Deviantart: Me vs "Most People My Age"

Deviantart: Me vs "Most People My Age"

Rants about current music

Avoids listening to it

Top kek

"Most people my age enjoys getting knocked up accidentally"

come on now, let's not counterjerk too hard. they both look grotesque

Any girl who would wear a shirt that said "YOLO GET MONEY FUCK BITCHEZ" is the kind of person I want to hang out with.

Killer rack, too.

The one on the right seems like she'd be a lot more fun to hang out with

That most of today's generation are #swagfags is true tho (i know this first-hand because i am 14)


40 Year Old Virgin

Most people my age:

Knocked Up

Women don't look at me because I'm a Grandma's Boy, even though I hold down a job(I live on 22 Jump Street, my neighbors at 23 Jump Street have a young son so I'm The Sitter ), but I'm not Accepted by these Campus Ladies. I mean, it's not Rocket Science! Why can't women date Funny People, or a guy with a Megamind and a big heart? Well I've had it! This Is The End. No more good guy. From now on, I'll be bad. I'll be Superbad. True Story.


Oh. Now I feel stupid. Thanks a lot.

I know the feeling,  this is me  (spook warning)

(spook warning)

so your someone who's opinions are based on what's popular

and the other person is someone who's opinions are based on what's popular

A hipster wouldn't avoid new music.

Fun fact: There has never, in the history of humanity, been a person who described themselves as "deep" that actually was deep.

DAE like judging people by their appearance?

There's a horrible lack of sonic vore comics for a deviantart person.

that feel when no post-ironic yolo gf with big boobz

Counterjerking is the lifeblood of this sub. Get outta here pleb.

ahh the classic - new music is bad because it's new

Yeah you're a hipster, we get it.

we can be teenagers with your mom

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TIL all teenagers have group sex

I hate when people my age have friends.


40 year old virgin

Most people my age:

Pregnant teenagers

a black sheep is still a sheep

TIL, I was never a teenager :(

Pretty much everyone is deep sometimes.

It's just whether or not you think that it makes you special, having an extremely common positive quality

thanks for the warning, that almost spooked me to death.

Yeah I wouldn't really like a friend who is prone to ranting.

This was made by a 14 year old no doubt

Blames other women for "starting shit"

Starts shit

I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that this person is a hypocrite. She's only young.

First rule of being a hipster is denying you're a hipster. Seems like OP is on top of that ball.

I'm just gonna watch some hidden gems like Death Note

nothing personnel kid

Deliberately not listening to music because just it's popular as opposed to just not being into it

totally not a sheep

man you're not getting jokes all over the place

Notice how the girl on the left looks boring and unattractive and the girl on the right has big tits and has fun.

Lol this is the best

my braindead fuckwad cousin's been known to say some deep philosphical stuff sometimes. even when he's not high.

Also no yaoi.

A hipster denies being a "hipster" but doesn't deny the symptoms; they claim to be into things that are so new and bleeding-edge that others haven't yet heard of them, they don't "avoid" what's new.

In visual art (and while I use that term very loosely here, this is visual art) appearances are important for judging a character.

It's ok man, I whooshed too.

And a wise one at that!

Actually her username includes the word "Hedgie".

No ur the best <3

Kanye West is [le]terally the best musician of all time and forever.

I judge people based on their grammar.

Honestly no, I'd also rather do quiet things and not fuck multiple dudes. #boringlife

Whoa Whoa that needs a warning man, there are 14 year olds in this thread



username: s0nichetaliasuperfan14724

But what if u get her preggers dude it says right there she'll blame that shit on you

You wanna go to jail or something?

Its tru im 13 n I have sex every day and smoke like 12 pots too


Fuck wait guyz how do I hashtag again?

i was angry now im scared

Eh, last night's orgy wasn't as good as Friday's.

oh no getting drunk is such a terrible thing

why isn't everybody else like me and watch a good anime that nobody knows about

That person just can't draw, nothing a bit of practice couldn't fix.

It was all Jonah Hill.

His name is useful to remember when you're driving, since it stands for Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Left!

I believe Mark Prindle once described some music act or other as "Beyond Vomitous"

That is how I will describe this fucking thing

lil weyne>wu tang fags

Oh no, the sexual repression of women back then must have been soooo hard on you m8

Accidentally opening this link in the middle of an ambient black metal album is one of the funniest mistakes of my life

Go on... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Am hipster, can confirm.

Proof: Flair.

Those long conversations about emotions sound pretty deep.


thank Mr skeltal