Devin Booker is younger than Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons

Devin Booker is younger than Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons

Mitchell and Simmons have been very impressive as rookies this year so I was interested in projecting how they would get better as they get older. Surprisingly, they are actually 2 and 3 months older than Devin Booker, respectively.

So it’s no surprise then that Booker is always on the 4th youngest to xx points lists because we have not had this prolific of a young scorer since Durant, and LeBron and Melo before him.

Hes younger than me too in case anyone cares

Him scoring 70 was like the moment in my life that I realized I'm fucking disappointment and not doing shit with my life.

Yes, but anything to degrade myself

Glad Devin Booker is getting his recently on this sub. He is gonna be a very very good player.

Kyrie is only 8 months older than reigning ROTY Malcolm Brogdon

lol i dont think comparing yourself to the 0.00000001% of best basketball players in the world is a good comparison to the average person's life.

Devin Booker is really fun to watch. I hope his penis gets better soon.

i thought we weren't allowed to talk about Simmons being older than most recent lottery rookies

He came off the bench in college, Calipari hid him from us

It's like masturbating on an airplane. It's frowned upon.

He has since he was a rookie, a ton of people on here thought is was crazy that he didn't make 1st team all-rookie

he did make 1st team all-rookie tho? it was towns, porzingis, jahlil, jokic, booker. 4 big boys and a book.


Thanks a lot, Bin Laden

Now that is fucking crazy.

oh yeah, it's fucking crazy that he didn't make it until Nerlens Noel was injured. It's because of the shitty usa vs. the world format giving Mario Hezonja a spot over Devin Booker, although D'Angelo Russell was there and Book was definitely having a better year than D'angelo.

He tripped over it and tore his adductor, out for three to four weeks.

He’s not that old. If he stayed in school he’d be in his junior year. A 21 year old junior isn’t old by any means. His birthday is in a weird spot tho

Just found out recently that he is 6'6. He looks smaller for some reason.

My bad I meant the rookie/sophomore game

You can absolutely talk about it, it's just annoying on every Simmons thread when inevitably somebody comes out saying "NO! BEING IN A WALKING BOOT WHILE WATCHING NBA GAMES IS THE REASON SIMMONS IS SO GOOD, SO THIS DOESN'T COUNT! KYLE KUZMA'S ATTENDANCE IN TRIG CLASS LAST YAER IS HOLDING HIM BACK!"

At least you don’t play as bad of defense as KAT or shoot as bad as Lonzo.

made no sense should've played over the twins, i think at some point he said that probably wasnt the right decision

Lmao the salt is still there

I shoot as bad as Lonzo... probably worse

His penis deserves the best

Why was Simmons so old after just 1 year of college?

He tripped over his penis? Boy has potential.

I agree booker has been better but I think that debate is far from over. Russell looked pretty good this season and was averaging 20-6 in only 27 mins a game. Booker is putting up 24-4 in 34 a game. Booker has definitely been more efficient at 570 ts compared to russell's 540 but I don't think the gap is that huge.

Russell is also only 6 months senior to booker as well

I care, ya old fart.

Why not? I don't think it diminishes how impressive an accomplishment it would be if he earns an all star spot this year.

not good

Tyler should've played over the twins. But remember before Alex got hurt that team had two starting lineups and they went undefeated until Sam Dekker started hitting step back threes

yes im very defensive

i think he might actually be 6'7, im pretty sure he grew an inch after he was drafted.

IMO Booker isn't one of the 7.6 best players in the world

What’s your PER tho?

I'm sure that's what it gets.

IIRC Cal used platoon rotations for that group as well because they were so stacked. So Booker coming off the bench wasn't an indication of a lack of skill, just a by product of the way Cal was making rotations and the amount of talent that team had.


He just has an early summer birthday. Not too weird. I'm the same way. While DBook has a really late birthday in October.

There's a lot of experience off the court that he probably got from being a pro for a year. Stuff like how to deal with living in a new city without the surveillance of college programs, having so much free time, dealing with people who just want your money, getting more time in the weight room, stuff like that. He's still a rookie but sitting out probably helped with a lot of the little things.

It's only an issue if people try to act like he's basically a sophomore despite never playing an NBA game before this season. NBA experience typically matters more than age for younger players.

Jahlil was scoring like crazy his rookie year. He looked like he was gonna be good.

Brogdon is within a week of 2 years older than Giannis.

In terms of single game scoring he is. Only 6 players ever to score 70+

I don't know if it matters, but in Australia our semesters are half a year off from American semesters since we are in the southern Hemisphere.

His birthday is in July so it is perfectly normal for him to be in grade 12 in 2014.

There's pickleball I guess

Would be fun BUT Utah traded Lyles and pick 24(Lydon) for Mitchell.

So if the Jazz drafted Booker they wouldn't have the extra asset(Lyles) to trade from 24 to 13 in 2017.

Simmons was born in 96 same as Booker. He was 20 when he was drafted

I think he looks taller when he's standing, but I can see where /u/FuriousDee is coming from. Something about his playstyle makes him look small for some reason.

It's his baby face

quik mafs

He’s 21.

He does have a bit of a leg up on the competition by hanging around an NBA team and participating in practices over a college player who's splitting time.

Considering the Suns have never won a championship, I think it's beautiful that he ended up in Phoenix, where he can be the first Suns superstar to bring the franchise a title. I view him as the Chosen One for our franchise. Of course fans of other teams look at this completely differently, and think he's wasting away here under the sun when he could be playing "for a real team."

But.... you just said that age matters....

You would be salty if you had Dario and we had Brogdon

Really? i think he looks bigger then 6'6 haha

I think we forget utah passed on booker for trey lyles, and suns draft booker after that lyles pick.

imagine booker and mitchell backcourt oh god

I didn't know what pickleball was so I looked it up and just about every single picture I can find is of gray-haired retirees trying not to break their own legs by moving too much.

He has great biomechanics, he’s really able to dip his hips and shoulders and basically play in a crouched position. Even the way he shoots, he sort of just uncurls his body and launches

Think about KD being 7ft; when the ball is in his hands and he’s about to attack the rim or split a pnr, it looks like he’s 6’7 all of a sudden

It varies by state, maybe even county. The cutoff in Georgia at least when I was in school was August 1.

Kat on any other team would have been playing way bigger minutes too had he been on a normal college team

What happened to his penis?

KAT was also fairly rough (not bad, but inconsistent, foul prone, sloppy) for the first half of the season. He really turned it on in the last ten or so games. I mean, it was a foregone conclusion that Okafor would be the first pick until those final ten or so games

Nah man he rolled out of bed and was dropping 20/10 every game

Remember when him vs D’Angelo was debateable

Looked it up curious to see who else and of course Chamberlain owns or co-owns 6 of the 10 highest scoring games. 15 of the top 20 as well.

sorry to hear about that mate.

He looks 12

At least he was a legit rookie.. no red shirt on that boy

Yea Dlo was really average and subpar before the all-star game. It felt like he got in because of what team he played for

God bless you nets bro, i've been fighting the d'angelo fight for so long it's refreshing to see others fighting along side me

PER undervalues a lot of defensive stoppers though, would you fall into that category?

How are they being separated? neither have been leading teams to a decent amount of wins, both get box score stats.

No doubt, with grammar like that I totally understand why you feel that way.

How do Americans decide who goes in what school year, like what are the boundaries each year?

In the UK it starts at September guessing US its around November?

I'm in that sweet spot where there are players younger than me but I still can't fucking buy alcohol

You must not have been here this offseason then. There were multiple posts in the same week about how wiggins and booker were inefficient chuckers who did not do anything else to help a team win.