dogs sees his best friend!

Life goal: find someone who's as excited to see me as this dog is to see his cat.

That is an aggressive amount of love.

Cat: dude, chill, have some catnip.

this is a sheep dog, even a shadow can be a part of his beloved herd (and I'm not even kidding)

Just depends on when you get the cat and how you introduce him to your dog in my experience. I got a couple weeks old kitten and my parents were terrified about introducing him to our ~10 year old West Highland Terrier. So we held the kitty in our hands and let the pupper sniff him every now and then so they would get used to each other.

When the kitty was ready to be let loose on the world, his favorite bed was actually the dog box, cuddling with out Terrier.

How come a dog and a cat be best friends