Do it.

Do it.

Explain to me why illegal aliens qualify for welfare?

How else are Democrats going to attract new voters to move here?

Cheap tricks like luring teenagers with their "No school for 1 day horray!!" Protests.

Spez : And thus only attract the worst kind of people.

Through anchor babys. Housing food stamps, school, medical treatment. Prop 187 was deemed unconstitutional so they have to be given heath care. If they are illegal they can't be held accountable.

Kick back for their Democratic vote.

They should not be getting it anyway

So it’s a win win.

My two little sisters are in high school and today they were talking about a walk out, that they are participating in, at school tomorrow. I asked them “why” and they said “because everyone else is”. When I asked “what for” their answer was “because of like the guns”. When I asked them what the specific goal of the walk out was and what it meant to them they didn’t simply didn’t have an answer.

Am I the only one who DOESN'T think that it would be a waste of money to launch a campaign to round up and deport 99% of them. The optics might be a little bad, but besides ending slavery, it would be the most beneficial move in United States history. Better wait until 2021 to do it.


Stop paying the invaders, and the money is there for the wall to stop more of them.

Or. (Which is really And)

Stop all Foreign Aid, where countries that hate you take your money and build their own walls, factories, cities and infrastructure, and that means money to build a big border wall, and more.

Why are we even giving them welfare? WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK

It depends what you mean by "welfare", and which state you are in. For example, if you are specifically talking about the California CalWorks state welfare program, at least one member of the household needs to be legal to apply.

In CA, there are actually three programs, Cash Assistance, Food & Nutrition, and Medical. Each have different citizenship requirements. Emergency medical benefits are available for everyone, regardless of legal status.

At the federal level, an illegal immigrant can file taxes by getting a TIN ID number with the IRS, and that makes them able to get the Federal Child Tax Credit, and Income Tax Credits, which can result in a tax refund to them. source

But the real answer is that there are cracks all over the system - city, state, and federal programs that are designed to help people that simply avoid scrutiny by not asking for citizenship documentation. The people that run these programs usually just want to help as many people as possible. random example, here in NYC, there's a rent subsidy program that allows you to get housing for a fraction of the cost. To qualify, you just need to provide two years of tax returns. again, you don't need to be a legal citizen.

Hell, there's even currently a new program that gives $500 cash to people who report job ads that are gender specific. THE WORLD HAS LOST ITS FUCKING MIND.

They claim it isn't happening, then they cry when anyone brings up cutting it off.

Dead people and privileged women. Pussy hats for all!

The bullying in schools has gotten so out of hand that kids are shooting up schools. Would you want to be the kid that refuses to "walk out for guns" knowing you will be bullied for the rest of your high school career for not agreeing or making them look bad...hell no. Nobody is talking about the bullying problem when the "gun problem" gets you out of school for a day. Not saying your sisters are bullies, or ONLY care about a day off...but a lot of kids are that way.

Give birth here, get benefits. Theoretically they shouldn't collect disabilities or benefits but I'm sure some find a way. States like Cuckafornia, however might give them extra kickbacks.

That's a lie you retard. Wic and state/local safety net programs don't categorically bar illegals and every anchor baby can be used to qualify a household for federal aid.

They also aren't prohibited from benefiting from a free primary education, access to our infrastructure, or from assistance for higher education.

The most used excuse here is "but the children!" This is abused by democrats and other totalitarians through history to justify all manner of bad policy, and even tyranny.

at least one member of the household needs to be legal to apply

But chain migration isn't a thing, they tell me.

Hold up. Are you saying they don't qualify but still manage to get it, or that illegals are most definitely not receiving any welfare? Clarify por favor...

boy aint that a scaled down version of this country's problems

Someone please do this.

We can place bets on how long it takes for it to be removed.


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Would be a great TIL submission

Why wait until 2021 they are all voting in 2018 and 2020...

I never said Mexicans, I said illegal aliens on welfare. Your comment is pretty racist, by the way.

Cut the welfare, tax the remittances and fine businesses that hire illegals. Those 3 things would solve 99% of this problem, without ICE having to go round them all up.

Lol we've been operating by spending Fed owned debt for a loooooong time. We barely even pay off the interest. Obama added 10 T to it, where were you? You don't decide when to spend and when to end all govt services ( which includes your precious welfare btw) and only pay off debt.

Again, illegal welfare more than makes up the difference, and pays for the wall over and over.

You are 100% retarded

Obviously, but what happened to the actual plan to block wire transfers?