Do I look like a fan of this crap???

Do I look like a fan of this crap???

It’s like feeding a toddler vegetables


I only eat premium shit

Please don't disrespect toddler vegetables. -Edit: I have a little subreddit of my more serious work if you want to browse around. r/AnthonyChristopherArt

-Edit: I have a little subreddit of my more serious work if you want to browse around. /sub/anthonychristopherart

That frog’s eyes go through three stages of expression. Can somebody please explain what is happening with this frog’s eyes

It's a membrane to protect its eye from foreign objects and to also protect it from water while allowing it to still see when submerged. It's similar to a regular eye lid, however, in order to sleep, blink, or protect their eyes even further, they can still close their eyes fully. All amphibians have this membrane.
in this clip from the amazing program "Life in Cold Blood"

In case anyone is curious, this is a Waxy Monkey frog (Phyllomedusa sauvagii). They're really cool little buggers!

They're "monkey" frogs because they walk instead of hopping. And as to the "waxy" part of their name, well I'll just let David Attenborough explain it to you .

frog is not amused by this lowgrade peasant food. his crickets must be dipped in gold

You eat premium shit for breakfast?

Tell me about your pug

I heard “stop. STOP!”

This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you

That little guy has got a serious attitude. I like it!


We also have a vestigial version of that membrane (that's what that little thing on the corner of your eyes near your nose is.

Frogs can grab stuff with their hands and throw them? They might truly be our greatest rival

Stop feeding me shit, Karen. I don't give a rat's ass about your organic free-range bugs.

What? No!

From the part about france in the article that you linked:

Food is not seen as a pacifier, or an emotional distraction or a reward or a punishment. The subject of whether food is "healthy" or not barely arises. They don't, as Anglo-American cultures tend to, think of food to be parcelled out in indices of food groups, calories and nutrients. It is about enjoyment and variety. As a result, there were almost no fussy eaters in these traditional French communities. Kids ate pretty much everything the adults ate, and with relish.

So need for greasy french fries, pizza or burgers every other day. Your kids learn from you. Embrace them to try everything.

That disgusted face scrunch, so animated!

I feel like eating everything with relish would be gross. Sure it would go with some things, but you can't just put relish on everything you eat and call it a day.


I bet a human just turned into that frog and isn't used to eating insects yet.

I actually tried baby food once with my niece. I don't know what I was expecting. It's... just carrots. It tastes like carrot. Ever movie make it seem like it's this close too dog food... but it's fucking veggies. IT TASTES LIKE GODDAMN VEGGIES.

You'd better stay out of his way, or you'll pay. Listen to what he has to say.

Stop force feeding him fucking crickets then

Tell me about your pawg

Hey, why don't I just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, lay by the bay? I just may! What'd ya say?

It actually looks like it is saying stop

Cause he's perfectly capable of catching his own fucking food. Thank you very much, and good day, sir!

7 points. One hour. Criminally underrated skills you have there bruh

These fuckers are so very hard to feed, you stand there with a fucking cricket for fucking minutes and all these slimey bastards do is look at ya like you've besmirched their family name or something. When they do finally go for the cricket they miss like half the fuckimg time which is proof enough for me that evolution is a hoax and god makes these annoying pricks just to fuck with us.

P.S: To Izzy the Iguana, Daenarys and Jon the Pogonas and Camamile the Chameleon; Go fuck yourselfs you coldblooded cunts.

Which they refuse for a reason, their guts cannot deal with a lot of molecules that can be found in many plants that an adult has no problems with. I once heard a food chemist explain why teenagers prefer french fries over regular cooked potatoes for just such a reason, the frying got rid of something (I forgot the details).

So it is completely normal that non-adults don't want to eat everything that adults like. Not an excuse for a coke/pizza/sugar based life of course. Kids should of course eat plenty of vegetables, this isn't an either/or. It's only true for some vegetables, some molecules, and also depends on how food is prepared and on individual factors. Both can be true: What I just wrote, but also that sometimes trying to get the kid to eat something they don't like is good, because only some dislikes have a chemical basis. It's all more being reasonable and flexible and non-dogmatic. As a kid I ate plenty of raw vegetables - but I completely hated some foods that now as an adult I love, and it has nothing to do with "getting used to it" I think, in those cases.

Yeah, that's called nictitating membrane iirc

Ethan and Hila? What are they doing here?

OMG yes!!! My daughter "sneaks" her food behind her head or looks me dead in the face as she gives whatever to the needy dog. (The other dog is oblivious and not clearly on his toes for dropped food)

Incredible! This is a really unique animal

RIP inbox.

The other dog is oblivious and not clearly on his toes for dropped food

I believe you may have a defective dog. Even the dimmest dog I ever had realized kids are food dispensers.

I went through a period a couple years ago where I was buying baby food for myself, but just the sweet stuff. Like apples, bananas, pears, etc. blended together.

God, it sounds so creepy when I type it out but at the time I loved. Small little “snacks” that were only like 60c a jar and I could just toss in my purse. Plus, (I assume) they were pretty healthy since it was literally just mushed up fruit.

OH! And I would keep the little glass jars and use them art projects or make candles with them!

I can show you instead


Denial. "I'm just gonna pretend that guy isn't trying to shove a cricket into my mouth again." Anger. "I'll show that pisser what I think of this food by punching it." Bargaining. "If I demonstratively throw the cricket away, maybe they will realize the food is no good and procure something more adequate."

There should be depression and acceptance following, but I'm afraid we're in /sub/gifsthatendtoosoon territory.

Man, that frog has seen some shit. Looks like he needs a beer and a couple shots.

How much rainwater are you getting in your eyes when it rains?!

Yeah but why doesn't he want to eat :(




This article doesn't contain any real data lol.. " almost no fussy eaters in these traditional french communities" This doesn't say shit tbh..

Yes, that's what it's called. The name for the vestigial part in humans is called the plica semilunaris, or the third eyelid.

edit: typo

O R A N G G n o!

"No! Nooo!" throws cricket away "fuck off"

"No thank you, no thanks I'm fine, I said I'm full Grandma..."


I think this is my favorite video of all time.

I talked about wanting a "see-through" eyelid for when it rains. I guess this is what I'm looking for.

Yeah, I also found it kinda epic

That's the angriest frog I've ever seen.

What's the basis

Checked history. Disappointed. Closest thing to what I was looking for was his TIFU about shooting a load towards his own face and still that was SO far from my hopes when I clicked.

i just want earlids.. that's all i fucking want


And you can count! On me waiting for you in the parking lot!

A lot of people assume amphibians have no emotion, but recent studies have shown that they are actually pretty close to dolphins in terms of intelligence. As a matter of fact, manipulating frogs' emotions can be used to train their response to stimuli, so it's likely this particular frog is purely responding to hearing a familiar sound or smelling a specific smell. In this case, it's probably being triggered by footage of sean hannity, which both sounds and smells like shit.

We ain't goin nowhere, we got suits and cases

Lemmiwinks, your quest has but only begun!


What about me, should I go fuck myself as well?


That's a smart dog, he does not want mushy carrots.

Yeah it’s literally just blended food, don’t know why people think it’s so gross. It gets a little weird with the flavor combos sometimes and I can’t deal with the meat ones (blended chicken and apples and spinach? Nah) but other than that...

Real life video of me giving food to the homeless man down the road from my house

Depends if you're lusty and a maid.

Probably just not hungry. Digestion takes energy, and cold blooded animals don't get energy the same way we do. It also leaves them a little vulnerable, so over eating isn't really advantageous.

holy fuck

Stop you're triggering me.

I work at a 'health foods' store and got those customers all the time.

"My doc says I need to eat less sugar, does this have any added sugar?"

No but it's got a ton of fruit and honey in it.

"Oh that's fine, as long as it's organic."

If you listen closely to the part where he's spreading his wax, you can hear him say, "I feel good, I knew that I would"

I think it's saying saying "No".

a bunch of sciency mumbo-jumbo

Nice try. Shut up and eat your vegetables kid.

What we need is a machine that can make food drop from the sky just like in CWACOM.

That's an untapped source of Papa memes.

Tell that to my fatass leopard gecko. She’d eat forever if I let her.

12 points. One hour. HA HA!




Here comes the MUTHA FUGGING AIRPLANE!!!!!!

pilca semilunaris

huh interesting. TIL, thx

It’s uncanny how relatable the reaction is


Freaked me out the first time I saw it. Thought he was a zucc for sure.


The girl said stop but this animal is clearly saying no.

my older brother once stuffed his empty baked potato skin with all of his peas while no one was watching. sadly he got caught when my mom picked up his plate and the potato opened up

I eat insects all the time.

Tell me about your thug

In India we call it Charbi chadh gai saale ko

Try it, it's good for you, try it, you're not adventurous.

I'm Meditating!


That time of the month