

what a surprise a billionaire crying because he can't have his own way.

Trump has been a wannabe dictator since day 1. He heaps praise on authoritarian regimes and insults our closest allies. He and the GOP have been trying to shut down protests since the inauguration crowd lie.

The other option is for the President to stop being such an unlikable shit bag.


"Trump's son literally admitted and provided evidence that it happened."


This whole thing feels like an experiment to see if a narcissist can ever be satisfied.

He's the most powerful man on the fucking planet and he's still playing the victim.

Id travel from the North of England to London for a chance to moon trump.

According to news reports out of the country, Poland’s conservative ruling party is busing supporters to the capital to boost Trump’s ego. This is not just a courtesy to the U.S. president, who’s been accused of traveling with his own gaggle of human applause machines, it’s the fulfillment of a promise made to the White House, the AP reports.

It sounds like he's expecting something like this.

As someone who was anti-PC before being anti-PC was cool, I say Trump is an honest to god snowflake who needs to have his ego stroked 24/7.

Dear America, please please please don't impeach this guy until he visits the UK. As a connesseur of shitshows, I can't resist seeing this in person.

4chan is full of rabid supporters with UK based IP addresses.

Unfortunately these people rarely venture out into the 3 dimensional world.

Good on you for sticking to your guns back then. I personally supported the fight after 9/11 until we went into Iraq. Then i was really confused....

This is what it sounds like

when Trumps cry

I mean, really? The depth of that guys pettiness and immaturity has no end. Its fucking unbelievable. I don't know how he got through life without getting the shit beat out of him daily.

He praised Saudi Arabia for having no protesters when he was there. Trump is an aspiring authoritarian who would behave exactly like Ergodan if he could get away with it. When he says he wants May to "fix it", this is what he's imagining.

I don't know how he got through life without getting the shit beat out of him daily.

Lots of money.

I think it's now "who doesn't collude?"

"Dig if you will the picture

Of you and I engaged in treason

The sweat of collusion covers me

Can you, my darling?

Can you picture this?


Dream if you can my Twitter feed

An ocean of bots nodding yes

Sycophants strike curious poses

They feel the heat

The heat between me and you


How can you just leave me standing

Alone in a world that's so cold?

Maybe I'm just too demanding

Maybe I'm just like my Spicey: too bold

Maybe you're just like my Bannon

He's never satisfied

Why do we scream at each other?

This is what it sounds like

When Trumps cry


Touch if you will my dossier

Feel how it trembles inside

You've got the leakers all tied up

Don't make me chase you

Even Trumps have pride"


-Reince "When Trumps Cry"

You can be anti-PC and anti-Trump.

Especially true now, given how much coddling Trump requires or he gets his fee fees hurt and starts flaming women reporters on Twitter.

Fuckin.... Touche.

"Down with PC culture!"

"Shakespeare in the Park is offensive!"

I also heard "If you got an offer of colluding against your opponent, you would take it for sure! Who wouldn't?!". Al Gore didn't, for one.

So like, 2 hours?

Personally really want the guy to come, just so we can have a mass protest and see if we can make the kiddy cry.

Brit here. We know nothing of President Trump's mother. To my knowledge neither she nor her views about the monarchy have been reported my mainstream media over here. Besides which, aligning herself with either a pro or anti monarchy stance is the last thing our Prime Minister wants to do right now. She can do without another controversial issue to get involved in/ mess up.

So a 'Large' then?

Fuck off tosser, you're not welcome.

Well, I'm sure he believes that Macron made all of France love him, so why not England?

I see these comments on every "Independent" post and yet they're still the most upvoted site on this subreddit

There was a hilarious moth podcast on yesterday about this guy working in public relations...for Gaddafi in NYC. He had to find a ground floor luxury suite in NYC and find a place for this giant tent Gaddaffi used for diplomatic talks / PR.

He rented a house that belonged to Trump. As part of the deal, Trump tried to arrange a meeting so he could talk about Real estate opportunities in Libya. With a dictator. At his estate in suburban NY. Just kinda surreal.

I heard that on Poland, they brought people to Warsaw with buses so that somebody could cheer for him.

Considering May might not even last a year, he might be waiting a long time. That being said I'd love to see how Jeremy Corbyn and a Labor government would "welcome" him.

Most people only see headlines and vote. They do not look at the article, or even the comments. That's how it's always so highly up-voted.

Which is why it's even more dangerous, they get their news from up-voted headlines and up-vote what they like, without looking if the source is credible or the headline sensationalist.

He visited Poland a few days ago

The majority of polish people actually wanted him to come though, opposite to what's happening in the UK.

Apparently Poland really likes America, so even a controversial president was welcomed to come. I could be wrong though

I hear he's wearing two pairs now to make it feel bigger.

Since he's not welcome in America either... can he just quit already ?

Given that she can barely organise a warm reception for herself I wouldn't hold out much hope for her being able to do so for Trump. He can always go back to France again, Ryder Cup next year. Perhaps he can persuade 'Jim' to come with him and prove that he actually exists

We should baptise him as we do many of our politicians. With an egg.

Or we could arrange for him to be greeted by Lord Buckethead...

Yeah, I didn't say anything about afghanistan since if that's where the baddies were then that makes sense. Iraq is where I was like wut

edit: at least that was my mindset in like middle school. I think completely overthrowing al-q would have been borderline impossible and instead taking out their leaders would have made the most sense. My views on the tactics of war have gotten more refined, but also at the same time we were told very clearly "this is who did it and this is where they are", right?

It always amuses me that he has to block famous people like Stephen King because he can't handle the negative tweets. Apparently the mood in the White House at night is horrible (er, I mean, it's fantastic!!!), while he sits around fuming about the news, tweets, and other negative stories about him.

Of course, he could just try to do what he promised - make America awesome, actually fix healthcare, massively expand funding for NASA, pull some harmful regulations off of things like schools or the post office, raise taxes on the super rich (like himself) to help pay for infrastructure repairs, invest in new energy technology to free us from oil, etc.

But nope. All those ideas are fake.

I wonder if there's a bit of that involved actually

W Bush was driven through London amidst empty streets. A cordon was thrown up about a mile away. Bush might have been forgiven thinking that London genuinely was a ghost town where just him, the Queen, and tumbleweed lived.

The UK could always give Trump the same treatment and no crowd would be there to mar his visit. It does leave me wondering therefore if what he really wants its lots of flag waving extras cheering him instead.

I'm also left wondering a bit whether the honour of his mother might be a background influence? She was a devout monarchist and the two things he immediately cited about his proposed visit was to honour her memory, and to get a higher level ceremony than that accorded to Obama. If he can't achieve either, then he has little incentive to visit

I dig that. You guys have park benches older than our constitution.

My hairy arse will be at standby 24/7 until the danger of a visit from the Tangerine Tyrant has passed.

Also Pepsi, they called the FBI when they were offered stolen Coca-Cola secrets.

Not just the men, but the women and children too.

I remember my dad saying something like "if Saddam has WMDs we should go and kick his ass" and I said "well what if he doesn't?" (Not that I was smart I was just at a stage where I liked to contradict and challenge everything) and he got so mad at me for thinking the government was lying. It was weird because he was a life long democrat.

Don't hold your breath.

These are the same people who were calling President Obama every racist slur in the book and claiming he was an illegitimate president born in Kenya.

As a Brit, nothing is more likely to make us protest Trump's visit than telling us we can't protest Trump's visit.

Exactly my thoughts too. I get that Saddam wasn't doing the greatest of things, but we had little to no reason to go in there.. And that's when i realized why everyone criticised us for being the "world police". And now Iraq is in even worse condition than before we intervened in the first place.

Besides, like they care if he doesn't come anyway, not much of a threat!!

Yeah, really.

They have more important things to get on with. Like trying to manage life after brexit.

Free speech is perfectly real, it just doesn't mean what everyone thinks it means.

It doesn't mean you can say anything you want free of consequences. It means the gov't can't arrest or censor you because of what you say. There's nothing at all preventing your neighbors from calling you a fuckwad because they don't like your opinion (or you doing it to them). Nor are private institutions required to entertain your soapbox rants.

He was sent to military school because he wouldn't stop beating smaller basically he went to bully college.

I read a few days ago that the conservative party in Poland had bussed people in to cheer for him.

This. By the sound of it, he wants May to be like that too.

I think he fell in love with his reception in Poland recently, with all of those people chanting his name. The only thing he cares about is his own ego.

He'd give him an arsenal shirt 4 sizes too small.

Thanks Macron, you set the bar too high. Now Trump expects a military parade and joygasm welcome where ever he goes.

I believe he'll throw himself a military parade in the U.S. within a year. He's said in the past that he wants one.

I also have my VPN put me in the UK. It makes me feel fancy.

Also saddam and his party was funded and maintained by the US up until the gulf war. Which was conveniently forgotten about in 2003.

Is this not the exact plot of Arrested Development?

"The second amendment is for fighting back against an opressive govenmental regime!"

"Not our opressive regime!"

Now lets face it, that would be awesome. Seeing the President of the USA, crying and getting on his plane days early. Worth it.

American here. we think he's a cunt too.

Chances are he will visit at some point, He visited Poland a few days ago, although not a 'State' visit.

He will visit, just perhaps not as an official 'state' one, perhaps for talks on the EU or Trade, I don't think he will get a state visit, just an ordinary one.

I marched against the Iraq war, and against the Afghanistan war too. I knew it was wrong at the time and repeatedly hit the streets to say so. We were right, the people in power didn't listen, and now there are millions of unnecessary dead, Iraq won't recover for 50 year, and ISIS rules swathes of the desert.

Typical frivolous spending from conservatives.

I can't take credit for that, it's a (relatively) well-known quote I think. Can't remember who said it or when though ;)

Isn't it a non sequitur, though? What relevance has his mother's political stance to do with 2017 issues? My mom's a Hank Williams fan, but that doesn't entitle me to a share of Hank's estate.

Given the trouble that buses have caused the Torys recently they're steering well clear of them for a while.

They're coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere.

Please clap

Why? It's quite simple. Just put thousands of unemployed in the busses, tell them there's work in the NHS if Trump is happy and take them to greet him. After the visit, deny them the job and say "it was never a promise".

I can't see how it could go wrong.

the most powerful man in the world is a coward

Trump seems like the kind of guy who plans his own surprise parties.

Yep! Bingo.

That's why they constantly shriek "IT'S HAPPENING!!" when some big international event is underway. Or even if a fake conspiratorial event is supposedly underway.

These are the types of men with no grit and no initiative. Yearning for the world to change in a horrible apocalyptic way because they fail to find a place in the current version.

These are men who wait for events to happen to them, rather than make events happen for them.

Barely men at all, frankly.


Donald Trump will visit when hell freezes over Britain warms up.

"Trump has promised £350m/week if you greet him warmly, just think what that could do for the NHS!"

Saw on the Caspian report recently some interesting stuff about Polish politics. Looks like they've practically given up on the EU as a defence against Russia and are aiming to become an American client state, pretty much

"Keep calm and clap enthusiastically."

The French come to our rescue again...Lafayette would be proud

Aww, maybe he should call up daddy Putin and tell him to MAKE her respect him. Awe, poor baby. :(

To be fair to the dems who supported it, the NYT was fed false information from the us gov that was then used by the us gov as a pretense for the war.

haha what a self-absorbed piece of shit

We can keep him in the Bastille if you want

It also doesn't mean that you are entitled to a platform for your speech. If someone want to ban you from speaking at their event, or rescind an invitation to speak, they are perfectly within their rights. They don't have to help you broadcast views they disagree with. And you are perfectly free to tell everyone that they are twats for doing so. But they don't have to let you on stage.