Did President Obama have a rough day yesterday, or what? He has got to start telling the truth - NO MORE LIES OR DECEPTION! 5:04 AM - 15 Nov 2013

Did President Obama have a rough day yesterday, or what? He has got to start telling the truth - ...

Yesterday Trump retweeted 3 unverified Islamaphobic videos from extreme far right hate group Britain First. The White House defended Trump retweeting them, said "It doesn't matter if video he retweeted was...

Trump was widely criticized by Theresa May, the Mayor of London & Brendan Cox, whose wife, MP Jo Cox was murdered by a Britain First Supporter. There were broad calls across the UK to disinvite him from his State visit

Yesterday Trump also implied that Joe Scarborough was involved in the death of an intern


'And will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the “unsolved mystery” that took place in Florida years ago? Investigate!"

Trump also took the opportunity with news of Matt Lauer's firing to call out 'Fake' news

"I am obsessed with Obama. I have the best obsession. Nobody is more obvfefed with this Obama guy than me. SAD!"

- Summary of all 5,093,492,034,234 Trump tweets about Obama.

Trump has also been claiming that this tax bill will cost him a fortune (it won't).

And people have been eating it up, to the point I was told by a dipshit Trump support I know, that the copy of the projected tax rate changes from the congressional taxation board was a liberal lie.

This one's kinda cheating, it's true all the time

I don’t. Let’s not have all of our leaders be children

Easy. Trump disagrees = liberal lie/hoax/plot. Doesn't matter what the source is, even if it's Trump himself.

Of course he is. A black man? Living in the white house? He must have been so pissed and still is and can't keep it in. That's what happens when you're a racist fuck.

If Theresa May is criticizing him, that's like if Professor Umbridge told Voldemort "Whoa, you're too evil even for me."

How awesome would it be if Obama started retweeting old trump posts about him when trump does something similar. I wish he was petty enough to do it!

Dude, "Mulatto" is not the preferred nomenclature.

In Trump's defense, the standards for Obama were much, much higher.


This one might be relevant for every day of this horror of an administration.

Think about the literal hundred of lies he’s told over the last year, lies he knows are untrue, and then for him t say this.

Our President has mental issues. He is not wired right. He is completely beyond unfit.

Newt Gingrich quite openly stated that he values feelings over facts and that it doesn't matter when the liberals have statistics.

The White House defended Trump retweeting them, said "It doesn't matter if video he retweeted was fake: 'The threat is real"

Someone Trump doesn't like quits their job = draining the swamp.

Doesn't matter who it is, even if their position is later filled by a business crony/yes-man/malicious piece of shit

First off, you're making some extreme generalizations about people. Second, Dude was just making a movie reference. No need to continue to be a shithead.

Trump is new to this. It's not like he's had 50+ years of being an adult.

Because surely all people who dislike Trump get their information from CNN and CNN alone, right?

Straightforward liar

I mean, whenever Trump does or tweets something stupid, Obama's presidential photographer posts a photo of Obama doing something good on his Instagram. That's kind of the same thing.

Either that, or he's supposedly a genius playing a game so advanced that nobody else can understand.

Does Trump even know what the truth is? I think he just makes it up as he goes along.

Heh, hundreds. lies count

Hypocrite-in-Chief at his finest.

You mean fake propaganda?

Poe's law in action. Even if you're telling the truth about intending it to be a joke, it appeared very genuine to a reader. Second, I was also making a reference to the same movie as the other guy, "The Big Lebowski". The main character goes exclusively by "Dude" or "The Dude", hence why I capitalized it as a name instead of leaving it lowercase like you would an informal address of someone.

I think you're an asshole and I have no intention of literally addressing you with any terms of comraderie.

Bad Russian bot.

Yeah this should be stickies.


How did the US reach a point where the president cares more about ratings than the people? Real life is not a TV show.

Right on. Looks like Mr. Living Walking Breathing Youtube Shitpost overreacted to nothing, per usual.

This is all so weird.

Unexpected Arrested Development

Shhh. They don't like facts.

You first, Donny.