Deucth L2nd

Deucth L2nd

Is that ET on a surfboard?

Nice Spastika

He really nailed it on the swastika too

Being a white supremacist requires a certain amount of brain damage. Those smarter realize there's nothing superior about a bunch of overweight neckbeards in shitty cosplay.

Drawing a swastika is not that hard.

I thought it was a Japanese character.

Hail Hortler!

Real nice effort, Deutschbag.

Hey I grew up in a Hindu household, and to be honest, the first time you draw a Swastika, it is a bit confusing, you end up going the other way. Although I was 7 at the time, so that may have been a factor. Or maybe I am just mentally retarded LOL.

TIL a new word.

3,3 - diethyl - 2 - methylpentane

I saw a skiing man whose toupee was blowing back in the wind

Use it well

swasti-OH NO!