Donald J. Trump on Twitter: The President of Taiwan CALLED ME today to wish me congratulations on winning the Presidency. Thank you!

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: The President of Taiwan CALLED ME today to wish me congratulations on...

There you go, everybody flipping out and he didn't even make the call!

Fuck the media and the liberals on Twitter. Pisses me off them acting like WW3 is about to happen from a phone call.

He emphasized the "called me" part because media is claiming he called them.

It was announced over 12 hours ago if the stupid fucks in the media paid attention. It undoubtedly got state approval and he was briefed on the situation beforehand.

If Clinton had called Taiwan HERSELF the MSM would have been SO proud of this brave woman who finally brought attention to the poor opressed nation of Taiwan.

Let me tell you something: If Trump would be the one to free the concentration camps, the MSM would say that's bad. Because reasons.

To be fair China is so sensitive on this that it won't matter because he accepted the call. They are thin skinned on these things. But Trump is sending a message that he is no Bitch of theirs.

Obama would of had them take a message or put them on hold. Than, call China to ask permission to talk to them. Obama is a coward. Trump has a backbone and is gonna fix our broken relationships with the world. #MAGA

THIS. And he referred to him as "the *president" of Taiwan" thereby legitimizing Taiwan as a sovereign nation.....subtle power move.

i don't know of any wars that were started over 1 guy calling another guy to congratulate him on a victory.

Fake news. Freaking hypocrites

Little known fact: Taiwan has the power to start WWIII by 'forcing' the US and China to go to war.

As long as China believes Taiwan is still theirs, they'll never go to war with the US. Because believe it or not, China is fucking terrified of our military might and will avoid conflict at all costs.

Problem is, if Taiwan declares independence, China will be in a huge Catch 22 because the US actually has a pact with Taiwan.

I am so happy I voted for this man.

Clinton just discovered 21,000 new votes in PA, all for her. Is anyone talking about this?

Who cares about Obama? Spineless, ineffective, Okie Doke of a president.

It was reported over 12 hours ago on Taiwanese outlets that she was going to call him. Not a single fucking one of these """"journalists"""" bothered to do any actual journalism.

What says America is "under new management" than refusing to be China's bitch on this matter.


although when the redarmy great click army descends on us we may miss CTR.

The President of Taiwan. Holy shit China BTFO

The true China!

China would get BTFO bigly. Their army is comprised mostly of undersupplied and undertrained conscripts. We have more hardware than they do. We have more tanks, planes, and aircraft carriers.

All they've got is warm bodies, and we stacked them like cord wood during Korea and Vietnam.

The thing is...he actually said "Taiwan." I don't even think you're allowed to say that. You have to say "East Asia" to refer to them, or some such nonsense. Yes, that is how cucked we have become.

Anyone here ever been to Taiwan? They are more patriotic about the USA than we are (or were) about ourselves. Very friendly, helpful people. They consider themselves in a situation like we were prior to the American Revolution.

Of course. 22,000 new votes all for the one candidate. Perfectly normal.

How many more votes are just going to turn up out of nowhere?

Despite what you think, Trump is no idiot.

He was smart enough to beat 16 other republicans and "the most qualified person ever".

He is your president now.

That's some high quality salt you got there.

Yep. Taiwan is its own country in my opinion. Fuck China.

You'd think ww3 would happen when we prop up taiwanese military or sell them weapons then. ... but that was not Trump, so non issue.

It's not really all that strong of a "pact", TBH. Bush 2 strongly supported it, but Obama couldn't give less of a shit.



Trump triggers the People's Republic of China

Well, now that the nightmare is (almost) over, nobody. But it was a looooooooooooooong fucking eight years. :-(

You're wasting our time. Move over to /sub/askthe_donald because you have no business being in our rally if you are just looking for a confrontation. Over there, you can expect to have some nice discussion but here is not the place for your liberal talking points. They add nothing.


There has a push to legitimatize the name "Taiwan" for the nation in the recent years, including

1) using "Taiwan" instead of "ROC" on the passport;

2) renaming of "Chiang-Kai-Shek International Airport" to "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport" (Taoyuan is the city in which the airport is located)

3) the word "Taiwan" has been added to many governmental agencies there, including the post office, nationalized oil company, national shipyard, etc.

I was born and raised in Taiwan, living in the US now. I voted for Trump and I know many of my friends (late 20s) are glad to have an apparently pro-Taiwan US President.

i think we actually would lose a land war. Reason being is that the US is not set up to accept the casualties the chinese can. People would revolt at home.

That said Trump is the nightmare scenario for china. Every single scenario they play out has the russians on their side. With Trump they are not sure.

Did you assume the Taiwanese presidents gender?!?!?


P.s. It actually is a woman that was


It's standard procedure. The vote is finalized now. All it means is that there were less absentee ballots than the difference in vote total between Trump and Hillary. Absentee ballots always lean heavily dem.

We sing, we dance, we laugh.

Also, Dude, Taiwan is not the preferred nomenclature. Running-Dog Capitalist Lackey Chinese Renegade Province of Taipei, please.

The zombie army always vote democrat. They're just a little slow.

Talking past the sale...

We're arguing over whether Trump called The President of Taiwan or or whether The President of Taiwan called Trump...

It's just absentee votes being finalized. Nothing will change.

i fucking love based taiwan! they recently proclaimed independence from china and their underground metal scene has been blowing up over the past decade. some of my favorite bands are popping up from taiwan.


And liberals are complaining about how unfair it is that the President talks directly to the public instead of through political journalists providing their 'analysis and expertise'. Fuck the MSM

Well, truly a country at any rate.


oh, im such a sexist racist misogynist bigot

The last century had Gandhi. We have Trump. The salt will flow.

You just don't get it, and that's cute, if you're twelvish.

I live in Taiwan right now. Seeing this post inspired me to go take a photo of the motorcycle parked in the alley behind my apartment. Brb.



The majority of Taiwanese people no longer identify as 'chinese'. The reason they are still called the Republic of China is because changing the name (or the constitution) is likely to result in military confrontation. They don't have a choice.

No, I completely get it. The genius of the tweet is its indirectness.

Just like he had people arguing over who'll pay for the wall, he's having people arguing over whether or not the President of Taiwan called him. That there will be a wall and that there is a President of Taiwan isn't even being questioned.

War with Russia!!!!

One China so scary do whatever China says

Makes me sick. China been fucking us for years.

What would happen to china if they did go to war with us realistically? I assume all of our allies would cease trade or severely limit it during an actual war which I assume would hurt their economy tremendously no?

Why do we recognize a Communist dictatorship, while we ignore Taiwan which is a democracy. This is the hypocrisy that Trump will end. America should guarantee the indepence of Taiwan as they could be invaded any day by china.

And he referred to him

*her. The president of Taiwan is female.

Making. things. happen.

EVERY time the media cries over something, I know Trump did another thing right

They can make a stink about it, but they aren't going to go to war or cut trade over a stupid phone call.

Funny makes me wonder what if Trump did the same bullshit Obama did with Cuba, people would lose it but no no no Obama is just bringing us close chew soap

He's only President-Elect, he can't do too much yet. We will see what happens.

Trump isn't really a 'Republican' of old. He doesn't adhere to that strict dogma.

The media hates him and he hates them. Why would he help them? He can reach the people of the USA directly through Twitter and other social media.

From personal experience, Chinese strategy of war has always been "encirclement." View a game a Go and you'll understand how the Chinese play on the world stage.


Probably all from one vacant lot, too. Maybe even a graveyard.

Lol angry much?

Trump sends message to china.. FUCK YOU... That is all.

The problem with saying people don't identify as 'Chinese' is that in English this covers 2 meanings - China the nation state, and China the culture, whereas the Chinese language makes a distinction between the two.

The majority of younger Taiwanese people would not agree that they are 中國人, but they would agree that they are 中華人.

When you count the older generation, many would also state they are 中國人 too.

Even among younger Taiwanese who would object to being associated with modern Chinese from the mainland still take pride in and see themselves as being custodians of traditional Chinese culture.

Bush the sequel, huh?


I've known three people who left the United States to go start businesses in China instead. One Indonesian and two Chinese-Americans.

Now the punchline: they left the People's Hellhole of California. Compared to Cuckifornia, China is better. Think about that lol