Donald Trump on that blunt game

Donald Trump on that blunt game

and you’re a dip shit


Trump has not only one but two black friends?!

Has Trump ever inhaled?

The guy in the middle is a scam artist “preacher” in Cleveland Ohio. Dude is a real piece of shit. I think trump donated money to him and then this dude was popping up with him for photos. He is also the man who claimed that gang members in Chicago were telling him how they were ready to stop fighting because of how much they respected trump. Of course he had to backtrack that statement a few days later but the idiots who go to that church still believe his lying ass. My cousin in law is one of those idiots.

This picture is fake

Who knew trips to the plantation could be so exciting.

Hahaha! Yeah Nigga, Fuck donald trump

I thought it was knock off Cuba Gooding Jr.

Ted Cruz would spit harder than Donald

No it's not.