Devil May Cry HD Collection coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 13, 2018

Devil May Cry HD Collection coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 13, 2018
Devil May Cry HD Collection coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 13, 2018

So the rumours of a new DMC should be true after this HD release, right?

This basically.

There really isn't any reason to do this unless Devil May Cry 5 is on the way.


there is no possible way that this port is going to be worse than the one done years ago, pcsx2 is literally the only way to play that game

Tbf they did just remaster dragons dogma and that series has no sequal in sight.

Devil May Cry 3 was one of the games that I grew up with alongside Unreal Tournament 2004 and Max Payne 2. Back then I only had a Pentium 4 PC with no gfx card so I had to use a software called 3DAnalyzer or something like that to play DMC3 because it refused to launch without gfx card. I think I finished the game like 6 or 7 times which was something truly precious because nowadays I don't replay singleplayer games much. Agni and Rudra remains my most favorite boss in the game. Didn't know the port was terribad honestly, I'm just glad I got to play that game, and now I'm going to play the shit out of the remaster version, and the first game, and the second game (yeah I know it's a dud but no reason to not give it a try anyway).

Every time I see the Devil May Cry HD edition, my brain automatically goes "Where's my Onimusha Ports".


DMC1 is fun but dated and DMC3 is the absolute best game in the franchise. So really all you need to do is skip 2, which is abysmal.

I mean, the director of DD, Hideaki Itsuno, is the director of DMC 3 and 4. I imagine he carries the same team around with him for each of his games.

Its rumoured that the team behind Devil may Cry 5 is the Dragons Dogma team, or at least most of them. That would explain why a DD sequel isnt on the cards just yet.


Megaman Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are on modern systems

Megaman X Collection is coming to current gen next year

Okami HD is making its way onto current gen very soon

Devil May Cry HD Collection got announced today

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultra Street Fighter IV are also on current gen systems

Pretty much most of Resident Evil games are at least on PS4 (with obvious exceptions of RE2, RE3 and couple non-mainline titles)

At this point they only need to remember about Viewtiful Joe, Onimusha, Asura's Wrath and somehow port over Tatsunoko vs Capcom to current gen systems

the E3 2004 trailer for DMC3

I must have watched literally hundreds of times as a young teen.

I just couldn't get enough of it. It was just so cool and fresh and original to my young teenage eyes. In fact, DMC3 was pretty much the coolest game in the world for me at the time. I regularly visited bookstores to check out the monthly gaming magazines to see whether or not there were new pictures and information I could get on the game.

I remember spending hours using up my allowance at an Internet cafe trying to download a low-resolution version of the aforementioned trailer. Back then, in my country, Internet speeds were still incredibly slow. At home we still even used a dial-up connection, so I had to spend money to go to Internet cafes where speeds were a little bit faster.

And when the game did come out, I would always go to a PS2 gaming rental cafe at least 2-3 times a week afterschool to play the game (because I didn't have a PS2 at the time). It took me weeks to even get past the Cerberus boss in mission 3. But after about a semester of on and off play, I managed to beat the game. Even though I don't play the game as much these days, I still play DMC3 least 5-6 hours of the game per week. It remains one of my top five all-time favorite games.

Is it a straight port of the PS3 and 360 remaster? Because I remember DMC3 used the same low resolution cutscene videos the PS2 version had. I think the menus were also still really low res as well but I'm not sure about that.

I wouldn’t say it’s dated so much as I would say it suffered from what I call “the original syndrome”.

DMC1 suffers especially hard from this, as it’s the first game not only in a series, but a genre. The style meter is unforgiving, only allowing a second of inaction before it resets to zero. The camera is awful about half the time, and unwieldy the other half. Weapon switching takes going into menus and loading rather than a simple button press of later installments. It looks worse than its sequels, but it still has good style. Some simpler moves are harder to pull off. Things like that.

It’s really just not as smooth as later titles.

Nope, all we have is a shitty port of 3 from ubisoft.

Yeah, and one of the weapons, the rocket launcher, was not fully functional in DMC 3 HD version (I believe the grappling hook wouldn't attach itself to enemies), but I bet modders'll take care of that same way they took scare of DMC3 PC.

They changed Dante's character to an almost-silent, moody protagonist with a dumb gimmick (he flips a coin to decide if he should help people or not), the combat and enemy designs are not as good as 1.

Also the bosses are awful. One early boss is trivialized by running up to it and attacking. It literally can do almost nothing to you if you're right next to it.

Another boss is a demon-possessed helicopter (they were that desperate). You can rarely melee it, so you're forced to plink away at it with a peashooter gun. Sometimes you can Devil Trigger and do like 10% more damage. The whole fight lasts way too long and isn't even challenging - it's just obnoxious.

From what I've heard they removed the original director and gave it to Itsuno who tried to salvage it but he didn't have enough time to.

And even for an early PS2 title it's ugly as sin.

4 is good but the structure and the relatively few bosses you fight drag it down. Uncle Dante is a blast to play, so is Nero and the SE characters, but replaying the game in reverse is a drag.

Probably never going to happen, because unlike the DMC games, the Onimusha games feature the likeness of real actors, one of which off the top of my head I remember being Jean Reno in one of the games. Making a new port of the game probably means paying royalties to the people whose faces are in the game. Capcom doesn't seem to want to pay these royalties, otherwise we'd have had an Onimusha HD Collection years ago.

there is no possible way that this port is going to be worse than the one done years ago

The DMC3 port was is horrible, but completely fixable with the style switcher mod (and some other tweaks) making it the best version there is. For anyone interested, head on to pcgamingwiki.

If this came out on Switch I would 100% get it but I don't think I'll sit in front of my ps4 to play this :(.

Never tried any DMC games wonder how they hold up in modern times. Particularly I hear Dmc 2 is bad so I’m not even sure where to start if I picked this up

The main characters in 1&2 are modelled after famous Japanese actor though.

You can be totally fine playing one and three.

One is pretty dated but still playable.

Two is a garbage fire

Three is probably one of the best games of all time.

This is a gross exaggeration. 1 is clunky but still charmingly cheesy. 3 has stellar gameplay that even trumps a lot of modern games.

Also Dante's personality is, like, half the draw of the series.

I highly recommend any fan of action games to give them a shot.

If Asura’s Wrath gets remastered I’ll take back all the horrible things I said about Capcom over the past few years. So overlooked.

But Capcom isn't Konami...

4 would be the best if it weren't half a game. The combat in 4 is amazing, but 3's story and cutscenes are the best, and the combat in 3 is still very good.

More like a PC port

DMC3 had a horrid PC port. I’m really excited to play that game again. To me, it’s a landmark game, eclipsed in the genre only by Bayo.

There was also a PS3/X360 port of the trilogy...I think that was actually called the HD Collection as well, so this is going to be very confusing.

I really liked DmC but it feels like a different game to the main series. Similar to the 2008 Prince of Persia. Loved that game but it got a lot of flak for just going in a different direction. Shame it will never see a sequel and instead we got the trash which was forgotten sands. Hope DmC doesn't go the same way :(

Yeah, and apparently it was bumped up from an E3 '18 reveal to a TGA '17 reveal.

So tonight.

Oh yeah im fully aware! I just mean thats why we havnt heard news of a DD sequel yet, because all work is currently on DMC5. A year or so after DMC5 releases and its cooled off a bit, i expect to see a DD sequel announcement.

Wow. Spending your allowance just to watch the trailer some more? That is some serious dedication and fandom. I love this.

DMC 2 you can just skip it was considered bad even on release. DMC 1 is pretty good, but its aged in some ways, but it is still very fun in my opinion. 3 on the other hand is masterpiece and still is today, it's a must play. I would try starting with 1 and playing 3 after that.

Just to piggy back the other commenter's response, dated=/=not fun. It's a great game, just a tad archaic.

Um, I had around 200 hours worth of play time between the PS2 version and the first HD release. I struggle to think of a single instance of the game where Dante is "whiny". Is that just the go-to criticism for characters people don't like these days?

Dante was never whiny. I'm wondering how much you actually remember of the game. Vergil kicks his ass once. Second time they fight they're equally matched before the other guy comes. And his personality shows a clear continuity between the two, I'd imagine you don't remember 1 much either.

I really hope this version gives players the ability to actually completely remap the buttons in DMC1.

I have a specialized button layout in DMC3 that changes things like putting "shoot" on L2, "jump" on R2 and "taunt" on the up button on the d-pad. It's a layout that allows me to jump-cancel and do things like shoot Vergil's sword projectiles much more easily while in combos. Whenever I get the urge to play DMC1, it's always a difficult process changing my muscle memory so that I don't try to jump with R2 or shoot with L2, because the game has only preset settings and no custom mappings.

Also, can we please get widescreen versions of the menu images instead of having them at 4:3?

The blog post announcement mentions nothing about the kind of improvements they will make for the DMC HD Collection, but I hope that the two things I mention above are at least some of them.

You can literally pistol your way through the entire game.

I'd say 4 is the best one. At least combat wise. Never was much of a fan of 3.

Bayonetta (1&2 both are superb). Created and directed by Hideki Kamiya, director of the first Devil May Cry.

Kamiya has also collaborated at Capcom, Clover and Platinum with Shinji Mikami, Executive Producer of Devil May Cry (and Resi creator). So there’s a lot of shared lineage there.

Wow it would be perfect for the Switch! You could take it anywhere!

Be prepared for how dated 1 is

2 is garbage

3 is amazing

I understand that 2 is largely considered the worst by a mile. Buddy of mine is huge on the series but never elaborated to me. Why exactly IS 2 received so poorly?

capcom is also kinda notorious for doing exactly that as well so a timed exclusivity wouldn't surprise anyone

The port people complain about is DMC3's. DMC4's port is widely considered to be one of the greatest port jobs ever

(Fwiw I've never actually had any issues with DMC3's port)

I think they're making fun of how Switch fans say that for literally every game ever. I see it a LOT on /sub/nintendoswitch

Meh, then just scratch 3 and bring 1&2. 3 wasn't that good anyways

The leak said E3 '18 reveal, nothing else.

The "demon tanks" were some of the worst enemies and graphics I can remember in the era.


No, seriously, this actually gives me hope that the leak was wrong with the date of announcement of a new game in the original canon

They released Deadrising 1 and 2 on PS4 the same year that Deadrising 4 came out as an Xbox console exclusive. This isn’t the first time

It isn't necessarily the same as the first HD collection, sure, it's likely based on that one, but just like Okami PC or the Kingdom Hearts ports to PS4, it could get more changes than what was originally done, new fixes and features are probably under consideration for the new port

DMC1 is literally where the whole spectacle fighter/character action genre started. But that genre went through a whole lot of innovations throughout the PS2-PS3 lifecycle. The difference between DMC1 and DMC4 is insane with style switching and more combo potential, but the difference between DMC1 and say, Bayonetta is even more insane with stuff like dodge being a set button, witch time, and grandiose boss fights.

Now the question is, will DMC5 be revealed either during The Game Awards or PSX?

If the Devil May Cry HD Collection can come to the PC, I'll take that as a tentative hope for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection eventually making its way to the PC too..

Well now I'm sad cause fucking Dragon's Dogma was sooooo good, but didn't they have like DD MMO in Japan or something?

Haven't the HD versions been released on PC already?