[Dishonored] Dishonoring


>Non-lethal run.

>Knock enemy out with sleep-dart thing.

>Apparently the dart hits him with the fury of a thousand suns.

>Watch as enemy contorts through floor before pinging off into the distance at mach 2



Trying to get the " don't kill anybody and don't be detected, like, ever" achievement this kind of stuff pissed me off. Because it also goes the other way, where a corpse has one toe in the water, bam, drowned and you didn't notice until the end of the bloody level...


I actually did the nonlethal playthrough as my first playthrough. And I'll have you know, I only spent 10 hours doing the second mission and had a closet with about 10 unconscious people in it. At the end of what I thought was going to be my perfect run, exactly one dead person. Still no idea how they died.

I bet that guy is into slodging. (NSFW)

I think the NPC just needed to vent a bit.

"no idea"

I only played about half of Dishonored. I just really didnt enjoy any part of it. The combat wasn't fun, the stealth wasn't fun, the upgrades were slow to come and useless, just meh. the story seemed cool, but thats all that brought me to even the halfway point.

I attempted non lethal. But then I realized, after doing it for several levels, that knocking people out and tossing them into the water kills them. It wasn't until halfway through the game I noticed.

I think I might be retarded.


, found in a Cryaotic video.