Doki Doki is spoiled before actually playing it cause Steam doesn't let you disable the dumb RPS and PC Gamer Spam.

Doki Doki is spoiled before actually playing it cause Steam doesn't let you disable the dumb RPS and PC Gamer Spam.

If I remember correctly the dev himself has said that knowing it's a horror VN isn't a spoiler.

It's really the only reason a lot of people are going to play this in the first place. Plus, even this post is a spoiler.

While I do agree with you, it's also in the tags ("Psychological Horror" is the very first one) and the description ("This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed"). There is no way you're buying this game without knowing what's going to happen.

Yup. Besides, the store page already says "Psychological Horror" and has the content warnings. You are well aware of it when you choose to play it.

There is no way you're buying this game

That's true either way, since it's free.

The game itself has a warning for people that are easily disturbed. (the main reason I deleted immediately, I'm weak)

Knowing its a horror isn't really a spoiler.

Games (or VNs, TV series, practically everything) that rely on some sort of meta twist always suffer from this, they would be much more impressive if someone would experience them without knowing what to expect, but in reality most wouldn't touch it in the first place if they didn't know that there's a some kind of twist waiting. It's a shame, really.

The first tag on its steam page is "psychological horror" and the game itself warns on its own page "this game is not for children or the easily disturbed". While I dislike the presence of those articles too, I don't think that much is getting spoiled by them.

To be fair, the user-selected tags sometimes call games "psychological horror" that have nothing to do with that at all.

Was that second sentence directed at yourself?

Yeah that's the thing. I wouldn't have played the game if I didn't know something spoopy was going to happen. The best you can hope for is specifics not getting spoiled for you.

Does anybody?

:) *no way you're adding it to your library then

I'm sure of it, all the praise the game was receiving at launch made me excited to play.

But the topics the game deals with are far too heavy for me. I'm weak and can't handle it.

I know people like to complain about RPS and PC Gamer "spamming" Recent News, but those seem like legit articles and not just lists that happened to mention the game in question.

Also, this has always been the fault of how Steam picks links out of RSS feeds or whatever. RPS and PC Gamer don't submit those to the game's page or something.

Well to be fair it does talk about depression

As much as I agree about the description, tags on steam are bullshit. Too many morons applying stupid tags, "psychological horror" in particular. Remove that and the description can also easily fit... Let's say peculiar sexual practices (scatophilia, bdsm, whatever). So I tend to agree with OP on this one.

Often times the ones who use triggered as a pejorative are, in fact, 'triggered' themselves

Whilst the first warning may be tame (the one you see on the store page), after you boot up the game, it says "You consent to disturbing stuff".

Really don't think people won't know it's horror.

I ignored all of those tags and warnings. Thinking the tag was just a joke, and the warnings were due to talking about heavy topics like depression or something.

Sure. But combined with the warning, I think one should take it seriously in this case.

but pony island you know right from the trailer that something's gonna happen

That's a shame, it's a really great visual novel. :(

I mean, Psychological Horror is one of its tags, and the game outright warns you fucked up shit will happen TWICE before you actually begin.

It takes away the excitement and tension of watching it. Sports are probably a simpler example. People don’t want to know the outcome of games before they watch them, because then what’s the point of watching it? If you already know which team wins, you feel like every point your team scores is pointless. It’s hard to get excited about your team scoring a point if you already know they’re going to lose. Same thing applies to fight scenes or plotlines.

That being said, I don’t think this particular case will harm gameplay value. You kind of want to know if you’re buying a horror game or not when you buy it.

It... was a question?

This is actually wrong. The game has a bunch of trigger warnings at the start, so you will know what you're getting into regardless. If it wasn't so known that it was a horror game it wouldn't get played nearly as much.

The same thing happens for Pony Island, but the tags anyway spoil it.

So I just started it and decided to click on the picture anyway and... Nothing new was spoiled.

The game itself warns you that it's a horror game the moment you launch it, and the horror twist itself isn't really what makes it a good VN to begin with anyway according to the developer.

Quite a bunch of blind upvotes around here.

That's okay. <3 I'm proud of you for not taking the risk and making a conscious decision to keep yourself safe.

99% of the Internet spoiled DDLC a day after it came out. It's annoying, but... at this point I assume the secret is out. Anybody looking up DDLC knows what they're getting into.

It says "Psychological Horror" as the #1 tag in the store.

The mini-description says "This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed."

Monika even says it again in the longer description.

The video starts with that.

This is not spoilers. This is the description of the game.

well i marked it as a spoiler...

Doki Doki is spoiled

If you read that, you must decide if you want to click the image marked as "Spoiler".

something spoopy was going to happen

I hate being spooped!

Yeah it’s like trying to find a movie with a twist ending, or something like where the main good guy turns out to be evil, it’s a catch-22 because if you search out those kinds of movies, it’s spoiled.

To be honest, I wouldn't have played it if I didn't know it had the dark and horror twist. Steam is full of inane anime schoolgirl VNs and I've had my share of those already.

the fuck is a spoiler tag lol

How? Did you have to click on the image that was marked as a spoiler?

Is there a skin that hides that section? I've seen skins reorder them, so maybe you can hide it that way.

It's free

It's REALLY good

It's not what you think it is.

It's free

Yeah, but do i really give a shit about RPS?