Devil's Fingers Fungus.

Devil's Fingers Fungus.

Reminds of the eggs in Aliens.

[takes off helmet to get a closer look]

I saw those in Oblivion.

That's the one thing that bugs me about those movies. It's like it is amateur hour in that universe, people taking their helmets off without any reason.

Who cares that you can breathe, you don't know the air isn't filled with space-AIDS!

Here's a mildly creepy time lapse gif of one

Petition to start calling Australia 'Oblivion'.

Welcome to every Alien Prometheus/covenant discussion on the net.

If you put your butthole riiiiiiight up against it, I bet that thing opening up inside of you wouldn't feel half bad.

What the fuck reddit.

Who cares if hes 100x more talented than you man? If he cries, you cry HARDER man!

So many great lines in this one. "Im a dude, playing a dude pretending to be another dude." And " you never go full retard man. Dont believe me? Ask Sean penn 2001, i am sam. Went full retard, went home empty handed."


So.. They are considered as a delicacy

Grandpa that's not hentai

This gave me a reason to click, and I'm glad I did.

If you can ignore the dialogue and "plot", the Prometheus/Covenant movies are worth watching just for the design and cinematography.

Nature is fucking weird.

Australia is down under like hell so oblivion works.

Ahhhh! Australia. That explains it!

As far as i'm concerned there was only really 2 alien movies. The first and second. Everything else is horrible.

At least in the first one, they were what amounts to space truckers, so their giving in to curiosity makes sense. Even then Ripley makes a stand about quarantine, though ash disobeys her order. Now, a cream of the crop science team a la Prometheus on the other hand? Absurd levels of stupid that make no logical sense

That's just one of those things you see in nature and instinctively know that you probably shouldn't fuck with it.

That's just Mehrunes Dagon's realm of Oblivion. There are nicer ones, like Azura's, Clavicus Viles's, Meridia's, Nocturnal's, Sanguine's, and Sheogorath's is kinda in between.

Sanguine's especially would just be an infinite and eternal party.

Did Ego plant that?

...but you're curious now, aren't you?

Waaaaaay up in there, morty.

Is your grandpa Ted Cruz?

Wouldn't that make you fungi-curious? I can't keep up with all these new terms.

You don't run headfirst into every link you see in the comments? I could learn a lot from you...

Hatching video here

Nope they are edible but are supposed to taste and smell terrible.

pokes it with a stick to open it up some more

turns away from the egg to give everyone else a look of amazement and show them the now gooey stick

turns back to face the egg to be greeted by a facehugger

Because the plot relies heavily on the characters being dumb. Maybe space travel has normalized enough to make the crew make mistakes. But it seems a bit much.

Bilbo, that's a fine post. / What a good meme, you could be. / But my life, my love, and my lady, is OP.

They have to be poisonous right? I can't imagine anyone going, yes they look just like what my mushrooms risotto needs

Demagorgon anyone?

Also the facehugger went right through the helmet anyway.

Aww I liked I Am Sam

I actually had a unique experience with that movie (Prometheus). Going into it I didn't know it was set in the Alien universe. So right up till the end it was a great movie and then i was like.... (hey that looks like an exomorph.... OH GOD DAMNIT).

Nope nope nope

no that's something Lovecraftian eldritch shit.

I was pooping when I saw this. It was deeply unsettling and ruined my otherwise peaceful postlunch poop.

Nope, Chuck Testa.

Early botanists probably had a hell of a time trying to stop people from killing these things with fucking fire long enough to study them.

Well the Shivering Isles is a bit like cocaine. Doesn't seem that appealing at first, but once you're in you'll never want to leave.

Ah, thanks. I'm on RiF so it uses an embedded player with no description.


I was hiking in New Zealand once, near the ocean, on top of a 200 meter hill, and I saw one of these.

I thought it was an alien at first and it freaked me out. Then I realized it could be a squid that a bird picked out of the water and dropped on the hill.

Then I got home and googled it. Kinda disappointed it wasn't either of those, but it was cool nonetheless. It also smelled foul.

No, but /u/thr33beggars wants to shove it up their ass.

what in the EVERLOVING fuck

No, /sub/natureismetal.


clears throat AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

First thing I thought was "it must be in Australia".

"Oh, a DLC. I'll just pop in and finish the quest real quick before I go close the Gates"

I was devastated when it was over. Nirn felt so boring in comparison.