Didn't realize you could surf like this

That's not surfing. It's skimboarding

It’s skimmboarding like a fucking boss. A lot tougher than it looks...

I seriously hurt my hip wiping out on a skimboard once.

In my memory of it I was laying there in the sand after the crash, grimacing in pain, thinking to myself, "Get up man, there are chicks here, you gotta get up. Don't be a baby"

. . . But I just couldn't. It hurt way too bad. I continued to lay there as the waves crashed over me, until finally the will to live drove me to my feet. I called out sick that night, and never skim boarded again.

He didn't get anywhere as wet as the ladies on the beach did

I threw out my back once from casually walking out to check the mail.

Just gonna send it

Most people can’t do that

I fucked up my knee on one of those. Limped for a couple months after. Never touched one again.

Austin Keen- super nice guy! I've met him a few times down in Laguna. Really humble and super fun to talk to, he's the best skimboarder in the world but totally has fun with everything.

He rolled a natural 20.

This guy needs an endorsement deal with Skittles.

I once threw out my back using the atm from my car.

I agree its skimboarding, but the transition to wavecrest whilst still on the skimboard is badass enough I'd vote for a possible surf scenario

I split my chin open with a skimboard and needed stitches. Those things are super dangerous. It's a big smooth hunk of wood with edges on all sides moving at high speeds. I stopped skimboarding after that.


I took an arrow in the knee.

One time I was cooking oatmeal and Mike Tyson knocked me out.

Ever been on a jet ski?

Source? Are there other videos like this?

That dude. That is the dude. The man who will ride the big Kahuna brah.

Well that was clean as fuck